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Potatoes, Whiskey, And S*** Strumpets

In early September 2017, a Facebook friend introduced me to a show which had just wrapped up its second season. While I had seen promos for this show (I was already an avid Syfy channel watcher), my general rule is not to become involved until we have at least two seasons (I know this is a catch-22, but part of my sanity relies on some, type of resolution). 1,031 more words

Kevin's Ramblings


So I slept ten hours clear through.

Not even having to get up to use the bathroom.

I feel so refreshed.

It is amazing how one’s perspective on life changes when you get enough sleep… 16 more words


Liebster Award #2

Thanks to, Art by Christine Mallaband-Brown for nominating me for my 2nd Liebster award, you’re beautiful, inspirational and lovely.

The Rules


Listening to the Silence

Yes I know I have not written anything for a while.  Life has been getting in the way. Plus I am trying to write a novel, and then on top of all that, winter school holidays started, when all meaningful activity comes to an abrupt halt. 671 more words


I am woman, hear me swear

This post is brought to you by a random person’s ludicrous assumption that writers who swear (in their books or in any other medium in which they choose to write ‒ yes, even social media) are held to some imaginary higher standard because they should be “capable of being far more eloquent”. 580 more words


An Ode To Lovecraft

I wish you could have bore witness to the hell you’ve raised from beyond the grave, beloved. I’d imagine that even a short glance at your now iconized legacy would provide you with an epoch of catharsis. 841 more words

Half Decent

Where there are no oxen

Right now there are whiskers in the bathroom sink, coffee stains on the counter, and lunch dishes that somehow didn’t make it to the dishwasher. There is a magically multiplying mountain of laundry that never seems to end and a leaning tower of already washed, not yet put away laundry growing on the dresser. 167 more words