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The Wicked + The Divine: My Current Comic Obsession.

Sorry its been so long since my last post. I took over a summer camp as well as my usual duties at work. SO FREAKING BUSY! 670 more words

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Game Of Thrones S5E9: The Point OF No Return (ANOTHER Late Pass)

I came down with some flu-like symptoms the other day so getting the post out was IMPOSIBRU! But here is the late pass.

In the Dornish Hagia Sophia… 793 more words

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Game Of Thrones S5E6: No, No, No, No.....

Super late pass on the post. SMH. That’s ok though…here we go.

In The Water Gardens…

Jaime and Bronn finally reach the Martell enclave of the Water Gardens (this is not the capital of Dorne, which is Sunspear) to locate and extricate Princess Myrcella from the Dornish, taking away their bargaining chip. 994 more words

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Game Of Thrones S5E5: The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Still A Jerk, But We Need 'Em...

This week finally moved forward some plots that were lacking some development, in my opinion. But with that said here we go! Sorry for the late post!!!! 780 more words

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