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Group: Alone Animatic

The Alone Animatic was assembled / edited and verse 1 (recorded) by Daniel Henry in iMovie, whilst Ramone & Daniel Lenart had each recorded their verse (2 & 3) of the poem. 36 more words

Group Work

Ramone Lawrence: Silhouettes in Photoshop

 These are some silhouettes, I wanted to design a strong emotion to the character that I will be creating for my scene.


Group: Black & White Collage

As a group we decided to look into silhouettes / black and white, as the theme of the poem is Alone. We thought it would be interesting to start brainstorming on the stylization of the animation setting/ characters.

Group Work

Ramone Lawrence: Banshee collage for female character

This is my collage for my banshee designs, I wanted the character to be wearing something to cover her body, like cloak or dress. Daniel Henry sent a link called Shoomp which help me breakdown my verse of the poem, I now know how to get my character design.


18 February 2015

Today I took a picture of a clarification.