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In which I made an ill-adviced bet

With none other than myself at that! What new madness did I talk myself into this time you ask? Nothing much. Just writing my entire thesis in a week. 179 more words


Absence and reasons

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time, but somehow time just never seems to be on my side. Torucon is about two weeks away, so I’m working with the rest of the crew more or less around the clock to get everything in place in time for the convention. 736 more words


This feels a bit dear diary, but if i cant say it here then where can i at 6am?

I have woken up and my anxiety is in a absolute overdrive, every possible bad thought it racing through my head, making it impossible to sleep. 149 more words


O'Keeffe at the Tate, and other dates

The evening date with new man (NM1) was the last one I suspect.  He hasn’t made anymore contact and I’m happy for it to slide.  It had been a pleasant date at the Tate, the O’Keeffes which I was happy to linger in front of were her landscapes rather than the giant flora she’s more well-known for.   572 more words


No. 1

Friday 29th July, 2215. Here we go.

You see in the movies and read in books that when people start to blog, their shit seems to fall into place. 716 more words


Real eyes. Realise. Real lies.

Manic, that’s how they described her; A beautiful, unpredictable mess. She was restless yet still. Sad but excited. Suicidal with a side of hope and wonderful dreams. 134 more words



Or maybe just a quiet boom…?

Okay, okay so it’s that time of year when college is over and the holidays are here but if you know me at all you’ll know I have far too much planned for the whole  210 more words