‘You are so cringey.’


‘Yes, you.’

‘So cringey my teeth hurts.’


‘Yes, you. You. You. You.’

‘But, me?’

‘Yes, but —,’


‘But I like it.’ 7 more words

Random Stuffs

Breaking Point

Not a day goes by

Without me grasping for air

Not a second passes by

Without me dangling precariously on the premise

Not an hour flies by… 90 more words

Random Stuffs

The Darkest Hours

The darkest hours are

Those just before dawn

The break of those

Purplish colors

Tainting the sky with its hue

But before

It was the darkest and coldest… 106 more words

Random Stuffs

Leopards, Cows, and Rhinos

I meant to write this sooner, but I’ve just been busy…

+ Blessed are those who are self-reliant for they know that true freedom comes from cutting the ties that bind. 259 more words


Blind Faith

Will they ever see me?

I am more than a pretty face.
I am more than an ugly mouth.
I am more than a heart that bleeds. 147 more words



So I am writing these posts to help me open up and share the deepest and darkest parts of myself. I am currently working on finding a counselor and getting the help to walk through the things that I need. 1,220 more words

Blog Posts

Angry vegan rant about hypocrisy

If you are pro life, but you either kill animals or pay people to kill animals, you’re a hypocrite. I don’t want to hear the “but pro-life is about humans” argument, either. 212 more words