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When Fake can mean more than the Real Thing

This is my Grandfather’s Watch.

It’s a Rolex.

It’s also a Fake.

It’s the only thing I have from the Father that raised me. Instilled in me manners that I pass off to my own son on the regular, because like me at his age, I just didn’t listen. 450 more words


When All Else Fails..

-And I catch a brain fart on what to wear in the morning, I go to my Trusty-Dusty Stussy Tee.

I LOVE this shirt!!

-Props to… 7 more words



I take Pictures…

But I ask myself most of the time, “Are you improving? Why aren’t you getting closer? Don’t you think you can shoot it at a better angle? 100 more words


Times Sq, TONIGHT!!

-Yeah, just another Random Pic…


Random B&W...

I’m always trying to talk to Birds and Squirrels, “C’mon, just stay still for a sec.. Look at me, LOOK AT ME!!


Ditmars Blvd is Dying, Slowly...

In North Beach, also know as East Elmhurst in Queens, you have a strip of mansions and large houses. Well, soon they’ll just be duplexes and the like. 57 more words


Astoria at night, Fet. Aperture

I was editing some photos in Aperture and started playing with a particular pic of Astoria at night… Kinda liked how it look, so I thought I’d share.. 8 more words