The Wheel

Hi, everyone. The title for this post is borrowed from Tuck Everlasting’s song called The Wheel. I think that it’s an appropriate title for this post because I will talk about the wheel of life, basically. 733 more words

Random Stuffs

Such excite!!

Today was a good mail day. Got a keyboard for my iPad because I am poor and do not own a real computer. It’ll make doing these entries a lot easier (once I get used to the keyboard…). 606 more words

Mental Health

I Miss You

If there’s one thing that I learned from my past failed relationships, it would be ‘To not seek pain’ for myself or for the one I love. 447 more words

Bad day. 

Missing antidepressants right now. It’s so hard feeling all the feelings. You ask a friend to coffee and they’re busy and the ‘rejection’ feels like a knife to the heart. 119 more words

Mental Health

Note To Self.

Dear self,

Remember, happiness is always, always possible. You’ll get through it all. You are the bravest and you know that. maybe, just may be the people you need won’t need you as much as you need them. 81 more words


Equal rights and loving others

I have a lot on my heart regarding equal rights for all people… No matter how we feel about pro life vs pro choice, sexual orientations, etc, we are all still human. 429 more words


My baby blog is growing up!

Yoooooooo it’s me again after OVER TWO MONTHS (whoops)! Can I even call myself a blogger anymore?

Yeah, soz for the extreme lack of posts – I went back to school and was like WAIT WHAT IS GOING ON because this new school year comes with the harsh reality that  920 more words

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