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What's next?

I recently realized that I will have to apply for graduate school sometime this winter. The university I am attending right now does offer my field of study, but I want to look around and see if there is an adventure waiting for me somewhere else. 247 more words


Would you really buy the world's slimmest phone?

So recently Micromax ran a TV ad showcasing their latest smartphone that is only like 5 millimeters thick or something. The entire ad was focused around how one can drop this phone through tiny slits, hurl them at your enemies, and unscrew screws even!! 422 more words

Random Musings

[QD] Foxy

Been sidetracked for a while now because I’ve started playing FFXIV. I’m currently leveling a tank for a change (a shield tank at that) in Tonberry. 344 more words

Doodles And WIPs

The Driving Diaries – 3

I nearly ran over a baby calf today.

It was the single most scary experience I have ever had since the day I started driving. 496 more words

Random Musings

Touching Base With Andy - August 2015

In February of 2013, Whitney and I came to FC3 and we didn’t know exactly what to expect. We of course knew the church and the students in the youth group a little bit from our visit, but a couple of days can only teach you so much.   439 more words

Random Musings

Monday Conversations

It was a quiet Monday.  Work is under renovation so the number of staff has been cut down to the bare minimum.  I felt good so I sat in the lunch room having lunch alone for five minutes.  722 more words

Gift books in the hope that they see reading as a gift someday.