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Differences Between DDR3 VS DDR4?

Well, First Things First, What is actually DDR? Many Of You Guys Know, What is RAM (Random Access Memory), on the other hand many of you guys don’t know what’s DDR? 725 more words


How Much RAM Do I Need?

The more RAM, the better. However, it can be costly and it’s easy to have more than you need. If you are on a budget… 357 more words


Random Access Memory: RAM Explained

Random access memory is an important thing to know about when building computers, or even when just buying a new computer. You will often hear RAM be simply referred to as ‘memory’. 1,537 more words

Computer Knowledge

What Is A Computer

Computers are commonly said to have brains and a memory. They are said to ‘think’, ‘learn’, and ‘react’. However, computers aren’t made up of living cells and tissue. 26 more words

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A Bit About Memory - ROM & RAM

As I mentioned in a previous post about the various components of a computer system, computer memory provides a temporary workspace for the CPU to be able to carry out the various tasks required of it. 596 more words

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Why you can edit a 250GB file on a MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM

”When you fire up an application, the operating system assigns it a virtual address space,” Robin Harris writes for ZDNet. “In Windows 8.1 and later with 64-bit apps, that address space is a hefty 128TB, while macOS offers a ginormous 18 exabytes of addressable space for 64-bit processes.” 172 more words


$399.00 Laptop DEAL ALERT!!!

If there ever was a deal for anyone looking for an inexpensive Laptop Look No Further than Newegg that has an Acer Inspire for $399.00. 63 more words