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Tension in the Hubble constant

There has been some hand-wringing of late about the tension between the value of the expansion rate of the universe – the famous Hubble constant, H0, measured directly from observed redshifts… 6 more words

Random Musings

Random Musing: Top 10 Favorite Disney Movies

Welcome back on this lovely Monday, Arrowheads! Today’s random musing post is a ranking of my top-ten favorite Walt Disney Animated Classics. Be prepared for some Disnerdiness. 720 more words

Random Musing

[QD] Nameless Monster

Booting this up again to get my thoughts going. I’ve promised myself to start working on these once I get a Surface Pro out. But its been 2 months and I’m still slumped. 339 more words

Random Musings

On hair

Like the thickest of forests parted only by a sharp axe, these coils spring from my scalp. Deep and dense as the congo basin; my crown is a testament to its African roots. 271 more words

Morning by Morning (2/27/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Playing with tools with Ryan- he is hilariously focused when working with tools.
  2. Season tickets to the Dynamo! Loving soccer more and more each day!
  3. 73 more words
Morning Gratitude

I Will

I will

I will be still

And know that Thou

Art God

I will be still

And know that I am

Your child

I will be still… 35 more words


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