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I Love You, Honest Trailers #FSoG

For your enjoyment, as I’ve enjoyed it several times already. :D

Random Musings

Mid Bits

1. All the “stuffs” are done in preparation for my trip to the Virgin Islands. I shall be saying hello to this dude in a coupla’ days.  184 more words


The Content is Coming Back

Since I don’t have the patience or time to deal with my web host where mayaREguru.com is hosted, I am just going to bring my blog back over here. 81 more words

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The One With The Story AKA "Please don't pour water!!"

Today I suddenly remembered a story our Hindi language teacher had told us one day, back when I was in school! It’s strange how the memory came back after almost a decade now, but I guess it’s all in this story, which is remarkable in its simplicity. 578 more words



Being with you was like being in a whirl-pooling abyss of lies and betrayal. The more I tried to fight my instincts, the deeper I got sucked into the spiral. 457 more words


Is David Booth right to come out against good governance?

One of the clearest correlations in development is that between quality of governance and wealth. You can see the relationship in the chart below (from this excellent but paywalled article in the Annual Review of Political Science). 46 more words

Random Musings

2015 Draft Grades

Draft grades are pretty useless as no one has any clue how these players will pan out. They’re highly subjective to player preferences but they’re still fun to do. 5,792 more words

Random Musings