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The Truth About Amazon - Why I No Longer Care!

Ok, so I know I’ve been away for the last week.  Apart from some personal stuff I’m still taking care of, I’ve been struggling to read or write anything for a post in my spare time.   3,391 more words


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An Amazon reviewer shares her experience, warts and all.

Missing Lines (book)

Hi all! My new poetry book called MISSING LINES is almost done and it will be published on a website called theprose.com, where some of my other poetry pieces are posted as well. 105 more words

Sad Poems


Life is full of them; hiccups, I mean. Of course, this post is tailored to a specific hiccup in my current life–two, actually, if we want to be more precise: hiccups in running and in writing. 939 more words

Random Musings

Charter Schools

I’ve always wondered whether charter schools worked, but have also been suspicious of the claims from people on either side of the debate. This website is a huge help. 6 more words

Random Musings


Amidst silence and manuscripts, I took the time to be a shadow.

Random Musings

Chihuly & Stuff at The Children's Museum

Every time someone posts about Chihuly installations, I say I will have to dig up pictures of mine and then I forget about it. Well, not today! 511 more words

Random Musings

Self Composite Sketch

They took the eyes of a clear-headed man, he would see no bias and could also see with clarity how foolish every society around him was because they refused the greatest gift, the gift of themselves, which would later be a great source of irony. 381 more words