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Welcome Back, A Day To Remember

One of my favorite bands has always been A Day to Remember, but I felt that they lost their sound once they dropped “What Separates Me From You.” They redeemed themselves with “Common Courtesy,” but I’m reserving judgment on 2016’s “Bad Vibrations,” for now. 44 more words


Has Facebook taken.....

….over as the way we communicate?

I don’t go on Facebook very often, a couple times a week usually.  So I tend to see whatever is on top and since it seems to be the medium in which so many people keep it touch I am missing out on so much. 297 more words


The Great Brain Experiment of 2016

Yoga is tough.

It’s not even the poses or the remembering to breathe that are tough for me. It’s dealing with the mind space that opens up when I’m in downward dog or, goddesses help me, corpse pose. 571 more words


Four Score and Seven Years ago ....

is approximately when I ordered 1846 from DTG. And now I have a copy (from GMT). It will probably be several weeks before I get to play it, but the production values are nice. 45 more words


A beggar is a beggar, or ?

‘Today I saw a group of beggars walking by.’

This is what anyone would’ve described it as. This is what crossed my mind at first too.But then, another thought crossed my mind, too. 177 more words


Cookie of Death

I saw it.

I mean, first I saw the box. The human came home with several boxes. They all displayed some kind of shape, mostly round, but there seemed to be different colors. 259 more words