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Episode 51: The Girl Who Loved Powerglide

As the title suggests, a girl falls in love with Powerglide this week. Of course, Megatron manages to work this into an evil plan, and things get ridiculous. 70 more words


Blog #1044: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Ramjet

Transformers Masterpiece Ramjet

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before (again), but we have yet another release of the Masterpiece seeker mold.  By my count this is the fifteenth Masterpiece Seeker release (I have Fourteen, still need to pick up the Japanese Sunstorm).  434 more words


Episode 48: The Search for Alpha Trion

Nearly the entire episode takes place on Cybertron this week, making it one of our favorite episodes so far. You can listen to it here: 84 more words


Podcast Episode 47: The Gambler

This week the cartoon, surprisingly, picks up exactly where last week’s episode left off: in a toy rocket! You can listen here:


Download it here:  61 more words


Meng 1/72 Kayaba Ku-4 "Katsuodori" Ramjet Fighter

Continuing the 1/72 streak, we go to a relative obscure subject that was produced by Meng, the Kayaba Type 4 Katsuodori which is a fighter based on previous Kayaba glider design but this one is powered by RAMJETS! 617 more words


Podcast Episode 38: A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court

It’s a REAL doozy this week and some Transformers travel through time back to the days of King Arthur and Merlin, but end up meeting cheap knock-offs of those guys. 96 more words


Hey, I did the dishes.

Oh, sorry. I’m Ramjet. I crashed through your window last night. Then I crashed on your couch. I’m making us coffee right now. Don’t look in the bathroom, I promise once they wake up the other Coneheads will cleam up after themselves.