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March Frustration - Arena time?

March is the most frustrating time of the year. It’s been a long winter but I found this winter to be most perplexing.  Christmas was amazing, so much nice snow for the kids to play in and so many different things to do outside – snowmen, forts, sledding behind the four-wheeler, pony time – just a ton of fun.   297 more words

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The Home Haircut

“Oh, shoot,” I said, except I didn’t say shoot.

Considering that I was holding a pair of clippers and standing behind my husband, these words were especially foreboding. 607 more words

Jolyn Young

I can count on one hand and still have fingers to spare how many times Sweetheart has been so spooked I was on the verge of completely losing control and her going into a full on panic, and every single one was because of sever weather. 203 more words

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Why it's harder on a farm

I didn’t grow up on a farm like my husband and there is a difference between city life and country life. I rode horses on and off my entire life but actually living on a farm is harder. 468 more words

Farm Life

Public Land Ranching. ..stealing from yourself

Soren tank is located along a 4 wheel drive Rd that winds through the Dragoon mountains. It is the old wood ranch and walnut grove of Thomas Soren. 513 more words

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Me and my shadow

The snow melted into big rivers today, shrinking and sinking the drifts in the draws and creating a glorious slop of mud along our prairie trails and I’m hoping we’ve seen the last of the white stuff for the season. 162 more words

North Dakota

My miniature mare, Sugar, is about 8 months pregnant and she has a huge belly. And by huge, I mean it looks like someone stuffed one of those aerobics balls in her! 64 more words

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