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Random Encounter [2016/11/27]

I had many random encounters but I forgot to write them so without further delay, here is today’s random encounter.

So, after church, I took a nap and headed to the gym. 140 more words

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Random Encounter [2016/9/3]

So today I was coming back home from church and I waited for the light in the cross street. Wow, thank God that I am guy. 198 more words

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Random Encounter [2016/8/21]

I went into the elevator. Smell of perfume. Strong perfume. I am forced to inhale the whole smell as the elevator descends down to the lobby. 181 more words

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Random Encounter [2016/8/8]

New York~ New York~ The capital of finance. So today I walked around. I saw so many people dressed in business casual. Ah, so nice. I like business casual. 233 more words

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Random Encounter [2016/8/6]

I was hurrying to go workout. I saw this drunk old man walk to the apartment. He was quite drunk that he could not walk straight. 247 more words

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Random Encounters [2016/7/31]

Today I begin a new series of blog posts about random encounters in my life. Or let’s just say random things that I see and that make me think. 260 more words

My Life

the question.

When I sit with myself in and out,
When I think for myself, unhindered, unabated by the million thoughts other than my own,
When I don’t built unsteady castles from the scattered grains of my past, 395 more words