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Things I Wish I Had Known, Part II: The Embarrassing Stuff

In my previous post, I covered a lot of topics that I considered to be “things I wish I had known” when I started playing DDO… even with a lot of pen and paper background.  1,691 more words


#278 Travelling

I love travelling but somehow I have been feeling too much like a hermit to get myself out of my home. It’s really difficult to get my big fat butt out of the house when one, the weather sucks (it’s just too hot for me to go outside) and two, there are just too many things for me to entertain myself even if I stay at home (dramas, variety shows, books) and three, I am perfectly fine with just lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling or blogging about nothing (like what I am doing now). 107 more words



If you’ve not seen the acronym TEOTWAWKI before, don’t panic. Actually, do panic because it means The End of the World as We Know it. 505 more words


Some questions. And answers.

Questions without answers are frustrating. Answers without questions are… well, I’m not sure what they are.

Anyway, I was nominated for one of the various awards here on WordPress, which I declined for reasons you can read (if interested) … 906 more words


Sutton Coldfield Vegan Fair

On Sunday, I went to my first ever vegan fair! It was held in Sutton Coldfield Town Hall and was Sutton’s first ever vegan fair. Supplying over 40 stalls, the event was public, free to enter, and was hosted by… 829 more words


Painted Hills

On our drive home from Reno a few weeks ago, Captain Cavedweller and I made a side trip so we could see the Painted Hills in Central Oregon. 268 more words


Break Of Hiatus: Society's A Hypocrite

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted a blog post, and I’m sorry about that.

Let’s just say that, life has been hectic for the most part. 333 more words