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Things I Love About Being Back in Buenos Aires

Excuse the long blog hiatus. The end of 2014 was crazy for me, and 2015 started off on the same foot. I then went back to South Africa for 4 weeks, and Brazil for a few days (more on both those trips coming…). 827 more words

Buenos Aires

Wakey Wakey!

Why, hello there, lovelies. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Remember that whole grand plan to make three posts a week no matter what and really buckle this blog thin down? 312 more words



I swear that photoblogging brings out the procrastinator in me. I even realized I haven’t done Mont Saint Michel even though I really loved the place or the last last trip I mentioned and then suddenly, it’s the end of March SOON. 194 more words

Random Musings

Random As Fuck...Again


I am loving this show. These people say “fuck” more than I do. Which takes some doing. I kind of like Hank’s dysfunction, too. Proves you can be a parent and still have vices and flaws. 1,266 more words

Random Musings

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

I was feeling quite sad because there are always things all over the place to remind me of what I had and don’t have anymore. Right now father’s day is coming up (here in Spain), so I am reminded all the time that I don’t really have a father anymore. 869 more words


Are you curious?

Hey there, my esteemed Readers!

I’m Star, college student and beauty fanatic. I decided on a whim and fancy to write¬†a blog about tips and tricks to taking better care of yourself. 404 more words

Random Musings

Pursuit Of Not Unhappiness

Hi guys, I’m so sorry for the unintentional hiatus! I would blame it on Valentine’s Day, except that I didn’t have a date. I would also like to blame it on Chinese New Year, but we hardly spring cleaned and did not go visiting at all. 1,144 more words

Random Musings