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Hoooo boy

Or, maybe one does simply just stop eating sugar. I’ve noticed this before, when my eating goes off the rails, everything else does too. More than half of the blog posts I’ve started writing since the beginning of last month are still drafts. 237 more words


50-50 Days

It’s been a so-so kind of day.

I only got like four or five hours of sleep last night, which is not fun when you have an essay-test-test back to back to back. 143 more words


Rain and rain and rain

Bleh, today’s weather seems, like it was especially designed for people who are.. sad or actually want to work a lot, because it was grey, cold and raining all day. 257 more words

Daily Rambles

i trust you

i want to know what makes you so scared,
though i feel like i partially know.
why do you see through me
why cant i throw myself out there… 377 more words

So, about that Kentli battery...

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the Kentli PH5 battery, which is a Li-ion cell with an integrated 1.5-volt regulator, wrapped up in an AA-sized package. 258 more words



Long before I started on this path — before I knew this was a path to consider approaching — I liked the word ‘holistic.’ I like what it seems to imply to me: that specialist knowledge, however valuable, is never enough. 617 more words


My Life in the Library

Even though I only left the YA/teen age range a couple of years ago, it is amazing to me how much has changed. I never really felt comfortable in the public library, like everything that was offered was for little kids, or grown adults. 942 more words