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South China Sea Ramp-Up: New Chinese Aircraft Carrier’s Shocking Combat Features

Source: Sputnik News

As tensions mount in the South China Sea, the country’s state television has heralded the Liaoning aircraft carrier’s expanded lethality.

Last week, Chinese TV boasted about the “growing combat capabilities” of its Liaoning (CV-16) aircraft carrier, noting that the battle platform can carry up to 20 fighter jets, bolstering Beijing’s balance of naval and aviation power in the Pacific rim amid growing tensions. 283 more words

World At WAR

The Hardware Startup Valley of Death — Bolt Blog — Medium

An interesting short article by Chris Quintero, about what goes wrong when hardware startups are ready to start selling actual production units.  The company faces simultaneous “manufacturing hell” and “fundraising hell.” 154 more words

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I Ramped Up My Internet Security, and You Should Too

From Pacific Standard


Some people make dieting resolutions in the New Year. I make security and privacy resolutions, because those are the things that keep me up at night. 849 more words