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World ramen ranking

Hans Lienesch is almost blind, but he has amazing sense of taste and smell. He testing 1,100 kinds of ramen p and posting reviews on his blog.  799 more words


Mendokoro Ramenba

Remember the place where Ellen Adarna assumed a paparazzi is taking a photo of her? Yes, this is the place where it all happened. Secluded, located at Makati. 280 more words


The fat Japanese ramen chef is back on Tai Wong East Street

The ramen shop that we used to frequent on Amoy Street changed hands about a year and a half ago. The fat japanese chef with the cheerful smile was replaced by three not so fat local chefs who barely acknowledged any of the customers behind those thick vapour clouds of steaming broth. 458 more words

General Thoughts

Rules of my house

Always have food.

Be willing to drink tea. Always.

If not tea, coffee is fine.

Or water. We’re big on water.

It’s okay to be messy, we clean it up when we’re ready. 36 more words


Forever & Ever Ramen: the flavours of IPPUDO at QV Melbourne

My introduction to the newly opened IPPUDO on Artemis Lane consisted of bollards and a catwalk queue of eager patrons.

I’m generally not part of that frenzied segment who relish the opportunity to be seen lining up for food, but I do enjoy eating, only perhaps with a little less fervour (see: pomp and circumstance). 500 more words

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

I love instant ramen. By far my favourite is that Korean brand Nongshim both for their great spicy flavour and their thick, bouncy noodles. I used to stock up boxes of their ramen. 361 more words


Exciting! Now it's getting real! (ENG | GER)

Now it becomes concrete! Now the travel plans become real!

Since Madoka has learned from me that I first go on a sightseeing tour on my own and then want to spend a week in Tokyo, she has been actively involved. 995 more words