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Happiness is a little kid next to a river.

Over the years I’ve thought happiness was a place to get to. Nine enormous lit-up letters, nestling in the hills somewhere like the Hollywood sign. And as soon as you get there:  1,065 more words

Utter Nuttiness

I got my Little Blue Sign!!!!

I am super excited to share this next step in my life with all of you! I finally got “My Little Blue Sign!!!!” Keep an eye out for lots of cool updates!   

Much love,



If I could do anything, I would...

If I were a truly brave person, I would live a life full of travels and adventures to wild and exotic lands. I would jump out of airplanes and ride a raft through the Colorado River. 321 more words


Ok, so here's how this works...

So this isn’t my first shot at blogging. This is my second shot. My first shot didn’t work out because my approach was way too structured. 298 more words

Random Musings

Where is Jess?

If you ever think….oh man this Jess girl does not write soooo frequently! I totally get you! But, here’s the trick…find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter. 46 more words


Someone Like You?

So, I heard the boyfriend told his girlfriend, if you break up with me, you will never find another like me.

Don’t you understand that that’s precisely what we want? 232 more words

Random Musings

Now back to my random musings

Ah, almost a year since my last post.

I know nobody probably knows about this blog, and I intended it to be that way. Yet I write as if I had a steady stream of readers and followers. 419 more words

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