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Saturday's thought catalogue

I dreamt that I fell off a bridge last night. But naturally, and in keeping with reality, no one came to save me.

I’m starting to notice that working where I do means that I now hate the phrase “Good Morning” I say it that.many.friggin.times. 463 more words

Random Musings

5 whatsapp quirks

…that will really make you hate me if I am on your contact list. I am someone who hates talking on the phone. I’m not sure why. 244 more words


5 quotes that people dig but I don't

It’s very grumpy of me I suppose and if you are an overly positive human you will hate this post so I suggest that you don’t read it…take it with a pinch of salt if you do. 230 more words

Random Musings


Well. Some people manage it in 3 months; it took yours truly 3 years but I did it. I mean, I say I don’t care about the number of followers I have as that number is not always reflected in the interaction with the material I produce but still, 500 is the most followers I have had on any online platform so woop, woop! 314 more words


5 times the realisation that I'm an adult... 

-hit me like a ton of bricks.

1. When I started paying for my own medical needs. Or rather when I stopped paying for medical needs coz I am broke af. 139 more words


Sunday night, ya'll know what that means; Interview with self time!

Nah, mandem, I feel like at this point, this should be an actual segment on my blog. I used to do it for my own amusement and boredom, that being said, some of you, albeit very few, are enjoying the madness. 1,104 more words


More interviews with self because life, guys

Apparently these are the 101 questions that girls would like to be asked on a 1st date. Here we go. Not like I have work in the morning or anything. 3,822 more words