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the persistent war

i have never had many friends growing up. i thought i had a really good friend the past seven years, but i was clearly mistaken. 300 more words


A formal ... Hello?

Before creating this blog I convinced myself to revisit the other trillions of blogs I created back in 2010-2015 (5 years!), just to take a look at my first posts in those god-forbidden pages. 441 more words


Hello, meet me! 

So you’d think after writing almost as many “about me’s” as I’ve read in my lifetime, I’d have this down to a T.

But I don’t, not at all. 562 more words


Virtually Alone (The Weight of Instant Intimacy)

Originally posted on Desiring God! Love this ministry. :)

It’s about as safe as a childishly romantic daydream, only better; I almost feel like I’m getting away with something. 1,178 more words

Thoughts on Toast

Note: No idea how to get the pictures to be in scale with the text. I’m trying!

I should really have a lot to write about. 652 more words


On Forgiveness and Letting Go

I wrote this in my journal a little while ago and it really helped me come to terms with the hurt I had been feeling. In one sense it was like making a promise to myself. 268 more words


they say

They say that there is a thin line between love and hate. I don’t love myself but maybe hating myself is as close as I can get.