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Ranchin’ and Rodeoin’: The Tale of the Parsons Fathers

Arizona beef truly is raised by families, for families; and, Father’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to showcase a family of strong men who not only make major contributions to the beef community and the sport of rodeo but also portray the traits of an outstanding father. 1,132 more words


Welcome Summer

Summer and fire have season arrived in Benton City after what felt like the longest, coldest winter. I can’t remember the last time that we had so much ice and snow for as long as we had did this year. 544 more words

This is Entertainment!

Busy lives has made writing a blog post difficult lately.  I decided to take this afternoon off from work and do a few things for me, including writing an update on Webb Acres for all interested. 232 more words


Knowing what's important in the moment

Coming Home: Knowing what’s important in the moment

My phone dinged on the counter while I was digging in the pantry for the broom. I looked at the screen to find a message from my sister-in-law with a photo of my daughter in her life jacket and sunhat sitting on the banks of the Little Muddy River looking up at her daddy looking down at her in his Superman shirt and cowboy hat. 664 more words


Old Fence Posts

We get asked occasionally throughout our lives if you could be something different, what would you be? While it’s not my first choice, I think I’d make a good fence post. 258 more words

Talking About Life

Life at the Barn

Life at the barn isn’t always grand.  Sometimes it’s really hard work, exhausting, dusty, loud, interesting, down-right hilarious, and often just plain stinky.  However; I’m so glad God gave me the heart to love this life.   115 more words

Squish. A short story.

So this morning I followed dad and Edie out the door of our house to go feed the bulls and found a squished mouse head laying in my entryway, a gift my cat regularly leaves for me on the  deck rug, drug into the house on the bottom of my dad’s shoe. 125 more words