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"Bad Poet"

Written based off something my friend said. #3 of my speed poetry challenge

Darling, there’s no such thing
as a “bad poet”
Sure, structure might not entrance you… 118 more words



#2 of my speed poetry challenge

You can confide in me, you know
If the world seems too
cold and grey
I’ll listen and care… 113 more words



#1 of my speed poetry challenge

It was a perfectly happy moment
aside from the dread grasp
of my thoughts.
Even my music leapt and danced… 70 more words


Random Sunday: Spam Jam 2015

In Hawaii, we LOVE spam. We eat it for breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner. Our McDonald’s has local deluxe platters, that come with white rice, Portuguese sausage, a slice of spam, and egg. 209 more words



I’ve been meaning to look into investing in a Kimono/Yukata recently.  Since Summer is obviously here, there isn’t a reason for me to avoid buying a decent Yukata, Obi and a pair of tabi socks or Geta to match  But silly me, I don’t know how to put the shit on….let learns together みんあ! 228 more words



Friends, WordPressers, country-writers, lend me your eyes

I hath made an instagram featuring quick little poems, some from here, and some that will be made solely for instagram-size things. 11 more words


The Ghosts of Summer 2010

There’s something different in the air this summer. I can’t seem to pinpoint it, but it feels strangely too calm, as if there’s a rising uproar in the distance. 156 more words