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Some of the Hereford cows and the bulls trying to stay cool in this heat.

Piles of Poo...Literally

From the Archives:  August, 2012–Piles of Poo…Literally

Well howdy!  I know it has been a long time since I’ve squawked at you but things have been a little hectic around these parts–and not in a Janet Reno going all Watts 1992 on the neighborhood or anything cool like that, but hectic like I haven’t known what day it is since June.  1,171 more words

Ranch Life

Like a Moth To Your Headlamp

From the Archives:  June, 2012–Like a Moth To Your Headlamp

The last 72 hours have been pretty big here at the Lazy Lamb.  Not big as in run away llamas, rogue lambs or anything high-octane like that, but big in a personal sort of way.  613 more words

Ranch Life

The Lambing Gongshow

From the Archives: May, 2012– The Lambing Gongshow

The morning was like any other.  I put on my dirty work pants, grabbed my leatherman, wrapped a scarf that looks like one of those Afghan sniper headdresses around my neck, threw on my old tin coat and finally slipped into some absolutely filthy boots.  1,912 more words

Ranch Life

The Street Value of Keystone Light

From the Archives:  May 2012–The Street Value of Keystone Light

I was spending a morning of my “stay-cation” down at Rancher’s Supply in Picabo, picking up some fence rails and a few other items and chatting it up with star employees Tina and Karen.  1,124 more words

Ranch Life

Naming the Llama

From the Archives:  May, 2012–Naming the Llama

Well, we have arrived at a name for our new llama.  After posting a picture on Facebook and asking for suggestions, we received over 80 responses. 443 more words

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Sheer Madness

From the Archives:  June, 2012–Sheer Madness

It’s been two days and I am still sore as hell.  I feel like I ran the NFL combine and trust me, I’m in no shape to run the NFL combine.  581 more words

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