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Comfort found in the rain drops

It’s raining this morning. The windows to my bedroom are open and I woke to the sound of it trickling from the sky in the darkness, the bathroom light on and my husband already up, downstairs, brewing coffee and getting our baby dressed for her day at daycare. 939 more words


Don't kramp my style

Is there ever a wrong time to drink a good craft beer? I fondly recall an era of ignorance while growing up where some loud guy at a party I was dragged to by one of my parents would pronounce what the “correct” wine was to pair with a specific dinner. 318 more words

Craft Beer

A Sticky Situation

When we purchased the pecan orchard last August, FD and I were both aware the property had a thistle problem along its south and west boundaries. 1,287 more words


Students and Starving Artist!

Here are a couple very simple recipes for the college student and for starving artists!

The first is my Grandma's "Fried Spaghetti"

Break some Angel hair pasta with 2 tbs cooking oil and some sausage! 111 more words


2017 Colts

We sold our last 2017 filly last night that was for sale. We have some really nice 2017 colts left. KT Starlight Sheriff, Whim, KT Continental Dude, a bay roan colt by Gunner, KT Hez Full Throttle and KT Wright on Laddie. 12 more words

Cinderella Texas by Molly Noble Bull ~ Review

Cinderella Texas by Molly Noble Bull

Cinderella Texas by Molly Noble Bull is one of the newest published books by this author (2017). Both main characters love the Lord and are Christians, but have chosen vastly different lifestyles for themselves. 483 more words

Book Reviews

Losing More Than My Mind

This week I managed to lose the clicker for the stereo and one of four stainless steel cat dishes. At some point each day, the need to recover these items nips at me until I give in, tossing my to-do list aside. 426 more words

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