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21 things I learned by 21

I’ve been meaning to finish this post in time for my 21st birthday (exactly two months ago today!) but the last couple of months have been hectic for me – from running pre-departure errands to spending the little time I had left with my family to running even more errands to settle down and readjust to university life. 3,753 more words

Premier League Ramble – 2017/18 Round 12

There were goals galore in this week of the Premier League, with every game having at least 2 goals. Manchester City’s 0-2 win at Leicester keeps them 8 points clear at the top of the table and chasing the accomplishments of the ‘Invincibles’ of Arsenal’s 2003/4 season. 994 more words


Apparently Animals Don't Have Feelings, And That's Great!

Isn’t it great the Tories have voted to decide animals don’t have feelings? No, really.

It seems the world is becoming slowly dominated by people in positions of political power making ridiculous decisions. 287 more words

Stick Weaving

I do a lot of crafts.  A lot.  When people ask me what crafts I do I find it easier to say that if I don’t already do it, it’s probably on my list of crafts to try.  208 more words


2017 Recap

Started off the year with a horrible rash on my legs after coming back from a trip to JB.

Rash got worse. My legs were diseased and scarred. 494 more words


one day.

I hope one day, you find what you’re looking for.

I hope one day, you find someone who doesn’t complete you, but compliments you.

I hope one day, you realize that being vulnerable is okay. 125 more words