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Instagram; are you on it?

So, I was browsing my instagram and thinking of closing that badboy down because it is so dead, I can’t even.

When I discovered instagram (years ago now) I was overly excited because taking photos was my thing. 85 more words


The Struggles

Haven and Glenn are visiting their son in California for about a week and a half. This means that I will be alone in the house for this time, forced to fend for myself. 327 more words

Quirky (all under £10) Gifts Haul Thingymabob

I went shopping (ok so maybe the majority of it was online) and if you know me well, you would know that I loath shopping and in order to tolerate it, I have to buy quirky stuff to make me laugh. 460 more words


The Hundred Dollar Bill Guy.

Here at this blog, I don’t really talk about my Day Job very much A good portion of this is just because, when the world is as connected as it is these days, I’d hate for some rant or complaint I might have find its ways into some awful HR debacle over being inappropriate or a poor representative of the company. 1,083 more words

Random Musings

Brown in a world where (it sometimes feels) there is only room for white.

I appreciate that the title makes this post sound like it is about to narrate the world’s biggest sob story, but you know what, it’s my sob story, and I will tell it how I want. 881 more words


Autism Awareness Day; My Sister & I

Every year, I tell myself; this year I will definitely do something significant for Autism Awareness Day; donate a respectable sum to a charity behind this cause or do some volunteer work for them. 2,349 more words


Sleep Like The Dead

 Last night was one of those blissful rarest of nights when I fell asleep easily. Within a few minutes of my head hitting the pillow I was out cold, instead of my usual half hour of tossing and turning and cursing the day. 182 more words