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ceilings to platforms

I’m just going to start by shamelessly admitting that I’m writing to procrastinate. I have several projects to work on but in my defence, the dateline isn’t too close yet so I’m using that as an excuse for this. 762 more words


What I'd Be Watching: #TCMFF 2018

Another year, another ugly cry over the fact that I’m missing the TCM Film Festival! I’ve yet to make the pilgrimage, but perhaps 2019 will be my year. 1,128 more words


Because when it clicks, you just know

In a world where there are so many things to fight for or fight against (or could be both, tbh), clicking with someone or something is one of those god-sent things that don’t need either/or, I’ve learnt. 478 more words

Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

Here I am again after a long absence. I’ve had a hard time with direction in my life–as evidenced by the posts I’ve had on this first blog of mine over the past year and a half. 364 more words


Biff Rambles On About ... Wasted Weekends, Muddy Sticks, and Swamp Gas

It was a good weekend.

And by “good”, I mean “completely unproductive”.

What more can a person ask for?

I mean, other than winning the lottery, and becoming suddenly and inexplicably handsome and semi-famous. 498 more words


It's okay if you don't have a plan

The other weekend, on a 4 hour train journey home, I brainstormed about 74,000 blog post ideas, and this week I haven’t felt like writing any of them. 439 more words


Reading & Writing Goals

Three months into 2018, I’m adding to my resolutions list.