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Hi my name is Lucy – well not really but – what’s important is that my story is real. I am real. The only thing that’s not real is my name so you can all be sure that this is most definitely not fictional writing. 390 more words


Holy Grail Products

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I have recently learned that I am the type of person who breaks glass for emergency beauty post, because that is very much what this is a product of today and is the thing I default to when I have, tragically, run out of book things to talk about and because most of my creative efforts are being channeled into my Camp Nano piece I’ve run that well down quite considerably as well. 854 more words



I hate my job.

I am so tired of cleaning all of the time.

WHY can’t I win the lottery?
Darn it.

I am tired, and I just got here……I haven’t even started cleaning yet.



Do Da Robot

Another filler post. I haven’t done any sketches or paintings good enough for posting, just doodles and super rough pencil sketches so I thought I’d just show you guys an old animation test I did for a personal project… 74 more words