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giant happy dance!!!

Mr GB is out of the hospital!!  They’re keeping him on a variety of meds to dissolve the blockage and then they’ll do surgery in October if he still needs it!! 100 more words



It’s that time again. I get it at least once per Xpack. My World of Warcraft game time is expiring and I’m not planning to renew it for a while. 297 more words


The Things I Have Carried

At the time when I took this photo, about four years ago, I was spending lots of time shooting pictures of people. One of the things I was hearing a lot from clients and collaborators was, “I’ve never seen myself from that angle before”. 312 more words


Trafficking With The Spirits

Interest in the spirits, ghosts, paranormal activity and spiritualism has been on the upswing the past decade or so. There has been a deluge of books, movies, and websites about these topics. 355 more words


Hornstrandir - Return to the Edge of the World

People abandoned Hornstrandir in the 1950s, on account of the lack of work and the appalling winters: once the herring swam off to other places, the ferocious darkness lost whatever charm it might once have had. 140 more words


Hornstrandir Day One - Hesteyri to Hlöðuvík

26th June 2015: Hesteyri landing stage to Við Hlöðuvíkurós in Hlöðuvík (13km), over Kjaransvikursgard (c.430m)

At last, I have made it back to Hornstrandir for three days of serious walking; the edge of the world again. 1,083 more words


Hornstrandir Day Two - Hlöðuvík to Hornvik

27th June 2015: Hlöðuvík to Hornvik (Höfn) (10km), over Skalakambar (310m) and Atlasgard (327m)

It’s 10.30pm and the sky is overcast, so we have retired to our tents. 1,421 more words