Hello, again.

This is by far my fourth attempt in blogging. I deleted the other ones because I just don’t recognize those writings any longer. It’s like looking through an old diary, and thinking, “what the hell was I thinking?” And those entries were online. 233 more words


Madiwala Lake || Blog Month #1

Sometime last year our class went on a trip to Madiwala Lake, a lake in Bangalore that only surprisingly few of us knew about, and were asked to write.

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Blog Month

Ramblings: Part IX. 

The champagne slips sweetly down throats, as toasts are made and teeth gleam wildly in the candlelight. Pearls and jewels shimmer, then positively drip, from the necks and fingers of women. 60 more words


Dear 11 Year Old Me

Dear 11 Year Old Me,

By the time you write this, you’ll be sixteen years old. You’ll have officially just left high school, done seven GCSE exams and will be working towards the remaining sixteen. 970 more words


Victorian Summer: A Reading List

In the past couple of weeks I have read a lot of Victorian era poetry and I’m loving me that Matthew Arnold.  Being surrounded by this Victorian literature however, has reminded me of some of the great books I have on my shelf and haven’t read yet, so I am sharing with you, my Victorian literature summer reading list. 365 more words


That 'C' word

This is a particularly personal and tender topic, which, in theory seems a little odd to be writing about publicly, but I know full well that this is something that a lot of people can or will at some point relate to. 948 more words


Ramblings: Part VIII. 

Skin, soft and pale; painted on delicately. The click of the lens cuts harshly, in contrast to the gentle scene. Lips parted slightly, eyes fluttering. The lighting targets hollows and shadows, meant to make her look dangerous, not pretty. 47 more words