Trax On Wax

Today I visited Trax On Wax in Catonsville, MD. If you’ve read my Record Collection story (here), you know how much I love vinyls and enjoy collecting them. 295 more words


A Ramble - What I am.

Paganism is a very broad umbrella. It encompasses so many beliefs from the well known Wicca and reconstructionists to the followers of ancient Pantheons and more. 479 more words


Spiritual and Religious Practice or Hardcore Porn? - A personal ramble about posting nudes on social media.

Briefly – on Facebook, in the wake of the ACoW 2015 debacle, the parody group turned into a discussion group, into a sort of watchdog and information resource group. 745 more words


30-Day Writing Challenge: Days 18-21

30- Writing Challenge: Days 18-21

Good news: I’ve tackled things on my “To-do” list.

Bad news: I’ve added more stuff.

I’ve found that making lists really helps me, even with everyday stuff, normal stuff. 1,714 more words


Woof Wacation (sic)

First of all, I’m very excited to tell you guys that I have FINALLY understood the meaning of “(sic)”. All these years, I’ve come across it SO MANY TIMES in tweets and comments and even blog posts, but never really had the inclination to figure out what it meant . 292 more words


Shred the negative vibes

When you’re way out of high school, you start to step back and see the big picture. You realise the type of person that you want to be. 181 more words

Positive Vibes

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Kodaline – All I Want

Seriously love every version of this song right now.