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The Wall

Boredom leads to strange things. Like this wall, which I have no idea what is written on it.



You don’t support me.
You judge me.
You put words in my mouth and thoughts in my head.
You see me how you want to see me. 77 more words


First Periods Are Very Boring Without Ian...

I’ve always wanted to be a spy. As a child, I would always win the games of airsoft or finger-gun that the neighborhood kids played. More recently, I figured out I have a knack for unusually fast marksmanship and accuracy. 474 more words


Wait On Me // Kyle Harvey

This song right here resonates so much emotion and feelings that I can relate to in some way or another, it’s one of those songs where you listen to the words of the song and can relate to it in so many ways. 123 more words


On Mombragging, the Finnish School System, and life

I’m so embarrassed. I had a friend come over last week to help administer Baby J’s medicine, and before she left I said, “Oh, look what he did for the first time today! 530 more words



Key word. Persevere. Fight. Keep going. Go against all odds. You get the picture.

But when I am left alone with my thoughts, I question it all. 93 more words


Do... something!

And just where have you been? Do you know what time it is?

I cringe. The disapproving glare, the folded arms, the stomping foot… these certainly don’t help, but the gut wrench is much worse when it is your own inner voice staring you down in the doorway when returning to a project needing work that hasn’t been done. 1,178 more words