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Long Time No See?

Well it’s been a while hasn’t it?

And before you ask, yes, I did die. On the inside.

My book has taken a turn for the worst and by that I mean I’ve hit a wall and have no inspiration left. 139 more words


Small luxuries

Life is about the small stuff right?  Favourite little extravagances to relish in. Everyone has something they see a small luxury in an otherwise plain ole life. 304 more words


I’ve long thought I should keep some sort of creative blog to give my followers and newcomers some more information, background, short stories, and snippets on my characters and their respective worlds. 358 more words


My One Photo a Day Challenge: #144

A photo of this evening’s sky which I decided to take upside down! 84 more words


Adulting Anxiety

Up until this point in my life, I have been in school. I have faced the real world in small doses. I fell flat on my face when I tried to go into Journalism after college, and so I went to grad school for Psych. 62 more words


Independant Women

3 fierce women under one roof will sometimes clash. One must be the appeaser and choose to hover in the background because…. because it’s not her turn – not her spotlight, not her story. 30 more words


The real reason I stayed

I’m starting to feel like the reason I had clutched on to my ex was so that I wouldn’t feel how much pain I’d endured in the relationship. 152 more words