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The discomfort of a blocked nose...

-is real guys. And there is nothing more you can add to that really. I mean I take pride in choosing quirky titles for my posts. 512 more words

Random Musings

Do you ever...

-look at someone and think; what possessed me to invite you into my life? Moreover, what is making me allow your presence in it to still continue? 84 more words


Dear John,

Dear John,

I stand at the window of the flat number 13 and smell the burnt scent of waste. I hear sounds, of steel pots and pans, the second floor aunty wiping them dry and readying them for tomorrow below in my friend’s house. 78 more words


This is Pain; it comes to go...

This morning, on my way to work, there was an accident. They said a trailer fell on its side and a taxi ran into it; maybe not exactly, but something like that. 340 more words


Thoughts on Giving up

I find it difficult to give up. I am overall, a pretty chill person. But I am also very stubborn, a people pleaser and doesn’t like to disappoint. 538 more words

Random Musings

Some short poems by Isaac Eide

My Turn

If you love everything.

If you hate everything.

If you do not know where to turn.


And you will turn,


I Magi…

106 more words
Random Musings

This generation man!

I am currently sitting in the company of three people who are on their phone. I am not exempt from this judgement of course as I snapped this photo on my mobile phone which I was on at the time. 39 more words