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warm ups


I reblogged some ask meme on tumblr..

It’s been such a while since I did those. I miss interacting with followers through that. And it’s also good for warm ups. 571 more words

On being alone

I found myself alone last week.

I’m never alone. Um, unless I’m in the bathroom or something, I guess. But generally, my life is lived around other people at work and at home. 893 more words



Hi, Hey, Hello!

I have a dog.

He’s a total fluffball. He’s 12 (I think…I can never quite remember the year) but he still has all the energy of a puppy. 410 more words


No news is good news

After how many years of trying??? – I am finally falling into a sustainable everyday witching routine. No elaborate rituals, no esbaths or sabbaths, no sunlight greeting rituals. 164 more words

The Journey Begins

….or continues. However you’d like to look at it.

Anyhoo, here we are again, my bloggery friends. You, with your hunger for reading insignificant ramblings; and I, crass and impetuous as ever, and more than willing to provide said ramblings. 161 more words


Open Ended

That will show me to leave such an open-ended blog.  Several emails and comments, thought I would give you the non-update that I have.

We still have no idea what animal bled all over our yard.  83 more words


Ramblings of a Tired Mind

So here I sit trying to figure out what to write. Why? Because some part of me feels like I need to be writing. A part of me feels guilty that it has been 5 days since I’ve posted anything. 461 more words

My Weird Mind