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I’m accustomed to new things every once in a while. Things can be anything, really. Clothes, people, music, experiences. I’m not saying that I don’t keep old things around. 840 more words


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maybe i’m just something to you

but you’re everything to me


What is the color of your heart,
I’m painting in the dark.

Are you a cheerful shade of spring,
A spiralling leaf of playful mirth, 67 more words


Bit the Bullet

I finally bit the bullet and decided to start a fashion blog. I have been thinking about a blog for a while in order to keep track of the fashion trends throughout the seasons. 83 more words


7-31 on second thought

When there is light
I have you
Tucked in pockets
Present in certain cues this battered world throws at me
All these little beautiful things… 50 more words

7-31 one last though

And how did the universe conjure you up?
Tying knots with the gentle breeze
Tangled with the morning chirps from birds as they collect and feed… 69 more words