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The beginning, of what I'm not sure

This blog was literally the idea of a jewelry saleswoman I randomly met in WI.

So here’s the story, the plan was to attend a music fest in WI but mother nature decided that instead of sun she wanted it to be a rainy, cloudy and an overall dreary day. 181 more words


[Guide] Random Encounter List

(will be updated)

Abbess JueQing || Zinc Ingot
Abbess XuChen || Love Letter x1
An ZhangQing || T1 Recipe

Bai Juan | 1 Wen Coin… 689 more words


What are you afraid of falling in to?

My encounter yesterday with a woman when I was leaving Physical Therapy has me thinking about the question she asked me. We were both leaving our appointments and heading for the stairs when she said I should go down the stairs first as she is a lot slower than I will be. 417 more words


Prison for Dragons - The Road to Ruins

Last week I wrote about the prisons for dragons built by aberrations. Then I wrote about the specific history of one such dragon prison, Shuzal, and provided some adventure hooks to give players a reason to visit the aberrant ruin. 1,240 more words


Results of Poll on April 22nd - It's a Random Encounter with Genestealers!

See what I did there? Yeah. Anyways, the results for my first poll attempt are out and the public has decided. Priority posting goes to the Space Hulk Genestealers and the Random Encounter! 157 more words

Miniature Hobby

On Odd Robes and Battle Zones

INT – The Crimson Rancor; Coruscant. (Core)

Kassie walks to the bar, making her way from the door around the other patrons, slipping onto a seat so recently vacated it was till warm. 3,764 more words

Chat Logs

Shiny Unown! - ORAS

Earlier today I found my 17th shiny pokemon on Omega Ruby; a shiny Unown!

Unown can be found in Mirage Cave 4, which is just to the east of Dewford Town. 337 more words