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10 Tips for Solo Practitioners

This is my fourth year in practice for myself, and I finished a first year as a true solo. I wrote a post back in 2012… 1,485 more words


Arbitrator: Marc Randazza must pay $600K+ for “clear and serious breaches of fiduciary duty” against his former client

Today I was tipped about an interim arbitration award of more than $600,000 against attorney Mark John Randazza of Las Vegas. This amount was awarded to his former employer, a gay pornography studio… 1,533 more words


Jordan Rushie joins Randazza Legal Group

When I was in law school, I used to read The Legal Satyricon. I remember thinking “This blog is awesome! But I could never do anything like that.” … 466 more words

First Amendment


You didn’t hear it from me (the last thing I need to also get caught in insider trading), but you might want to buy stock in Orville Redenbacher or in Corn Futures. 529 more words

Craig Brittian

I'm Having an Identity Crisis

Who am I? Am I even real? Am I in the Matrix? Am I just the figment of someone’s imagination? I’m not even sure anymore! 827 more words

Craig Brittian

Another day, another defendant is fighting back

I would like to bring a new addition to my page “Counter actions against trolls” to your attention. You remember a recently widely covered event, when a… 331 more words

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