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This is your brain on sand

It is cold in the land of kkdonk. Not as cold as other places, but make my joints ache and miss the sunshine, cold. I’d blame the groundhog but honestly living here, I would be excited for just 6 more weeks of winter (well 4 since he was all shadow hunting about two weeks ago now). 162 more words




Today I thought I’d do a review of a story, poem, thought, or anything on my friends site. So, while I was looking at his stuff, I realized his stuff were all pretty good. 111 more words

Musings on civil discourse, musical philosophy, and society

I have neglected to write an informal post for some time as I’ve been leaving a number of ideas in the pot to brew, but I felt compelled to write about some things which have been on my mind of recent… it might even help ease me back into a frame of mind for writing essays this semester! 757 more words


Neighbours: Hit and Run ~ Review

Welcome back Chloe Buckles, guest reviewing her beloved soap operaNeighbours for me and in this case she’s selected the late night special! Here are her thoughts… 812 more words


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Always excited to have the opportunity to review the best soap opera on our TV 😁

Time and effort lost

Think of how much more time and energy we would have to focus on other things that matter if we weren’t so busy surviving. ~ from Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit…

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I guess its a high time to...

I guess its a high time to stop listening or take it into my heart what people said about me.

Yep, thats it. Setelah setahun terakhir mencoba untuk ignore apa yang orang pikirin tentang gua, damn, life is more enjoyable. 251 more words