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Windy walk from Mount St. Bernard Abbey

Twenty-two Saturday walkers started their seven mile walk in strong winds and threat of rain later in the day.
The group, ably led by Derek, crossed the road outside the abbey and dropped down a slippery footpath to Blackbrook reservoir. 128 more words


call me old-fashioned

He might as well have said that as he and Amy ended their occasional messaging in the morning.  JR was wont to send her the odd salutation of a busy day.   165 more words


my mother would be so proud

What’s your biggest phobia? Everyone’s got a few. One of mine? Getting caught in a crowd-gone-crazy and being trampled to death. I know, completely random and irrational. 286 more words


A Mixtape for Maya

Side A

  1. Overture/Our Song
    • Festival (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording) – 1979
    • Note: Just funky and fun.
  2. Doors
    • Closer Than Ever (Off-Broadway Revival Cast Recording) – 2012…
  3. 687 more words

Dream Casting: Classic film stars as Disney princesses

Y’know how sometimes you’ll search for something, and then a few suggested/related search terms will catch your interest, and then you’ll completely fall down the Google rabbit hole, wasting far too much of your life on pointless web-surfing? 1,404 more words

Classic Film

Ups & Downs

This past week has been full of ups and downs for me. My pain levels have become unbearable across the week and I’m suffering majorly in more ways than one because of it. 1,135 more words


My 5-Year Long Misery

I went shopping two nights ago.

Well, not exactly the bra ha ha enjoying myself kind of shopping. It was to look for a necessity. Yes, NECESSITY. 970 more words