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I sat in the flight and soon after we took off the air hostesses came to offer cups of tea or coffee. I requested for some tea and they complied. 741 more words

Coco v The Magpies

……………………………….not really a contest :P

Coco as you can see is a spaniel cross; happily he is an “American Golden Cocker/King Charles Cavalier Cross”; I say happily because being an American Cocker as against an English Cocker gives him the lovely soft face. 496 more words


What's Occurring: 23/05 - 29/05

Currently Reading: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North, A Dictionary Of Mutual Understanding by Jackie Copleton

Finished this weekNone – *gasp* 495 more words


Always in 3's

At one point I had decided I was going to make my own pantheon because, fuck it why not?

It started out as a handful of gods and goddesses and it’s boiled down to 3. 240 more words

Tales of a Yarn Thief

Or Hazards of Live-In Catpanions #1

 Back in days of old, when my cat, Boubey, was just a slim young thing, she would stalk the long grasses of our country home. 556 more words


So in about eight hours we’ll be flying to Stockholm. Just dropped off our dog at the boarding kennel this morning and honestly, I’m so worried about her :/ I’m afraid she’ll get sick, that she won’t eat because she’s feeling so distressed about being “abandoned”, that she’ll bark herself hoarse while we’re gone for two weeks, that the people there will mistreat her (especially because my dog isn’t exactly very loveable and friendly towards strangers… try petting her head and you’ll get your hand bitten). 69 more words


When you have nothing more
of yourself to give
yet they come
at your door
asking for your heart
as though it is… 20 more words

The Season Of Becoming