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5 Quick Ways to Ramp Up Your Amazon Author Central Page

5 Quick Ways to Ramp Up Your Amazon Author Central Page

Amazon is full of book marketing tools for you as an indie author. And, although I often talk about book page optimization, your Amazon Author Central page probably needs some attention too. 92 more words

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I think this is an excellent read right here about how to ramp up your Amazon author central page.

Mundane Monday #159: ramp up

Welcome to the continuation of Trablogger’s Mundane Monday. The theme today is ramp up. I took this in Tacoma, Washington on Saturday morning. Tacoma gets more interesting each time I visit, with public art and many glass artists and installations. 62 more words

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Elon Musk keeps making the same mistakes at Tesla

My friend at NYU, Prof. Melissa Schilling, (thanks, Oscar) and I have a running debate about Tesla. She emphasizes how smart and genuinely innovative Musk is. 393 more words

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Tesla once again doesn't understand manufacturing

Once again, Tesla demonstrates no understanding of volume manufacturing!  Newspaper: “Tesla reworks 40% of its parts.” Tesla response: “But we inspect every car carefully before shipping it!” 182 more words

Tech Management

Continuing problems with Tesla 3: Musk doesn't understand manufacturing

It has always been clear that Musk does not understand high-volume manufacturing. Building rockets is very hard, but building 100,000 cars is very hard for a different reason! 284 more words

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Proactive, protective, and intentional: How 3 concepts changed my approach to time management

“Would you be able to run a session on managing time and increasing efficiency? We heard that that’s your signature workshop. And honestly, we could really use some of that.” I smile. 1,640 more words

2020 Census Funding: This Chart Says It All

A Census doesn’t happen all at once. While the Census year itself is the most expensive, the Census Bureau has to ramp up for the big count with a decade-long cycle of spending. 146 more words

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