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Interview with Self 

-take 100 ūüé¨

I am not even gonna defend these kindda posts anymore. I love reading other people’s and love doing my own (obtained from internet) even more. 965 more words

Random Musings

Rant No. 1 | The Rude Barista

What would you do, if you were on vacation, in a country where you only know basic conversational words that barely get you by, and your barista decided to be an absolute inconsiderate human to you and your group? 242 more words


100 Funny & Random Questions...

-to ask your husband on date night, apparently. Seeing as I don’t have one and this is a good tag, I took it and ran away with it, because cease the moment and dat inneh. 2,885 more words


The 100 Questions No One Ever Asks Tag

Because (1) I am bored (2) It is something daft like 1:48am right now and I can’t sleep and (3) I haven’t posted in what feels like a decade and a half. 1,490 more words


Instagram; are you on it?

So, I was browsing my instagram and thinking of closing that badboy down because it is so dead, I can’t even.

When I discovered instagram (years ago now) I was overly excited because taking photos was my thing. 85 more words


The Struggles

Haven and Glenn are visiting their son in California for about a week and a half. This means that I will be alone in the house for this time, forced to fend for myself. 327 more words

Quirky (all under £10) Gifts Haul Thingymabob

I went shopping (ok so maybe the majority of it was online) and if you know me well, you would know that I loath shopping and in order to tolerate it, I have to buy quirky stuff to make me laugh. 460 more words