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Create a ramdisk for speed

Remember the days in which you created ramdisks in DOS back in the 80s? Well, those days still exist. Debian creates a ramdisk every time you start the operating system and it’s not reserved as an exclusive system function. 251 more words

Auto-create ramdisk when Raspberry Pi or Linux start up

In my previous project, I developed a real-time system, so faster speed for read/write temporary data is necessary. After setting, when Raspberry Pi starts up, a small ramdisk will auto-create. 191 more words

Raspberry Pi

Limit noise from hard disk using RAM (tmpfs) instead

I’m using a laptop, among other things, as alarm clock (included in my -utils general debian package). The hard disk of this laptop is not getting any younger and get noisy while there’s a decent amount of RAM available. 367 more words


check writing speed on a mount

I wanted to compare the writing speed on my ext3 partitioned mount and tmpfs mount in fedora20. So yeah.. dd command did come pretty handy.. 58 more words


ESXi Embedded: Sustain Against Complete Loss Of Physical Disk Backing

I recently encountered an issue in my home lab that I’ve not seen before and wanted to share my experiences, as what I learned was really interesting and highlights a value-add of ESXi that isn’t possible with other hypervisors today. 1,138 more words