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That Late Night Brain Stomp - -

Around and around and around
Old music and idiot conversation
Like a heartbeat out of rhythm
Forms a buzzing, blurry halo
Rising smoke of nothing… 121 more words


2017, I'm ready for you

Alright, there’s no point in glossing over the obvious here. It’s been a while. Quite a while. Too much of a while. Really I have nobody else to blame and I’ve given myself quite the scorning and appropriate punishment so all is well, right? 646 more words



So many years ago, my grandfather stepped onto a leaky boat at 17 years of age to come to Canada in the hope of realizing dreams and opportunity. 519 more words



Many many years ago I started a blog  cat-astrophes.blogspot.com.au

I was pretty proud of the name. It was back in the day when not *everything* under the sun was taken. 265 more words



I am finding it hard to concentrate on work for any length of time, I feel so exhausted even though I have been sleeping more than is really necessary. 338 more words


D = S x T

How does connection work? How is it that two souls can feel each other without words, without touch, and even without being in each others’ presence, 145 more words


Why I started blogging...the start/stop history of an inconsistent writer

The Early Days

August 2009, I had just finished my first degree and was about to embark on my MA in Magazine Journalism, that’s when I decided to create Ramblings of Ms Mimi (It was ‘Miss Mimi’ then lol). 860 more words