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this saddens me

these two fourteen year old boys go out into the middle of the ocean off Florida and are never seen again.
14 years old!
Their parents say they were avid boatmen and knew what they were doing. 297 more words



I have a hazy memory of a TV show I watched when I was little – probably the kind of crap they play on ITV of a Saturday evening – where people were forced to come into contact with their greatest fear. 729 more words


Mouse Surprise

My Most Beloved and Dearest Dwayne,

First, I would like to tender my most heartfelt apologies for the possibly somewhat exasperated explanation referencing why the dryer was making such a racket whilst I have been periodically putting it through its perambulations over the last 24 hours. 380 more words

German Shepherd


I’ve been spending some time updating the site making it easier to navigate and find things.  Clicking on the titles across the top of the Home page, will take you a page with links to posts that are relevant to the title.


The One Last Week

My life is about to change. I know, I’ve said this earlier but this time it will, without any more delays. I had three months of vacation. 411 more words


Upgrading Old and Busted to NEW HOTNESS - Humble Beginnings

You might have noticed a slew of articles coming from people who aren’t me, and that’s happening because apparently this blog is high-profile enough to get more than just me writing for it. 3,230 more words

Weiss Schwarz