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The Making of a Resolution

When Procrastination rules, you don’t need any enemies. In one fell swoop, He has conquered all other ills waiting to make you their own. The utter simplicity of this condition is that He is there solely on YOUR invitation. 603 more words


Censorship and other C words...

So, as you probably know, censorship is a big deal in the world of modern day media. People apparently don’t like to see naked people on TV ads or hear reporters swear on lunchtime news or see a pair of boobs on Britain’s got talent, which is a real shame cause its things like that I think would make this world just that little bit better y’know? 944 more words


Why I'm not a feminist

It’s true, I’m not a fan of the term feminist. The thing is, I am a huge supporter in equality, all I wish is that everyone is treated equal and I know what you’re thinking… 103 more words


sometimes I feel so sad for having rough legs and a big belly and fat arms. I cover up in the best way possible because I am just so afraid of someone seeing me and saying “how could I love this?” but you know, my dearest Tyler makes all of that go away.

58 more words

Ramble, 4 July, Delamont Forest Park, with BBQ

A ramble is scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday 4 July) with barbecue in Delamont Forest park, classed as suitable for all.

Meet at St Paul’s at 10.00 a.m.


Hey, guys!

I haven’t made a real ramble post yet, so I guess this is the first time I’ve really actually talked to you guys. Hi!

I’m at a writing program at Brown this month (It’s so sunny in Rhode Island!), and I’m learning a lot about the writing process and about what really makes good writing.  279 more words


they stir
and they stir
and they toss and tumble
but where do you put them?
and why do you hide them from the light? 50 more words