I found the perfect chair for my room. Yes, it’s white.

There’s something inviting about the personal space I created for myself in this big house. 472 more words


A Wrong Turn?

A wrong turn lead me to a field of beautiful blooms and left me suddenly second guessing every ‘wrong’ turn. Every wrong turn has lead me to my current state, and I am happy. 95 more words


The Unveiling

Even though this blog was just unveiled to the public in the summer of 2015, it has been brewing in my mind for quite some time. 255 more words


The First Thing

       The first thing people notice about me aren’t my almond eyes or my ready smile, but a piece of cloth that adorns my head with disappearing folds. 235 more words


Ramblings: Part XXIII. 

Then reality became self aware – and she wept because everything seemed better in her dreams.


Book Spiel

It’s quarter to 12. I need to be up in 6 hours and 15 minutes but my brain is in overdrive.

Isn’t it weird that really good books make us feel something. 303 more words


DISCUSSION: If it were real...

Listen up kiddivinkies because this post will require some interaction from you. I always wondered what life would be like if video game powers actually existed, I suppose it would be a lot easier. 196 more words