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French Bread... NAILED IT!

So like I said I was gonna do, I took another swing at French Bread yesterday.

I dug into my Betty Breadmaker Board on Pinterest and found a recipe and it turned out awesome! 191 more words

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High Heeled Tony Lamas

Allison had just hired me.

Wide eyed, I introduced myself to more boots than I had ever witnessed in one place. There were fat babies, square toes. 198 more words

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April 6, day 58

Got back to the ranch yesterday after my weekend in Flag. Before I came inside I spent a while in the corral catching up with everyone, it felt so good. 55 more words



My recent lack of success in bread making made me want to start my Friday off with Biscuits. I’ll try to tackle a couple loaves of French bread again today but for now I’m just going to enjoy my biscuits.

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Sandwich rolls... Sort of. 

I was so excited to start today off with some beautiful bread baking.

I dug into my Pinterest stash and found a sandwich roll recipe I liked, the dough came together beautifully, rose beautifully, and then I failed at shaping. 107 more words

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Mother Nature is currently blessing us with abundant rainfall here in Eastern Montana and in my rural area that means we are slogging through mud. It is splattered on our cars, in our cars, caked on our shoes, smeared on our clothes, and without exception tracked into our houses. 647 more words

March 28, day 49

I walked out the door yesterday to find Dink under the carport with Donk close behind. Turns out all the horses had gotten out and Keith had already put them back. 276 more words