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Moving On!

I’m moving on.  I’ve had a good time blogging about retirement over the last few years.  I like to think I’ve helped a few people making the decision to retire and offered some good advice, even if I don’t always follow it myself.  171 more words

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Bump in the Road

My wife had her gall bladder out a couple of weeks ago.  The week before that was spent at urgent care as her symptoms progressed.  As you might expect, my focus has been elsewhere.  712 more words

My Journey

Technology and Retirement

Last time I talked about staying challenged and mentioned one way that a lot of folks do that.  Writing.  I bet writing is maybe the number one thing that people turn too when looking for a creative outlet.  1,207 more words

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Staying Challenged and Really Enjoying Retirement

Before my trip to Jamaica I wrote about appreciating retirement.  Taking something for granted tends to cause it to become mundane, boring and even loathed.  906 more words

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Really Retired for a Week!

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I am retired, but I have teenagers at home.  I ever write a post about it a while back, … 547 more words

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Appreciating Retirement and a Short Hiatus

It is human nature to adapt.  It’s why we are the most successful species on the planet.  Well, that and opposable thumbs.  This penchant for adaptation has its downside, however.  790 more words

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Bacon is the Question and the Answer is Yes

I’ve seen a new study is going around about processed meat (bacon, hotdogs, etc.) and red meat (beef for most of us).  The studies are saying that eating these meats will increase your risk of death by up to 20%.  854 more words

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