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Leonard The Bull Calf

While our niece Emily and nephew Sid were here for a week-long visit over winter vacation, we managed a lot of time outdoors. A recent ice storm and subsequent snowfall in Oklahoma provided excellent conditions for some… 876 more words


It's Friday. Here are some puppy pictures.

It’s Friday. To get you through, here’s a shot of the puppies in their box five seconds before they all dispersed into a wiggly, frantic swarm of fluff anticipating their supper. 440 more words


AgProud Q1

Some time ago Ryan Goodman made a list of blog topics. I thought this was one heck of a list, and thought, if I started blogging again that I’d take a swing at it. 640 more words

What Do You Have Right Now?

February 2016. Are you where you want to be? Thinking back five years, are you on the path you thought you’d be on at this point in your life? 373 more words

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Bustin' Broncs

It is a beautiful day in the Black Hills, and the Black Hills Stock Show continues! Started the day off right, joining a few hundred other rodeo fans at the James Kjerstad Event Center in Rapid City. 86 more words

Food. Appreciated.

I walked through PCC Market (a 1%’er grocery store) today feeling a bit pouty about all of the things that are not on my ‘Ludwig’ low-carb plan… 371 more words

Pitfalls of Good Stockmanship

I can’t ever stress enough the importance of great stockmanship. Over time as I have improved my skills I have noticed there are a few pitfalls… 828 more words