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Mid-Week Rambles, March 23 Edition

Tomorrow I will be posting a flash fic that I am pretty sure will eventually be included in a longer fic. I confess that I chose the prompt for both myself and my friend Kris, who can be found… 367 more words

Star Trek

I evolve like a butterfly

Okay maybe not…more squelching like a snail.┬áDo snails squelch?

Mothers Day is approaching and it’ll be my first as an actual mum and it’s got me thinking what does it mean to be a ‘mum’. 619 more words

About Me

Loss and definitions

So, loss first. Over the past couple of months my life has been going through a sort of spring cleaning. A number of people have exited out of it and for the most part I’m a fair amount better for it. 767 more words


homesick lagi

so most of you should know being away from home is hard
being away from home for long periods of time is even harder
you miss out on… 265 more words


Tuesday Rambles (Again)

Today has been a day.

Despite the sunshine and eighty degree weather, it was just one of those days… I’m battling allergies (thanks to the yellow pollen that has taken over the outside world), so I felt like poop all day. 659 more words


Helen's Scene

Helen came bouncing through the glass doors, overcoated by brilliant frosty air. She was big, gray and nested comfortably in life like an old cat on an overstuffed chair. 237 more words


prescribe hugs

I mean, I’m fine. These are a legitimate medicine that release chemicals in the brain to stabilize moods and emotions.

I don’t know what I’ve been doing today. 275 more words