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Here on the Island of Misfit Toys...err...Critters...

There are days when our little corner of the world starts to feel like the Island of Misfit Toys…except, instead of toys, we have creatures, and they don’t really seem in a hurry to leave. 510 more words

Ranch Life

Sunday Column: Spring Cleaning.

I spent my work break today pulling woodticks off of Gus.

I’ve never seen so many ticks on a dog in my life. I think there were more ticks than dog actually. 390 more words


Could I get 6 bags of feed and some relationship therapy?

One day at the Ranch Store one of our regulars came in . Now sometimes , like bartenders and hair dressers, we are more than just sales people . 648 more words

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Can you read , write and stay sober ?

One day the Ranch Store I was thinking we need to have a pre-employment exam , I started a list of questions that would help us weed out less desirable applicants . 414 more words

Farm Life

Wanted: April Showers

It’s been a busy couple weeks at the ranch. The weather has been warm and too dry for comfort and we’re deep into “getting the place ready for Little Sister’s wedding” mode. 489 more words