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Will You?

Tom stopped when he spotted Edna.

“Hi, Edna.”

“Would you come to my funeral?”

Tom stood there for a second wondering if he needed to get his hearing aid fixed. 178 more words

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Take up drawing as a hobby

When we talk about drawing or sketching, we think about life like imagery that one replicates with pencil or charcoal. We rethink about the complex shades that bring out light and shadow to create depth. 168 more words

Random Musings

Summer Solstice 2019

It is almost time for Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, when we are supposed to be enjoying sunshine and warmth. In complete contrast to the heatwave of 2018, this June has seen record levels of rainfall here in the UK. 363 more words

Random Musings

I wasn’t kidding

…about the standard lunch.

Today, with egg and light cheese for snack and breakfast.


All is not f**ked

That “all is f**cked” warning light came on in my car today. You know the one. It’s a box with a bunch of little elbow fitting protrusion things. 306 more words


Charmed: The Fourth Sister


A young girl
Used by evil
Gets in with the sisters
Imbued with power
Wanting to belong
Felt all wrong
When people got hurt… 113 more words

Random Specs

Saying Goodbye Again

Things come, things go.

While I’ve seen the likes of Newberry’s, Woolworth, Pay ‘n Pak, Frederick & Nelson and so many other businesses fade off into history, I understand that we live in changing times. 436 more words

Random Musings