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Finding Dinner

It was in-between-times in the forest this morning. Morels are about done. Ramps are about done. Oysters haven’t started in earnest. Still I can’t complain. There were a few oysters, and they were nice and fresh, and a few ramps, enough to assure a tasty wild treat for dinner tonight.


spring spaghetti with ramp pesto, peas, pistachios, and cotija cheese

Spring is upon us folks, in full force.  You wouldn’t know it if you looked out the window over the last week or so – gray skies with random snowstorms then brilliant sunshine then crazy windy hailstorm madness.   562 more words


Ramp Pesto and How to Use It

Ramps (or wild leeks) seem to be all the rage nowadays. Not two years ago, I had no idea they existed. Now, they’re popping up on food sites, at farmer’s markets, and even the local grocery store. 262 more words


Warm bacon dressing.

My recipe for warm bacon dressing was inspired by the German potato salad my Aunt Elaine used to make. I remember delicate new or diced boiled potatoes smothered in tangy dressing with sweet onions, crumbled bacon and maybe some celery? 784 more words


forage for fiddles

Last weekend we set out to find a foraging spot for Fiddleheads and boy, did we find one. The fiddlehead and ramp season is flash in the pan, having about a three week window in late April early May. 160 more words

Anchovy, Ramp & Arugula Egg on a Roll

I missed the farmers’ market last Saturday. Instead, the morning found me traipsing around the city with a weekend bag full of sweatpants and vegetables, a backpack full of library books, and a giant platter from… 556 more words


Savoury Ramps Pastries

This is turning out to be a great year for ramps (aka wild leeks or wild garlic). The cool weather has prolonged the season and I had the good fortune to have access to a bonanza of this seasonal delicacy on the property of a kind and gracious friend. 317 more words

Fiesta Friday