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This game is for Nintendo NES. 9 more words


Rampage - "Gimme The Night"

Rampage is back with a new single titled “Gimmie The Night”, sampling George Benson’s #1 hit “Give Me The Night” produced by Felony Muzik. Rampage’s new project “Remington Steele” drops April 1st. 6 more words


Rampage Corsi and WOWYs - 03/22 Hamilton

Just absolutely dominant at 5 on 5, which leads to some fun numbers such as Danny Heatley and his 61.5% Corsi being a negative relative, which is humorous to me.  67 more words

Rampage Corsi and WOWYs - 03/21 Hamilton


So after being the best player on Tuesday, Mancari was the worst forward on Saturday.  My theory was that since he’s older, he probably struggled with back-to-backs, and he was scratched for Sunday, so that could be it. 38 more words

Rampage Corsi and WOWYs - 03/17 Charlotte

Every Rampage forward had a positive Corsi relative except McFarland-Megan-Butler or as I called them, the line of death.  I didn’t track faceoffs for this game (started on Saturday). 55 more words

Rampage Corsi and WOWYs Week ending 03/22

This week I started tracking individual 5on5 Corsi for Rampage home games.  My charts are based on All Corsi for now because there were very few close events in the Charlotte game and the Saturday game.  1,420 more words