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Edwin Weaver was probably born in 1908; we can’t be sure as it is suspected he falsified his age to enlist in the Royal Artillery in Birmingham in 1925. 909 more words

Random Musings

Be Kind...

Recently at work I’ve been having many deep conversations with my colleagues. Each one tells a story of their own pain, loss, brokenness, dissapointment, struggle and sorrow. 222 more words

Random Musings

Of Brighter Horizons

Some days feel like nothing is happening. No inspiration, no forward momentum, just a pause in the world. It is on those days that it’s important to realize how much of the road has actually been traveled. 133 more words

Random Musings


Sometimes I have this overwhelming desire to crumple it all up into a paper ball and start again. But I’m learning that every story has a beginning. 21 more words

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I feel like I’m at a crossroads in my life… decisions and choices to be made. I’ve been doing alot of reflection recently. Maybe that is what led me to start writing and sharing poetry earlier this month… 162 more words

Random Musings


I don’t do well with change,

It unsettles me,

Does that make me strange?

I’m talking about the little things,

Like transitioning from weekend to working week, 86 more words


What Can We Give To God...

There is nothing we can give to God that He doesn’t already have, for He made the Earth, Heaven and galaxies… Apart from our love. Yes, that is what we can give to Him ❤ 11 more words

Random Musings