Late Night Musings #2


I was never taught to love myself. All the different parts of me that make me unique. I was never taught to be unapologetically flawed. 405 more words


Return of the Blogger!

Everyone look out! It’s a dead girl walking!

Or at least, that’s what you would think if you’ve been anxiously (and then not so anxiously. And then not at all) waiting for my next blog post. 339 more words



I stumbled across this photo just now, tucked away under masses of folders, files and sub-directories. And I can’t stop looking at it.

A sunset in January. 68 more words


Crazy Start to My Week

I know we all have a song stuck in our head. At some point or the other. I was fine until Meghan Trainor dropped her super catchy song, … 207 more words


Ramblings #2

It’s 30 minutes before nine…

I just finished talking with my younger brother over the phone. It’s his 23rd birthday and I did a long distance call to him, and to mama and papa. 392 more words


Down with love

Dear reader,

It’s been a while since I did a thoughts and ramblings entry so here it is. You will have noticed the subject is “down with love”, there you have it; I’m terrible at it. 324 more words


Single as a Pringle

Has this ever happened to you? Like, have you stayed up looking at Lizzie (my term for household lizards) going into a tizzy on your bedroom wall, lost in thoughts, about all the things you’d do with the significant other, only to  be brought back sharply to earth because you were single? 120 more words