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Jake Malone and the Blue Rinse of Darkness - Part 1

An extremely silly tale….


The small Highland town of Inveranywhere was much like any other Highland town of a similar size. It had its own Church, its own bank, its own butcher and baker, and every other kind of shop a town of its size might have. 2,363 more words

Random Musings

Won't TUESDAY With Me?

May 25, 2016 | Wednesday | 0304H

Is it Wednesday already? I can’t sleep. Everything felt surreal – to meet you again after everything that’s happened. 1,016 more words

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The pros and cons of playdates - and the temptation of insular parenting

The pressure to be the ‘perfect parent’ 

I never realised before becoming a parent how much judgment exists around parenting. From the time your first baby arrives – no, even prior to that – it’s easy to find yourself bombarded with information, about what you should do during pregnancy, birth, feeding and caring for a young baby. 2,094 more words

Life And Learning - Thinking Space

Welcome to My Existential Crisis - Episode 3

In which our alter egos discuss philosophy, psychology, and our need for chocolate cake.

Reporter: Hello everyone! So glad you could join us today. After our… 1,184 more words


Loving The Human

Are we not all human? Yet how hard is it to love another human? To some it is as breathing, natural and unforced. To some it is an uphill climb full of twists and turns. 547 more words

"It’s None of Your Business" Doesn’t Belong in the Church

The song is almost 40 years old, but Billy Joel wrote what has now become the mantra for 2016:

I don’t care what you say anymore, this is my life; 566 more words

Random Musings

Listen: You Matter

This post is directly inspired by this recent post by blogger M.A. Crosbie. Her site is M.A. Crosbie and I think before you go any further, you should read her post and then give her a follow. 1,515 more words

Random Musings