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NYT: UFT Charter School Failed The Children At Every Level

On Monday, we reported on the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the closure of the United Federation of Teachers’ charter school (called UFT Charter School) in East New York. 314 more words

The History Of UFT’s Charter School

On Friday, United Federation of Teachers (U.F.T.) announced that it would close part of its charter school due to poor performance. According to The New York Times… 523 more words

Weingarten Willing To Stop Defending Bad Teachers?

Yesterday, we fact-checked claims made by American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten on MSNBC Monday night. It turns out Weingarten not only misled MSNBC viewers on raw data concerning… 239 more words

Weingarten Fact Check: WI Union Membership

Randi Weingarten, no stranger to half-truths and lies, claimed that AFT has grown in Wisconsin over the last two years on MSNBC last night… 207 more words

Teachers Unions Are Ignoring Teachers

Membership in teachers unions is declining … fast.


Tom Rademacher, 2014 Minnesota Teacher of the Year, posted an answer recently at EducationPost.org … and the answer might not be what you think. 465 more words

AEA spews lies in response to “School Choice” March

 The Alabama Education Association (AEA) supports the efforts of all parents everywhere seeking the best possible education for their children, be it in public, private, religious, or home schools.

805 more words
Best Interest Of Kids

The 60s are over and I'm the establishment.

The 60s are finally over.

I’ve been relegated to establishment blogs on a website called Choice Media.

That’s me in the upper right. It links to this blog. 69 more words