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riding those limeys

Brian and I tried out the Lime Bikes for the first time today.  They have been showing up in greater numbers all over town.  You get multiple free rides at first to get used to things. Easy, comfortable.


Friday Update 10: I Can't Think of a Title

Wow, my tenth update post. Quite frankly I can’t believe I’m still doing this, normally my attention span and motivation to do things are both smaller than that of a decomposing gnat! 245 more words


Sickly worries

I don’t like hospitals. I don’t like it when I am sick, I don’t like going to see people in hospitals, in fact up until my adult years, I had a real life phobia that if I went into a hospital I would get sick. 542 more words

24th of November 2017 - Delft, the Netherlands 03:37

Week is basically over. I think I need three of these to find my proper job. It was a tiring but fulfilling week.

Let’s give a recap: VC firm, management consultant, tech. 1,277 more words


I want it that way

Backstreet boys on my late bus trip home. It’s currently 1am so I should be home by dawn.

Tonight we said goodbye to Kevin, with Irish charm. 278 more words


23rd November

I crawl out of bed grudgingly at four in the afternoon, leaving Nick to sleep.  As I walk down the stairs my feet stick to the weeks of cat fur lining them.   516 more words



Looks like Photovember fizzled out for me; but I lasted longer than I thought I would.

It wasn’t for lack of enjoyment of taking photographs again, but more for the fact that it seemed so.. 293 more words