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If You're Gonna Marry A Cowboy...

…you better get used to dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. There will be dirt on your floors, tracked in by cowboy boots and blown through invisible cracks in the seals around your windows and doors. 621 more words


Alternative treatments?

One day the Ranch Store some young guys¬†came in , ( disclaimer here – do not use animal products on people- they are for animals not people… 459 more words

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Frequent buyer program

One day at the Ranch Store , an employee had to be fired. Let’s call it that , it wasn’t laid off or let go , it was fired . 513 more words

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Love me love my horse

One day at the Ranch Store a mixed marriage couple came in . In our world a mixed marriage couple is defined as a horse person and the confused non-horse person who is married/shacked up/dating the horse person. 416 more words

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Birthing Babies is Hard Work

Being Lead Pastors at a Cowboy Church is much more to my husband and I than just church, it is also our life style. Randy is the rodeo cowboy and I am the rancher. 936 more words

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A horse walks into a bar

One day at the Ranch Store I was thinking about the different types of customers and animals they own . Many are passionate about their animals , like the chicken people but I’d like to take a slight detour from chickens to horses . 403 more words

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A Sweet Boy is Coming to Visit

Once upon a time, this sweet boy looked like this.
Now, at 12.6 years old, he’s growing up fast, staring straight into my eyes, being as tall as I am. 268 more words

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