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Writing Rituals Tag

A few weeks ago, I was tagged for The Writing Rituals Tag by my dear friend Galit. Though it’s a bit late, I thought I’d do this tag as I, for one, have tons of small Writing Rituals that I am very fond of. 507 more words


What does the future hold?

Interesting short video about the future of humanity and technology. I’m not really sure what to think about it but I can see the links made here, I have also heard about/thought of these concerns before.

What do you think?


Day 12...

I drove a tractor today! I was so excited. Between that and being able to make a gift for a baby shower, today was a good day. 21 more words

365 Grateful


I sat down, exhausted.

Splattered cement drying on my tattered clothes.

The powder of it chaffing my skin

I looked up at this spectacle before me, 79 more words


Another high-quality Youtube downloader.

Recommended by a good friend. It has a bunch of functions, like converter, video down-loader etc!

Save your favorite music from YouTube to MP3 format easily. 13 more words


Day 10...

So, I had to work today, which was cool. My students loved the games that we played in class. Hopefully, they will be inspired tonight to study for their test tomorrow. 50 more words

365 Grateful

Bahasa Emosi

Bahasa yang biasa kita pahami adalah huruf  yang dirangkai menjadi suku kata. Kemudian kumpulan suku kata membentuk kata. Lalu terakhir, menjadi sebuah kalimat. Kalimat ini menjadi hal yang kita pelajari sebagai bahasa. 494 more words