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Painting of the Barn

This is the beginnings of a small acrylic painting I’m pottering around with.
Since taking this photo, it has an appaloosa, bright blue skies and less color in the foreground. 118 more words


Tough Decisions and Heartbreak (A post I've been trying to not write...)

A few weeks ago, I spent most of a Saturday building a turkey playpen in the yard.  You guys remember our little turkey peeps, don’t you?  860 more words

"My kingdom for a Horse"?

We are on a quest. Said knight is on foot and in need of a mount. How can a knight be a champion without a horse? 207 more words

Ranch Life

Spring, wedding and other panic words...

It’s been a busy spring around the ranch. In exactly one month, my little sister will be getting married out here.

That’s 30 days people. 421 more words


One size fits all

One day the Ranch Store I was ringing up a Farrier ( they put shoes on and trim the feet of horses also called horseshoers very few are Blacksmiths but they can be ) he was heading out to shoe some horses and stocking up for the day . 602 more words

Ranch Life

We profile

One day at the Ranch Store we started discussing various customers . Friends in retail you know you profile, call it whatever you want but it’s profiling  , we don’t get to pat anyone down with the back of our hands though I know a couple co-workers would volunteer if we could . 567 more words

Ranch Life

Farewell to my Floppy Eared Pup

If you have ever met me; read my blog; seen my Instagram page; seen my Facebook page; or have heard of me, then you’ve probably heard of  686 more words

Ranch Life