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8 Bit Tabletop Battles: a Review of IDW's Random Encounter

Random Encounter has a good pedigree, coming from both Jamie Keddie, one of the designers of Minecraft Console Edition, and IDW Games, which has had more hits than misses over its first few years. 1,163 more words

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the question.

When I sit with myself in and out,
When I think for myself, unhindered, unabated by the million thoughts other than my own,
When I don’t built unsteady castles from the scattered grains of my past, 395 more words

Random Encounter: Darkmantles

Hello everyone, I am bringing back a segment that hasn’t been done for a while, the Random Encounter! This time I will discuss one of my favorite monsters to use the Darkmantle. 497 more words


for the love of Hapan Tea

INT- Outlander Bar, Lower Levels Coruscant 

NeDolo walks into Oulander and looks over the scene briefly. He walks towards the bar, never noticing the woman in the corner to his right. 1,293 more words

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Wanted Criminals

EXT – Coruscant Lower Levels

Kassie makes her way through the lower levels unobstrusively as a sentient might who is not looking for trouble. Stepping into the pool of light outside of the Outlander, she tugs off her gloves and stuffs them into her pockets while grey eyes search the faces near the entrance. 6,241 more words

Chat Logs

Random Encounters: Owlbear

Hey everyone! Today I write about the noble and majestic… um Owlbear… ok not really either of those things they are actually awkward monsters :D ! 441 more words


To Spoil or not to Spoil

That is the question. A Friend of mine who I trust very much (his name is Careless, and he is the frontman of the video game cover bands… 153 more words