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Don’t go to a state or national union convention thinking there will be real debate or democracy. As a delegate to a state convention one year I needed a bright orange sweater and my whole region waving their arms around behind me for the state president to recognize me at a microphone. 356 more words

NYC's Jake Jacobs: Get Ready for #TeachStrong's Corporate Ed Raid

The following is a guest post by New York art teacher Jake Jacobs. In it, he discusses TeachStrong, yet another restyling of corporate reform that appears to have been designed to offer Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton a convenient education platform, complete with national teacher union involvement. 1,996 more words

High-stakes Testing

Pulitzer Prize Winner Thinks Ravitch Is Jindal

On October 30, 2015, New Orleans-based online news publication, The Lens, carried an opinion piece by its news editor, Jed Horne, who is described at the end of the article as “a veteran journalist who was awarded a Pulitzer Prize as part of the Times-Picayune team that covered Katrina and the recovery.” 2,099 more words

High-stakes Testing

Randi Weingarten is an Ignorant Fraud, and she doesn’t know it

When I was a public school teacher I never belonged to the AFT, one of the two largest teachers’ unions in the United States. I paid union dues to REA/CTA/NEA—the other, larger teachers’ union. 686 more words

American Public Schools

Frank Bruni, See Me After Class

Hey, New York Times, I’d like to offer a deal.  Please stop letting Frank Bruni write about school. In fact, get a clever programmer who can arrange so that any time he writes the words “school” “teacher” or “student” his keyboard gives him an electroshock.  2,001 more words