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Randi Weingarten is an Ignorant Fraud, and she doesn’t know it

When I was a public school teacher I never belonged to the AFT, one of the two largest teachers’ unions in the United States. I paid union dues to REA/CTA/NEA—the other, larger teachers’ union. 686 more words

American Public Schools

Frank Bruni, See Me After Class

Hey, New York Times, I’d like to offer a deal.  Please stop letting Frank Bruni write about school. In fact, get a clever programmer who can arrange so that any time he writes the words “school” “teacher” or “student” his keyboard gives him an electroshock.  2,001 more words


The Teaching Workplace: Missing the Forest for the Bathroom Stalls

In May of this year, the American Federation of Teachers released the results of a survey on teacher workplace stress conducted in collaboration with the… 1,933 more words


Gov. Chris Christie: Teachers' union deserves a punch in the face

CNN sat down with the pugilistic governor of New Jersey this weekend and asked who on the national level deserved a punch in the face. 189 more words


Hillary Gets Teachers' Union Endorsement...Union Upset

Hillary Clinton bagged the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers this week. And to hear teachers across the country, it was a usurpation of the highest order. 501 more words