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Why we should all share code

In the 1980s, when OO began to emerge, it was touted as a great way for people to write code, and share what they write, so others wouldn’t have to re-write code, the golden orb of  477 more words


Because you don’t do research. Because you don’t innately possess a need to be competitive. You don’t think ahead and you don’t plan.

Of course, the fact you are here asking how to improve means you are not satisfied.

795 more words

Humanity Has Failed

I generally have a massive boner for the human race. What it represents. How we made this planet our bitch, and how we keep on making it our bitch. 243 more words


Han’s Blogmas- Day Fourteen (Favourite Childhood Christmas Memory)

My favourite memory is from when I was a teen and is actually of Christmas Eve.

My brother took me to see Small Soldiers. It was at the height of my love for Spinal Tap and couldn’t wait to identify the characters they voiced. 37 more words


How To Keep Teeth Whiter Than Ever

Everyone wants a white & shiny Hollywood smile. People go to extreme lengths to get their teeth several shades whiter than they once were. The fact is, knowing simple ways to prevent them from staining in the first place can save a lot of trouble in the long-run. 565 more words



We have a ‘few extra’ items currently at the house

Lori brought home some avocados from a students garden.  At the same time I had a couple in our CSA delivery. 41 more words


How to put two toddlers and an infant to bed by yourself

First, internally psyche yourself up for the pending loon fest. Feel your heart begin to race with dread, but force it down with a false sense of optimism. 349 more words