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Game Of Thrones S5E6: No, No, No, No.....

Super late pass on the post. SMH. That’s ok though…here we go.

In The Water Gardens…

Jaime and Bronn finally reach the Martell enclave of the Water Gardens (this is not the capital of Dorne, which is Sunspear) to locate and extricate Princess Myrcella from the Dornish, taking away their bargaining chip. 994 more words

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Game Of Thrones S5E5: The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Still A Jerk, But We Need 'Em...

This week finally moved forward some plots that were lacking some development, in my opinion. But with that said here we go! Sorry for the late post!!!! 780 more words

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Game of Thrones S5E4: Thar's A Snake In Mah Boots!

Man, the season is finally starting to turn UP! And we finally get to see some of my favs from the books…here we go.

In Dorne… 965 more words

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Game of Thrones S5E3: So Many L's, So Little Time

Man Sunday night’s episode was a conflict of emotions…I was hype and depressed at the same time this week. Check the recap of the events. 915 more words

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Sonic Soup: "Cellophane (So Cruel)" - Miami Horror

As I usually do around the time the weather breaks I went on a random music binge. On my quest I came across this quaint little synthpop group Miami Horror. 146 more words

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Game of Thrones S5E2: Night's Watch Attack Ads

Another week and another look into the world of Westeros and Essos. More and more getting set up for some major clashes, peep below.

In the Capital… 957 more words

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Hyper Review: Curren$y - Pilot Talk 3

Sorry for the super long hiatus, but I gave up WP and Twitter for Lent *shrug* I’m back now.

One of the most consistent artists in the game right now, Curren$y, finally released the latest installment of his lauded… 764 more words

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