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We don't need more truth-tellers in the Christian community

There are several high-profile national leaders in Christianity whose posts I simply cannot like or share, and haven’t been able to for several years now. And that’s frustrating to me because these are people I align with on much of their theology. 217 more words


Mencoba Mengamati Yang Dekat

Kemarin malam saya pergi ke Depok menggunakan angkot. Di dalam sana tidak terlalu penuh. Kursi belakang terisi tujuh orang. Saya dan teman saya, Acus, duduk berhadapan. 250 more words


a cacophony of notes—fairy tales, irony, polyphony, & more

More half-baked thoughts/notes on poetics and life and such…

For some reason, the following 3 excerpts all seem to me to belong together – so I’m gonna hastily cobble and stick ’em to dry here: 763 more words


some rando notes (half-baked)

Archbishop Oscar Romero, quoted in Salvador Witness:

Because the Church has opted for the real, and not for the fictitious poor, because it has opted for those who really are oppressed and repressed, the Church lives in a political world, and it fulfills itself as Church also through politics.

70 more words

I Dare You - Book Tag

I discovered Piera Forde‘s Youtube channel (I’m now obsessed with her) and saw her do this TAG. The questions were great so I thought I’d answer them too. 1,136 more words


#SoCS - Marching

I hate being sick. Sure, it’s not as bad as it is just before Christmas when you’ve got so much running around to do, but it’s bad enough even now. 227 more words