June Favourites & Birthday Treats🎉✨

Hello there!

As I arrived back from my holiday, the clock turned midnight, and I turned older.. This marked the end of June, the end of my holiday, and the reign of my 18 year-old smugness. 830 more words


Ramblings: Part XX. 

Their soft hands press at your back and face and arms; trying to placate the flames growing inside. It will not work. This is one fire that cannot be contained. 12 more words


To You Who Don’t Understand

So for my first (official) post, I decided to start off with a bang and lay it all out there!  Here’s a letter I wrote partially out of frustration, partially out of hope.   986 more words


A New Chapter...

I’ve just finished my A-Levels and I go to University in September. That’s a sentence that I never thought I would say or type, but I am and I have to accept it. 373 more words


Passion: Three

I’ve been thinking about men a lot lately.
No, not like that.

I mean, I’ve been thinking about what it means for a man to be a man. 246 more words


Simplicity in training and in life

When it comes to training, I believe in simplicity, taking time to breathe, and consistently working the basics. Do something, anything, and do it well. See it through, no matter what it is whether in training or in life. 67 more words