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There are three kinds of people in the world-

  1. Those who fear intoxication. They stay as far away from it as possible. Some hate the whole concept of it while others do not despise it, but they themselves steer clear of intoxication.
  2. 110 more words


Just a quick note to greet you to my blog. Kick back and relax, there is a few things to see but not a ton as of yet. 15 more words


Exam Season, and On the scarcity of my writing (A Self-reflection)

I write to express myself. To articulate my past, my present, and my future. I test myself, to get ahold of the best of myself, with a multitude of attitudes, it helps me progress my self and bring to peak my mental health. 333 more words


Refreshed Wheels and Other Updates

Happy Saturday! Time for another update on the 6’s.

A mini-milestone was achieved a few weeks ago (245,000 miles) for the “S.” Luckily, no major maintenance or repair items are on the list. 564 more words


Deleted Facebook

So, after being on facebook since 2009, I said goodbye today for good. Tired of the bullying for trying to explain yourself. Tired of people being so closed minded. 220 more words


Darkness - a poem

The dark is confusing

Yet something about it always intrigues me.

It’s how it makes you feel like anything can happen – 

how one swift motion of your eyelids can take you to a dreamland… 411 more words