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And when Allah said to the angels,
“Prostrate to that which we have created”
The first man. Adam.
Satan looked at him and damn,
fell head over heels in love. 175 more words


Going to give you up, going to let you down

Being acutely aware of the very real difference between “I don’t like this” and “This is actually-factually a steaming pile of horse manure” is, I feel, an important skill that can help us all focus on things that match our own personal preferences while still keeping one interested eye on anything that falls outside of our usual entertainment bubble. 3,146 more words



I wrote a blog about friends last night at work and it is no where to be found on this blog.
how strange.
Where could it have gone to? 24 more words



After having two exceptional days over the weekend, high fifties low sixties, they are predicting snow again.
Up to six inches.

And while I know we live in Iowa and it is only February 24th, I sure wish it wouldn’t snow. 10 more words


#473: The Support

Support conversations in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are probably some of my favorite parts of the game, even though they tend to overload really quickly. By that I just mean, the way I play the game lends itself to lots of supports coming available at once all over the place. 274 more words


Idle thoughts

It’s the end of February, and I think it’s really the first weekend of 2020 that I’ve been able to sit at home, vegetate, and do absolutely nothing. 612 more words


In the blink of the eye

As I’m jolted out of my reverie
My mind re-imagines the blinking of my eyes 17 more words