Fire. Hot burning fire. Fire destroys; they said. Fire burns; they said. Fire kills; they said. But I know fire. And they are warm and gentle. 127 more words

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It comes. It goes. The throbbing in my head, the squeezing in my chest, the tightening in my belly. It comes suddenly, unexpected, but it goes while leaving behind lingering and constant residue of its existence. 94 more words

Random Stuffs

Seems i like the Star Wars Centerpiece figures

When i hear the announcement about the “reboot” of the Star Wars Unleashed figures, this time under the Centerpiece brand.
Looking at the promotional image of Luke Skywalker in his flightsuit from Empire, lightsaber in hand stepping over the foot of a fallen AT-AT, i was reminded of how much i liked the Unleashed series back in the days, but ultimately let them go. 91 more words



The sky darkens. Greyish hue tinted the once clear sky. And it darkens even more. Rumbling sound can be heard from the distance. Thunder. Blinding lights torn the sky apart for a millisecond before vanishes as abruptly as it came. 99 more words

Random Stuffs

A year in my shoes.

This was supposed to be easy.  Throw a picture up, toss out some words and poof!  Instant post.  Instead it’s over four days past my plan of posting and I’m still struggling. 785 more words

The Restaurant Debacle

Hi again, so quite a few days ago I celebrated my 25th birthday and I was planning on treating my friends to an all-you-can-eat restaurant in Surabaya.  677 more words

Random Stuffs

Mental Stress

Hello, it’s been a while.. How are you all doing?? I hope you are all doing great. As for me, I have been better mentally and physically. 318 more words