I Rearranged My Bedroom

The title of this post is slightly confusing, not because I didn’t rearrange my bedroom. But because I rearranged my bedroom approximately a month and a half ago. 381 more words



Movie stars and celebrities aren’t usually go-to’s for life wisdom or perspective. However, I can appreciate what Will Smith said about responding to his biggest failure. 93 more words


What is that stuff?

Every now and then my husband and I (ooh hark at me sounding like the Queen) take ourselves off for a ‘date lunch’.  We like food, and it is good to spend a bit of quality time together now and then, so we find ourselves somewhere nice to go and pig out (it may be a date lunch, but we don’t stand on ceremony… well, we’ve been together for over thirty years now so we should just about be used to each other’s sloppy eating habits).   652 more words


I Was Thinking About Leaving Again

I have a small black book where I’ve been writing things that I fear make me a horrible human being. I’ve been doing this for some months, sometimes I just write a fragment, sometimes an idea but usually I write about doubt. 298 more words


Full circle.

Today, I remembered that one day towards the end of high school where I had to shy away from what I truly wanted to become and just be who my parents want me to be. 442 more words


Self esteem, thankfulness, and meaning

I’ve been wondering how I’ve been able to hold down a job at a gymnastics studio for nearly a year now. I still struggle with social skills and trying to open up more with the people I work with. 146 more words


Month in the Life: February

February 1: Sunday I got some embroiderin’ done in the afternoon. And, yes, that is a beehive. And, yes, if you look very closely those are, in fact, lazy daisies. 1,753 more words