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emmas frens nicknames: a masterpost

//backflips into the near-silent blog

do you ever wonder what emma’s seemingly random and slightly cryptic frens nicknames mean? probably not, but im going to tell you anyways! 399 more words


Surviving the First Semester: A Series

I am quickly coming to the end of my first semester of college. Currently, I’ve been in college for about ten weeks. It’s crazy because in some ways it feels like I’ve only been here a day. 168 more words

HD 79: Eve Vegas Megasode

https://highdrag.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/hd-79-eve-vegas-megasode.mp3Eve Vegas Megasode
Hey there High Drag listeners! We have returned from Eve Vegas and drop this behemoth of an episode on you!! Ok ok, it’s more like a puffed up version but we had a full house this time around. 145 more words


Have you tried hot blackcurrant juice?

(it’s really good)

Hey everyone!

Gosh, I’m writing this late on that day of this month.

I’m starting to wonder why I write these, or at least why I began them – no, I know why I did that, to try and get some order involved with my writing, a routine and all that. 1,249 more words


5th Phase

The past 3 weeks there were unexpected unprecedented events took place during my road trip and linked directly to my life journey.

I met people I have never known before, I experienced things I have never done before, and I faced challenges and changes I never had before. 251 more words