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Where is Jess?

If you ever think….oh man this Jess girl does not write soooo frequently! I totally get you! But, here’s the trick…find me on Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter. 46 more words


Someone Like You?

So, I heard the boyfriend told his girlfriend, if you break up with me, you will never find another like me.

Don’t you understand that that’s precisely what we want? 232 more words

Random Musings

Now back to my random musings

Ah, almost a year since my last post.

I know nobody probably knows about this blog, and I intended it to be that way. Yet I write as if I had a steady stream of readers and followers. 419 more words

Online Connections

When your littles have a greater social life than you do...

Our little man started pre-kinder this year at an all-boys school that we are absolutely loving. He’s in a mixed pre-kinder/kinder class so he’s getting the right amount of challenging learning experiences balanced out with lots of playful exploration and enquiry. 468 more words

Random Musings

puppy paws smell like Cheesies

Have you ever noticed that? Not the furry bit on top of the paws, the pads. Have you smelled them? One of life’s little pleasures. Depending on where your dog travels of course, and the season. 64 more words

Random Musings

Writing 101: Day ONE: Unlock the mind

Writing 101: Day One: stream-of-consciousness writing

The prompt quote:

You write because you have an idea in your mind that feels so genuine, so important, so true. 455 more words

Random Musings

Things I Love About Being Back in Buenos Aires

Excuse the long blog hiatus. The end of 2014 was crazy for me, and 2015 started off on the same foot. I then went back to South Africa for 4 weeks, and Brazil for a few days (more on both those trips coming…). 827 more words

Buenos Aires