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Hideout at Hida Takayama Ramen

Hida Takayama Ramen is hidden in the quiet corner of Robson Square Market. People often overlook this little corner between Robson and Cadero St. On the second floor of this quiet food court, there are always people enjoying their noodle soup. 204 more words


May 2015 (and before): Muso Ramen

Much as I would like to keep it a secret so that there’s always table space when we go there, I think the word is already out. 254 more words


Step aside, Goku! Vegeta protects Earth from giant vegetables in new Dragon Ball ramen ad 【Video】

Even though spikey-haired Goku is undeniably the protagonist of classic (and soon to be new) anime Dragon Ball, we’re not sure it’s entirely accurate to call fellow Saiyajin… 395 more words


Experience Authentic Ramen in Best Japanese Restaurant Jakarta

There are some people who have hobby in culinary. They will try to find and try new foods that they never tried before. We all know that Japanese food is one of favorite food for all people in the world today. 375 more words


There's something hiding beneath this mountain of ramen toppings, but it's not ramen

Ramen is pretty well-known around the world as a hearty soup of plentiful ingredients. Sure there are variations from country to country, but at the end of the day, it’s all just noodles and broth with the necessary toppings to add character. 708 more words


Tenkomori - Sydney CBD

Winter weather is perfect ramen weather – click through for more! 384 more words


Lucky Chan's Laundry Noodlebar

Looking for a more funky new experience with a different kind of scenery whilst enjoying a bowl of noodles?

This is the perfect place. In Perth anyways. 365 more words