I Miss Windows 8.

I genuinely miss Windows 8. And never should have taken that free upgrade. See, despite the Windows 10 free update thing saying you “can go back to your previous version within 30 days” I couldn’t for the life of me figure out HOW to do that. 540 more words


The "Soul Mate" Question.

This, above all other questions, is one I dread as an intuitive reader. I know I am not alone in my feelings on this particular question and it’s varriations. 804 more words


A Random Drawing

Was feeling bored and wanted to do something with my hands. Been sewing purses for the last couple weeks for my sis’ stall at a cosplay convention so was already tired of sewing (I still have my graduation dress to sew!). 81 more words


Hello again...

*awkward silence*

It’s there, I promise. The feeling of happiness about beginning to write again. The overwhelming joy about having a place to put down my thoughts, my fears, my goals, my accomplishments and whatever else happens to cross my mind. 20 more words


To Travel The World

Life handed me certain cards.

Strength from growing up in a tumultuous household and having to learn how to survive in a dark place.

Love… 134 more words

Hurricane Matthew

So, these are times that living in Florida can be a bitch. Hurricanes. We are told for days to prepare and get ready; people freak themselves out to the point where there are no supplies available anywhere, and that includes gasoline, and then when the storm gets here, it’s never as bad as everyone said it was going to be. 118 more words


Things change when you get a pool

Ever wonder how I got to be this way? This is a sort-of rambling narrative about an event in my childhood. I hope you can relate. 711 more words

Michele Zurlo