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Attempted Abduction

Yesterday, in the city I live in, there was an attempted abduction of a 15 year old girl. The girl was in her yard, when I guy with blond hair and a beard, pulled up to her house to ask for directions. 246 more words

The Top 5 Commercials That I Despise

About five years ago my husband made the decision to get rid of our cable (much to my dismay). Since then we have saved a ton of money and really have not missed it.  1,026 more words


New Arrivals

Summer is always a busy season on our little farm.  This summer, though, is probably the busiest I’ve experienced since I was in college.  My younger two kids and I were gone the better part of two weeks in June for Bible Bowl tournaments, and my oldest daughter and I are soon headed to Haiti (hopefully) for her first mission trip.  637 more words


Babysit yourself

Sometimes you come to bed physically and emotionally bruised. Your muscles ache from the exercise and your heart is kind of numb to expect anything from anyone. 106 more words

Letting Go

letting go means accepting things as they are. it means not fighting what is here but working with what is here and not wishing for things to be any different. 107 more words


Potatoes, Whiskey, And S*** Strumpets

In early September 2017, a Facebook friend introduced me to a show which had just wrapped up its second season. While I had seen promos for this show (I was already an avid Syfy channel watcher), my general rule is not to become involved until we have at least two seasons (I know this is a catch-22, but part of my sanity relies on some, type of resolution). 1,031 more words

Kevin's Ramblings


So I slept ten hours clear through.

Not even having to get up to use the bathroom.

I feel so refreshed.

It is amazing how one’s perspective on life changes when you get enough sleep… 16 more words