What If?

What if the sun stops shining tomorrow?

What if the rain starts tonight and decides not to stop for a month?

What if there’s flood? 108 more words

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My Crochet Story

Hi all! This is the post that will keep my a-post-every-two-days streak going. And I’m in the mood of writing about this since I’ve been doing this for a little bit over a year now. 808 more words

Random Stuffs


The wind blows

sadness and the heartaches

heartbreaks and tears

too, laughs and loves 34 more words

Random Stuffs

I'm still Singin' in the Rain...

It’s currently 1:08am as I begin to write this post, and with a 10% charge left on my laptop you are quite definitely wondering why I am cuddled up in bed with the laptop screen blazing on my face and certainly ruining my eyesight, when I could just be sleeping? 467 more words


From Me To You

Hello, there!

Let’s just start right off the bat — this is my third attempt at a blog. I had two previous ones that did not go down well (or rather, I became very lazy) and after about a year and a half “hiatus”, I decided to give the blogging world another spin. 184 more words



Hi guys! So, recently I got notified by WordPress that I have just published my 100 posts here. I feel like it’s quite an awesome number and I need to write about it. 258 more words

Random Stuffs


Good morning, everybody! I woke up feeling tired. I must admit, I stayed out pretty late (early?) binge watching the good wife. I’m so enmeshed into the story. 318 more words