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The Rainbow-Colored Society

I guess it would be a gross understatement if I were to say that the 26th of June 2015 is a date that will most definitely be recorded in the history books of America. 2,412 more words


Touching Base With Andy - July 2015

30 minutes. That’s all it took for something to go wrong on our CIY Move trip. There were 48 of us on a charter bus heading to Durango, CO to join the 17 who had left earlier Saturday for this week long conference.   189 more words

Random Musings

Mercurial Monday


Scratches head. “Wha day ih it?” *snort*  *yawn* *Blinks at calendar*  “Mahnday.”

*stretches back* “Monday. Oh, my back.”

*freezes* *Eyes shoot wide open*

Monday. 431 more words


New York moms: don't toss trash out the window

New York City has always had a complicated relationship with the garbage it produces. From the city’s earliest days, trash was dumped in the street, thrown in the rivers, or burned. 225 more words


Why I love to read?

When I was I bored, I read Junie B. Jones and laughed at her antics.

When my sister was sick and away in the hospital, I could pretend she was staying with… 216 more words

Personal Posts

spookymrsgreen reblogged this on Spookymrsgreen's Blog and commented:

I have to share this one, because it resonates. I can name books for every important development stage in my life, and just recently I revived fond memories of reading 'Anne of Green Gables' as a child... my life is pretty much defined by books and reading, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

On recent events and the one thing I hope we can all agree on

After a week away from the digital world, I was welcomed back by a plethora of sentiments ranging from celebratory to downright hateful on my social media feeds, coming from various views and pointing out various ideals. 1,204 more words

Random Musings

Be kind.

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If you’re like me, there are some days when you wake up and all is right with the world.

Maybe you just got a huge payday. 613 more words

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