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Random Encounter [2016/8/21]

I went into the elevator. Smell of perfume. Strong perfume. I am forced to inhale the whole smell as the elevator descends down to the lobby. 181 more words

My Life

Random Encounter [2016/8/8]

New York~ New York~ The capital of finance. So today I walked around. I saw so many people dressed in business casual. Ah, so nice. I like business casual. 233 more words

My Life

Random Encounter [2016/8/6]

I was hurrying to go workout. I saw this drunk old man walk to the apartment. He was quite drunk that he could not walk straight. 247 more words

My Life

Random Encounters [2016/7/31]

Today I begin a new series of blog posts about random encounters in my life. Or let’s just say random things that I see and that make me think. 260 more words

My Life

the question.

When I sit with myself in and out,
When I think for myself, unhindered, unabated by the million thoughts other than my own,
When I don’t built unsteady castles from the scattered grains of my past, 395 more words

Random Encounter: Darkmantles

Hello everyone, I am bringing back a segment that hasn’t been done for a while, theĀ Random Encounter! This time I will discuss one of my favorite monsters to use the Darkmantle. 497 more words


for the love of Hapan Tea

INT- Outlander Bar, Lower Levels CoruscantĀ 

NeDolo walks into Oulander and looks over the scene briefly. He walks towards the bar, never noticing the woman in the corner to his right. 1,293 more words

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