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Here’s the thing.

I took the summer off work to write 3 books and read 1000 books and travel everywhere and of course like always I set myself WAY TOO MANY GOALS AND I’M SLIGHTLY FREAKING OUT BECAUSE GUYS, JULY IS ALMOST OVER? 427 more words


Blood and Bones: Mix 5

I’m back with another playlist of songs that I’m jamming hard to! Some are new(ish), some have been around forever. It’s not the most cohesive list, but they all make me crank up the volume! 348 more words


Witchathon - Litha 2019

To celebrate one of the most important times in our calendar, I participated in Witchathon for Litha.

Litha is another name for the summer solstice. I am trying to be more in tune with the earth, and get more involved with the pagan holidays. 886 more words

Book Review

Illness Update, Gripes

Was in a lot of pain for awhile there, saw rheumy Wed, said I was in a flare, but not a fibro flare. I seem to have developed polymyalgic rheumatica and/or rheumatoid arthritis, and since a triple dose of prednisone made me 80% better in three hours, it seems to be fact. 280 more words


Random Ramblings Of the Mind

Somewhere near Madrid

She looked at people that criss-crossed her throughout the streets. Sea of people. Random people. Who are probably crossing her for the first and the last time. 738 more words

Short Story

O.W.Ls Magical Readathon!

Well, considering it is nearly N.E.W.Ts, I thought what better timing to blog about my O.W.Ls from April!

I decided on the career of Healer, which required: 1,052 more words

Book Review

hold my unbought pizza box

So the other day, i hung out with this friend i haven’t seen in a while.

It was cool, we were just chilling and stuff. Oh, i was literally chilling, because i was dumb af. 596 more words