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Out for a ride... Throwback Thursday

My sister, left, on Rowdy, and myself on Cayenne out for a ride. We were probably out checking cows in the fields… I am guessing this was about 15 years ago. 53 more words


Cowboy Conversations... Throwback Thursday

As National Ag Week continues (also posted here and here), I wanted to share an oldie but goodie. My sister and I are the 4th generation on our family ranch which has been in our family for about 100 years. 93 more words


NM ranching family tells feds: ‘Don’t fence us out’

This is from New Mexico WatchDog.org.

Give me a break, it is a stinking mouse disease carrying vermin.

Sadly to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Obama Regime a mouse comes before people. 1,040 more words

Montana Rancher Feature: When Wildfire Takes Over

Montana Stockgrowers Association‘s members are no strangers to Mother Nature and are subject to floods, fires, storms, and much more during the year. In 2012, southeast… 162 more words


Heath Martinell of Dell completes term on Montana Stockgrowers Board of Directors

This week we are highlighting three Montana ranchers who just finished their terms on the MSGA Board of Directors. We are very thankful for all of the ranchers and their families who dedicate time to making sure our organization operates smoothly and continues to serve Montana Ranching Families well into the future. 414 more words


Lives beginning and lives past: a Montana ranching family's experiences with séances in the roaring '20s

In little Dorma’s first days, our diarist leads a leisurely life while her Mama works her fingers to the bone washing, ironing, and sewing.  All of Baby’s clothing and diapers are hand-made (Moms, can you imagine this??)  Mama gets a small break one evening when she pays a visit to the Missoula Spiritualists and makes a successful connection with the beloved dead: 201 more words


Montana Ranchers' Thanksgiving 2013

By Lauren Chase for the Montana Stockgrowers Association and Foundation

Montana’s ranch families would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. As we prepared for this celebration, we asked some Montana ranchers what they are thankful for. 63 more words