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Chanced upon Apple’s new advertisement for Airpods and liked it. Remembered having studied a subject called sensory marketing and what would make a commercial ad effective. 33 more words



is this a bad idea?
(breathe in)
(breathe out)
yes. definitely.
but being held again, even if only for a night, feels so darn good. 125 more words


Can I Get an Amen?

If I haven’t made it clear before, I am going to say it now. I am a full supporter of self-love. It’s just like legend, icon, and star Rupaul Charles says, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else.” Nobody can fix you, but you. 251 more words



So I have been a completely useless lump this week.

I enjoy excellent health as a side effect of having horrendous allergies. But this week my allergies combined with a new office work environment to murder me very slowly with congestion, weakness and a lovely hacking cough. 312 more words

What now?

After a month or so since my last post, I’ve finally narrowed down on what I would blog about. Thanks to my Facebook friends, who have known me for years and years, I’m  blogging about books, traveling and food. 69 more words

All Things Klarizza


Dear Whoever Needs to Read This,

I want you to know you are not alone. No matter how alone in this world you may feel sometimes, or how much you might have convinced yourself that no one cares, you have people who care about you. 238 more words

Positive Vibes

Poetry Recital @ NJC Poetry Night 2017

So I just got back from the NJC (National Junior College) Poetry Night 2017 where I, as an alumnus (together with 2 other alumni from the NUS Literary Society), shared some of my writing with my juniors. 468 more words