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I Read Stuff (Week Ending June 18)

I am unforgivably late with this post, and I didn’t want to hit you with a double whammy this week. So here we go:

Evicted was both interesting and heartbreaking. 254 more words



The forest is no place to be roaming on your own, or so I was led to believe.

I actually found it to be enchanting; I’ve never felt so alive encapsulated with daring nature. 242 more words


alone & happy

feeling heavy tonight,
too much yet too little
the past, the future and the present
career, family, love
what are they anymore
and all you have left… 1,226 more words



I’m bitter. I’m extremely bitter. Boy #2 and I are slowing things down because there’s someone else in the picture for him and so he chose her. 184 more words


Part 2 - Alternatives to killing a character when that character's death is super problematic.

So, I would be completely remiss if I didn’t think about the flip side to my recent post about character death. It’s a rough topic to tackle when that character is some form of minority or typically oppressed person, even if they aren’t the only one of their ‘type’ (or one of the only pair, as is often the case in LGBT deaths these days). 2,122 more words