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I Can't Read the Canterbury Tales Without a Scottish Accent

This semester, I’m taking Middle Ages Literature, and it is ruining me.

While the name of the class suggests a survey of medieval lit, it’s actually turning out to be more of an in-depth study of Chaucer’s works— chiefly,  173 more words

I am 34

I am 34 and I want you to know I work hard.

I am 34 and I want you to know that my hard work looks different than yours. 817 more words



was another boring day in a litany of boring days. From church to the trailer and stimulating conversation around tuna mac for lunch. Watched some Prime (Britannia). 32 more words


Ramblings August 25, 2019

Happy 39th 08/26/2019

As some of you know, our garage was broken into on Friday while we were at work. The garage is separate from our townhome, fortunately, but they did take a few things, including an unopened portable AC, as well as breaking our garage door opener mechanism. 307 more words

Story Related

Secondhand Heaven

This has to be one of my favourite past times. There’s nothing better than popping into a local secondhand book store and rummaging through the shelves like a rat, scampering for its next meal. 314 more words



An idol is anything we put before God in our lives. It is what we love, like, trust, desire, or give our attention to more than the Lord. 44 more words


The Blues

A hasty doodle

Blue: a color that befits the skies and seas most beautifully; but casts another picture when painted on a person.

Everyone’s felt sadness before. 253 more words