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Tesla once again doesn't understand manufacturing

Once again, Tesla demonstrates no understanding of volume manufacturing!  Newspaper: “Tesla reworks 40% of its parts.” Tesla response: “But we inspect every car carefully before shipping it!” 182 more words

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Continuing problems with Tesla 3: Musk doesn't understand manufacturing

It has always been clear that Musk does not understand high-volume manufacturing. Building rockets is very hard, but building 100,000 cars is very hard for a different reason! 284 more words

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Proactive, protective, and intentional: How 3 concepts changed my approach to time management

“Would you be able to run a session on managing time and increasing efficiency? We heard that that’s your signature workshop. And honestly, we could really use some of that.” I smile. 1,640 more words

2020 Census Funding: This Chart Says It All

A Census doesn’t happen all at once. While the Census year itself is the most expensive, the Census Bureau has to ramp up for the big count with a decade-long cycle of spending. 146 more words

Census 2020

Disability representation in mass media

Mass media tends to favor mainstream society in interests of accumulating capital. Unfortunately, minority groups, like disabled people are disregarded. Fortunately, the internet has mobilized the voices of the oppressed via online forums and crowd funding campaigns. 524 more words

Fourth Post: Access & Participatory Media

The internet has now become a critical infrastructure that assists in connection with services and society. Disability has recently emerged as a barrier restricting online digital connectivity, digital literacy and participation. 475 more words

Can participatory culture break down digital barriers?

Social media platforms have proven recently to be significant tools in assisting individuals in accomplish participatory activities such as collaborating with other digital users, participating in movements and bringing civic issues to the forefront of society within a digital space. 500 more words

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