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Finding Apple wisdom in the great Lombard resurrection

The computer I’m typing this on is so old I didn’t use reading glasses when it came out. At the time of its release in May of 1999, John Elway was just four months removed from winning his second consecutive Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos in what would be one of the rare displays of a professional sports athlete successfully riding off into the sunset. 801 more words


Samsung working on super-efficient 6GB LPDDR4 RAM chips for next-gen smartphones, tablets and PCs

In a blog post this morning, Samsung has announced that it is mass producing the world’s first 12gigabit (not to be confused with gigabyte/GB) LPDDR4 mobile RAM. 367 more words


To move ahead 5G needs government support

5G mobile technology as the primary enabler of tomorrow’s digital world is building up momentum, with some national governments and the European Union moving decisively to evaluate the technical and regulatory requirements of the coming 5G world. 654 more words

IT News.

Find cleartext passwords in memory dump

The Random Access Memory (RAM) is where system components, applications and other data is kept, while the computer is working with it. It is placed there often in clear text for fast access, but there is a security risk involved in this, which is often ignored. 296 more words

Tech Term Tuesday: RAM

It’s time for another Tech Term Tuesday! Every week here on the Howard blog, we’ll be taking it back to basics to help you understand the ins and outs of your computer. 377 more words




Cobalt is a silver-white, lustrous, hard, brittle metal that is chemically active and rarely occurs uncombined in nature. It is, however, often found in meteoric metal. 53 more words

Gone Tomorrow

We were in the back of our Girl Scout leader’s car, on our way to a campout, when I overheard a girl with short, curly hair telling the story of the day years before when she had gotten her incredibly long hair cut off. 258 more words