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She Was Given Lemons...

Hey guys,

If you could click the link below, read, and share it with your peers, your sister, your dog–whomever!–it’d mean a lot. Thank you :) 6 more words

Weekend through photos

I flipped through my photos to see if there were any good ones over the last five days I could post and blog about.

There is a little time capsule in there on the last five days but really nothing noteworthy for blogging. 323 more words


Flu shots and Fears

“He can probably fit you in now, he just got back from his lunch break.” I never thought I would hear those words in a doctors surgery. 594 more words


The G a p Year

One of my first-world whines about the States is the discouraging view we have towards gap years. In the UK and other countries, they’re a rite of passage, and I wish they were more encouraged here. 501 more words


Another rant about music, production and business?

I’ve been asked one too many times, why I don’t start a blog where I write about my production techniques or give tips and write about what’s happening in a composers life. 187 more words

Another One

What's a budget?

Last night I watched my first Federal Budget. Being 30, it is pretty crazy that I have never watched it before. The problem is, I am more confused now, than I was before. 171 more words


Would You Rather |Shop At Bookshops or Online?

Hello lovelies,

I am procrastinating (when am I not?) at the moment, since exam season has started I don’t feel like getting stressed, so instead I’m here and taking tw for myself and you guys! 168 more words

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