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Prusa i2 as a CNC?

I hadn’t planned on doing much with the unfinished Prusa i2 machine as it would require quite a bit of work to get an extruder mounted on it. 74 more words

Prusa i3 Progress

The Marlin firmware I had for the Migbot Prusa i3 was not working. I have had to change many setting t get it to work with a standrad size bed and auto-leveling. 151 more words

A Big 3D Printer Built Using The Power of Procrastination

When we wrote about ’s resin printer a while back he enthusiastically ensured us that, thanks to the recent wave of attention, he would finally finish the project. 186 more words


It's Alive!!!!

I managed to get Marlin RC7 complied and loaded onto a RAMPS 1.4 board and somewhat configured for the Rostock Mini. I hooked everything up, applied power and then tested some things. 47 more words

The Borders of Dominicanidad | Duke University Press

In The Borders of Dominicanidad Lorgia García-Peña explores the ways official narratives and histories have been projected onto racialized Dominican bodies as a means of sustaining the nation’s borders.

151 more words

New Part Day: Smoothie For RAMPS

When it comes to 3D printer controllers, there are two main schools of thought. The first group is RAMPS or RAMBo which are respectively a 3D printer controller ‘shield’ for the Arduino Mega and a stand-alone controller board. 436 more words

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Rostock Mini

While I wait for the connectors for the Prusa i3, I started looking at the Rostock Mini. This is probably the machine closest to being in a workable condition. 408 more words