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Roomis Igloomis

Remember that episode of Gilligan’s Island where Mary Ann thought she ate a poisonous mushroom? In her dream, the Professor was her doctor and he told her she had a severe case of Roomis Igloomis. 59 more words

Random Memories


Last night I went to bed barely able to walk. I was in severe pain from the cleaning I did that day. I just bite off more than I can chew, every stinkin’ time. 545 more words

Funny Happenings

A Woman's Poem

A Woman’s Poem — Does any of that sound familiar to you? If it does then you have most likely wanted to take a cast iron skillet to your husband’s head a few times. 722 more words

Random Memories

Here's a Sincere, Heartfelt Apology...Oh, And Something Else

Finally getting back to one of the real reasons I started this blog – collecting and recapping various random memories.

I received some plays the other day via InterLibrary Loan, and I was reading down the cast list of one of them when I noticed a particular name, an unusual name, a last name. 771 more words

Song(s) for the Road 5 - Waylaid by the War on Drugs

It was meant to be a busy afternoon. I’ve spent the day delivering a course, the first time in my life being a trainer rather than a trainee (if only my mother could’ve seen me!) and I’ve returned to 60 emails that have piled up in my inbox, house chores and, if ever I get the chance, the mammoth task of making a review of Peter Robb’s  80 more words
Random Memories

Random Memories, Part 2: Joanne Smith

First of all, I may get the term indiscreet thrown at me for even writing this post…I can’t even calculate the odds of Joanne herself, or of anyone whom knows her, reading this post. 3,410 more words

Random Memories,Part one: Ground Zero

If it’s going to have to begin somewhere, then here would be a good a start as anywhere.

It wasn’t that I hated going to the caravan park in North Wales. 2,217 more words