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Hard to believe it has been two months since Kody left us. I still have days where I think about what needs to be done on the way home. 246 more words


So yesterday I lost it and broke down. Truth is there is so much going on that I am feeling stressed out. I do think it was partially caused by us receiving his policy check in the mail. 292 more words


The day Friedreichs stole my son away from me

If I could just go back
Change things that day
I have so many regrets
I should have done better
That little voice told me "Please don't leave today!"
I hushed it away thinking it would be okay
I gave you your meds
I changed you to your favorite shirt
I kissed you goodbye and said I loved you
I didn't know you would leave
I didn't know it was a real goodbye
I wish I could go back
I'd lay beside you and probably cry
For 21 years I cared for you 
For a while you even resided just below my heart
I should have stayed with you that day 
I shouldn't have hushed intuition
When your sister called me I knew 
I could hear the pain in her voice
I requested she leave
Told her it was okay
Said you would be alright
I don't think she will ever forgive me 
I don't think I blame her though
I have so many regrets
I miss you so much
I tell others I am okay
Truth is I am not
I write this as tears stream down my face
I hate the way I feel
I wish this would all fade away
It is not fair 
The cards you were dealt were so cruel
You handled things with so much strength
Truth is I leaned on you
Telling your stories keeps you alive in my head
My heart is forever broken 
I am so sorry for failing you
For failing your sisters and dad
For not making you better
I am so sorry you are dead
I want to push away from all the pain and sadness
The one thing I never regretted was having you in my life
I just wish you hadn't had a death sentence
Damn you Friedreichs
Damn you all to hell
Why did you take my son?? 52 more words


Tension is lifted for us.  Next week we will have the payout from our son’s insurance policy that will aid us in getting things together to move and to get another vehicle.    141 more words


A Loss Of A Co-worker

Yesterday was the last day working with my partner in crime at our current job.  I say it that way because he has said he is going to work from the inside to get me into the company he has went to.  59 more words


Overwhelming Week

I haven’t sat down to write because my head has been so scattered. The beginning of the week was good with a sit down with Rikki’s agent and just learning more about the business as a whole. 348 more words



Last night we watched The Walking Dead while working on assisting Rikki with her work. The episode had me teary eyed the whole time. I won’t go into a ton of detail and give spoilers but the death that occurred this time was hard to watch. 161 more words