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Things I Don't Understand on Twitter

Back in the day, Facebook was my staple social media site. No matter what I was doing, I’d always have a tab open so that I could keep up with everything that was going on with the people in my life. 624 more words


End of (Another) Era.

I just took my son to his primary school for the last time this morning. He had his leavers’ assembly yesterday and the sports day was the day before that. 433 more words


Writing That Scene You Fear

I knew he was going to die. I’ve known it for months and with each month and each word the death scene crept closer and closer. 423 more words


The Need to Be Kneaded

Getting my monthly whole body massage doesn’t make me high maintenance. It is just as necessary as my everyday cup of coffee. Whole body massage and pedicure – those are things that I can’t simply let go of. 403 more words


SERIES PART 1: The Devil and Me

I was pissed. He was calm. I was pissed he was calm. He worked. I stayed awake. He called and the madness went away. He is a jerk – a complete and total idiot. 31 more words


Morning Madness 5

I have to agree. My brother has been VIDEO CALLING ME ever since he got the thing. And that is a huge deal for someone who doesn’t call and hates pictures 😀😇😅


17 July. Morning. 10 PM or so. On my laptop. Mum & grandmum just got home from the doctors. The verdict.

Have you ever felt like you just want to do everything you can but, you just can’t so the only thing you can say is, “ 817 more words