Key West

Key West had it half right,

as the other half don’t give a fuck and

now I’m drifting in between the whole mess of it. 16 more words


The Reunion

This past week I had the great privilege to visit Arkansas. During my stay I attended the ten year reunion of Westside High School’s class of 2015, my class. 349 more words


Ramblings #1: Disillusioned Vs. Disengaged

Time for my first ramble!

Now, I’m not going to pretend to know the ins and outs of the British political system but a couple of things about the election coverage are really starting to grind my gears. 84 more words


Money vs. Power

I have been watching the series House of Cards recently and first of all I’d like to mention it is incredible; Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood is an impeccable actor, the production is perfect and the scripting is flawless with twists and turns to keep even the most experienced of rally drivers on their toes and the most cynical of critics at the edge of their seats. 646 more words



The greatest understanding about failure —-you’ll never get there until you’ve tried.


Better Luck Next Month

I’ve found that despite having more time to write recently, I haven’t had as  much motivation. I’ve been enjoying not having a “real job” quite a bit, being able to walk my dog more and go on more adventures, but it feels like anytime I do have the motivation to get some writing done, I can’t force it to happen. 230 more words


English; is it still what it used to be?

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all! Long time no speak – and with that (before we head into my main post) I feel an apology is in order. 808 more words