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Dragon Scene I Wrote Then Forgot About.

Sometimes there are scenes for various books or stories in my head. Most of the time, I want said scenes out of there so I can make room for other things. 330 more words


Ramblings (032915)

Sometimes you drink to forget. Sometimes you do it alone, and sometimes you do it with friends. Last night I did it with friends. They came, I cooked, we drank and played Cards Against Humanity, we drank some more with dice, we drank some more cause I needed everyone to take shots with me. 319 more words


Showers Are Scary

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Sorry I’ve been absent >< I have been lacking on everything except tumblr and haven’t really been doing much. 710 more words


I was ready to stretch my skin
over your open wounds;
now I cannot even plaster my own
– they are too abysmal and too sundry.


Off the Grid

Although not particularly cold, this last winter has felt long with Barbara and I often so tired by the time the children go to bed that we can manage little more than a light supper on the sofa in front of the television. 624 more words



I open my eyes,
It’s a fresh out of the box new day,
My heart whispers “Thank you, Jesus”
I press my eyes close,
Grip my clench hands, 112 more words


A Ramble - What I am.

Paganism is a very broad umbrella. It encompasses so many beliefs from the well known Wicca and reconstructionists to the followers of ancient Pantheons and more. 479 more words