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Since last I saw you

Things that have changed:

  1. I drink coffee.
  2. Dr. Sarno cured my headaches.
  3. I’m getting grey hairs.

Things that haven’t:

  1. I think of you
  2. I root for you
  3. I love you.

Sehari Saja

Sehari saja

Biarkan aku menjadi diriku yang sebenarnya

Melepas segala kepura-puraan lantas membiarkan diam menjadi satu-satunya jawab yang selama ini terus kutahan

Sehari saja… 51 more words


Just Jot It Jan 17 - Complaint

Let’s see, what haven’t I complained about this year yet?

We had a snow day again today–actually, it was a freezing rain day–but I’ve already complained about those. 317 more words


I know it's bad...

…But I don’t really care about my mother’s opinions or her rules. I’m grounded for something petty. She’s forcing me to read Ellen G. White and forcing all this religious crap on me. 150 more words


Just Jot It Jan 16 - Impenetrable

So much for taking time today to get caught up on blogging; this full-time work thing is crazy, isn’t it? I haven’t had a “real” job in sixteen years, and even then, I was running my own business. 227 more words


Just Jot It Jan 15 - Mercy

Hey! I almost didn’t make it here today. I’ve been working on this project I landed last week, editing a 150,000-word novel by the end of February, which means I have to get through 25K words a week. 120 more words


Happy New Year : 2017 🎈🎈

Hello my beautiful readers
I have been a bad person. Bad bad blog writer.
And I am sorry.
I have stories in my drafts and in my head. 108 more words