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Losing the Plot

I’m very close to finishing War and Peace and my favourite character has just died. I shouldn’t *spoil* it and tell you who my favourite character is. 814 more words


Into Hell : Part One

Three days prior to Launch

It was a wonderful with her grandmother, and the rest of  her family at the Goldmoon estate; Romy couldn’t get over how frail her grandmother looked however seeing Mirren and Romar, seemed to bring a new sparkle to the elderly woman’s eyes  as she held her great grandchildren for the first time.. 1,463 more words


Monkey Mind

I read recently about the Chimp Paradox. We have a human mind (where we think logically and rationally), a far more powerful Chimp mind (in essence our intuition and instincts, emotions, etc) and a computer that takes information from both the monkey mind and human mind. 268 more words

The Great Hall

At this stage of limbo, not sure where I am, knowing where I’ve been, and try fathom where I can get too, I can feel my thoughts changing almost singularly, if you will picture a scale of 100 to 0 every thought a number on that scale, and slowly but surely these thoughts click by and sliding down this scale and gaining momentum, and one by one anything positive becomes a what if moment, what if I don’t like a choice I know I will make, what if it doesn’t work out like this or that, what if the only way to know is to do, that is the scary part, the part of that says, “you can’t do it, you’re not that type of person, that’s not your life” 351 more words


Lashing Out, Then In...

The first part of this is, EXHILIARATING, I tell ya!!! While the second, quite uncomfortable…

Lashing out, then in, this, is a process, of experiencing anger, because as something awful happens to us, the first thing that comes into our minds are: I need to blame someone, to lessen the strains on myself, so I don’t feel that heavy a burden on me! 176 more words


Bright Star 🌟

Dear Tita Mich,

Happy birthday! 😊🎁 🎈 🎊 🎉 🎂🍻

I kept a copy of this video mainly because I think I’ll never get to write a hopeful song such as this ever again in my lifetime and yeah, you’ve always been a wonderful song interpreter and this was really a good one of yours (and the rest of the Weygandt guys). 136 more words


NCAA Football '14 4/29/17

This game is once again becoming one of my favorite games to play, and as I’ve said, I’m playing as one team from every conference, including an independent team, so, I’m playing as Army, Arkansas State (Who I moved to Conference USA), Georgia State (Who I moved to the ACC), South Alabama, Blue Mountain State (Created Team), Boise State (Who I moved to the Pac-12), North Dakota State (Created Team), Rowan (Created Team), Idaho (Who I moved to the Big 12), Penn State, Ohio, & Alaska-Anchorage (Created Team). 14 more words