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News Round-Up: Shahrukh and Vikram-Vedha, Mahira and Ranbir, RK Studios Will Rebuild

I am still just gently dipping my toe back in the news pool, so I expect you in the comments to provide more information and background than I have after skimming headlines for the first time in a week.   1,492 more words

Mahira Khan just experienced a 'Loug Kia Kaheyngay' Moment

The ever famous meme claims that infinite dreams of desi-children have been crushed under the hammer of ‘Loug Kia Kaheyngay (what will people say). Lesser do parents know, whatever your child ends up doing, you can never save them from the unconditional trolling and attention of the haters. 457 more words


Mahira Khan Gets Trolled For Wearing Short Dress And Smoking 

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan were pictured in NYC spending some quality time. Someone clicked their photos, sold them to the media and now the photos have gone viral on social media. 326 more words

Dear Mahira Khan, Pakistan doesn't deserve you. Kindly take an Indian citizenship.

People who have spoken to Mahira Khan know that she is a fiercely independent and a feisty lady who speaks from her heart.

My friends who have interviewed her tell me that she is a dream to talk to. 982 more words


Ali Zafar tweets support to Mahira Khan 

Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor’s leaked images from New York are doing the rounds of social media currently. While we do not advocate in sharing those images, we are sure in support of Mahira Khan. 70 more words


A peek into Ranbir Kapoor’s life

A massive fire broke out at the iconic R K Studios on Saturday afternoon. The studio was built by the legendary actor Raj Kapoor years ago and it being a part of the Kapoor legacy, actor Ranbir Kapoor rushed to the site immediately on his return from London. 352 more words


Bollywood actors latest selfie pics - BOM.17.09.17

The selfie style of Bollywood celebs is very famous among fans and followers. They are noticed with their style, fashion and attitude from these selfies. Here we have some some selected selfie pics of popular Bollywood celebs for the viewers. 20 more words