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The Hypocrite's Awakening

I had been calling myself an environmentalist since I could walk, but I never actually acted on my beliefs. I used plastic baggies, shopped for produce & meat at superstores wrapped in plastic & styrofoam, kept buying new clothes with no regard for how they were made, I ate mass produced meat – knowing full well it came from a tortured yet sentient being and added to a myriad of environmental problems. 149 more words


Blogger Recognition Award

Evening all! I wanted to share with you all that my blog was nominated for a ‘Blogger Recognition Award’ – an award that is given by other bloggers to recognise the work that goes into writing and maintaining a blog. 595 more words


An Apology To My Son

In the last couple of weeks or so the dreaded parenting guilt has crept in again. (note to self, read old post about dealing with the guilt...or write a better one!) 733 more words


Week 6 – The Good, the Bad and the Orgy

Mark Twain drank scotch every night to prevent toothaches, which as a cheap beer-drinking tourist who can’t afford scotch, I put down as the reason for my early morning trip to an emergency dental clinic in Zadar hours before we were to get a bus out of town. 1,954 more words


Little seeds

‘You don’t know what you don’t know’

‘The more you know, the more you realise you don’t know’

Ideas I’ve long been aware of. But to give even more credence to the second one, the more deeply I understand these ideas, the more I wonder how much deeper this understanding and awareness will go. 1,033 more words

I Don't Know How to Do This

Focus on the relationships
that are working,
she said.

Like I could just so easily
the pain
and rejection
of being tossed aside.

She was right, 25 more words