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The Monarch


The Conductor

Lifting the glistening knife to his hungry mouth, he swept his large pink tongue along the flat of the blade. The blood was thick, tangy, delectable. 614 more words

Random Daily Musings

Facts Of Life

Spending (wasting) an hour with your best friend debating Phineas and Ferb (me) over Red Vines (her).
If only other people understood how serious an issue this is.

Random Daily Musings


That awkwardly hilarious moment when someone assumes that I’M the quiet one.
(This happened to me the other day in Church because I was the only one truly paying attention. 176 more words

Random Daily Musings

Oops, I Did It Again... And Again

I know that lately I haven’t been posting a lot, and I’ve even missed a couple Quote~Of~The~Day posts, and I would like to apologize!
I promise; 53 more words

Random Daily Musings


When your talking to like a gazillion (yes, it’s time to tell you all, I’m five years old and still believe gazillion is a number) people on Facebook and still cranking out an average of 80 WPM. 8 more words

Random Daily Musings

Foolproof Way To Feel Like A Dummkopf

Step 1: Smile and wave to someone politely in the store. (Bonus points if it’s someone good-looking. EXTRA bonus points if it’s someone good-looking with their equally as good-looking friends.) 75 more words

Random Daily Musings

The Top Three Most Traumatic, Childhood Ruining Revelations

1: Finding out Genovia isn’t a real country,
2: Finding out Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have a twin,
3: Finding out the Muses aren’t really five sassy black women.

Random Daily Musings