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Love Unexpected.

To start off. No, this is not some super mushy, lovey dovey, cliche Valentines Day post. So if you are looking for all the artificial, commercial, we met, we fell in love stories…you probably should just move along. 1,125 more words

Ramblings Of A SAHM

Anxiety...Now What?

anx·i·e·ty (aNGˈzīədē/) noun

1. a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

A couple weeks back I shared that I struggle with…ANXIETY. 1,180 more words

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Six Years Being In The Mommy-Hood Gang.

Tonight, for the last time…I kissed my five year old goodnight. Tomorrow morning when she wakes up she will have magically transformed into a big six year old. 1,348 more words

Mom Life

I Am Broken.

Here Are Some Facts About Me:

  1. I am a product of divorce.
  2. I grew up shopping at thrift stores & not because it was cool or hip.
  3. 567 more words
Ramblings Of A SAHM

Confession: I Have A Gambling Problem

Hi, my name is Makala Clark, and I have a gambling issue. The last time I gambled was this morning when I let myself lay in bed an extra 10 minutes only for breakfast to not be finished in time & my Kindergartner having to eat breakfast in the car. 351 more words

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Behind The Scenes: Living With Anxiety

“I lied and said I was busy. I was busy; but not in a way most people understand. I was taking deeper breaths. I was busy silencing irrational thoughts. 729 more words

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The Great Cookie Debate

Can you help us out here? There has been a GREAT divide in the Clark household since it all began…Seven years and counting.

We refer to it as “The Great Cookie Debate” and neither side seems to think they are wrong. 167 more words

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