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Welcome to Lincoln

It’s September which means the latest influx of newcomers has arrived. The first week here has, obviously, been filled with drinking and boring induction lectures, not exploring the ‘beautiful’ city. 203 more words


Kanteen opens in the Custard Factory

Attention lovers of brunch: there is a new cafe in Digbeth offering healthy but delicious food! Set in the Custard Factory, Kanteen is a new start up and it’s bloody brilliant. 396 more words



Kids began school (10th, 8th, 5th), and then 7 school days later… Hurricane Harvey. Literally, hard stop. School cancelled Friday (sunny, a bit breezy, but no rain)… Saturday, some rain, but nothing out of the ordinary, aside from the almost constant tornado warnings… goodness. 513 more words


A 5am Rambling

I haven’t blogged in ages.

Life took over for a while. I mean, I had my first Cambridge-related mental breakdown before I even got to Cambridge. 69 more words


Do I jinx it?

I am not sure I should admit this but I am writing again.

I hope putting that down on this blog makes me jinx myself and I lose the will to write. 92 more words


Thoughts About Teen Wolf & The Fandoms

I am well past the age demographic for Teen Wolf. However, I have sincerely enjoyed the past six seasons. Jeff Davis has created a Supernatural world I wish Kevin Williamson would have followed through with are Vampire Diaries (especially the Kitsune storyline). 891 more words

Kevin's Ramblings

Different Opinions are not Mental Disorders

First off, in order to understand some of this post, you will have to read an article. No, it’s not boring, and yes, you will need to at least glance over it to understand the context of this post. 959 more words