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You get and you give... two men today... Suck and Fuck Roger & Luis

I placed a post on CL and a guy I met before replied… Roger Ram – a married older fellow who is an oral expert.  He literally sucks me off like he’s conducting and orchestra.   428 more words

Flame Photography Discerns Peculiarity in Ramjet Ignition

Amid pictures of dazzling auroras and satellite passes, pictures of a flame may seem boring in comparison. However, a Chinese team’s recent photography of flames igniting in a high speed engine (Technical note, … 362 more words


Bussard Ramjet: Interstellar Travel

Interstellar Travel


Interstellar travel is travel between stars. Interstellar travel is much more difficult than interplanetary travel because of the distance differences. Interplanetary travel is generally on the scale of astronomical units, while interstellar travel is measured with light-years. 95 more words