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That Looks Like... RUN!

Halloween.  The original not Rob Zombie’s remakes or the string of unneeded sequels.  (except for the 2nd flick maybe.)  It introduced us to a character that was simply evil.   116 more words

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Heavy (Amount For A) Metal Bikini

It’s not actually made of gold, but for the amount it went for you’d almost think it was.  An unidentified buyer forked over nearly $100,000 for Leia’s metal bikini from Return Of The Jedi.   225 more words

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Website is now complete

Give me a whole shopping bag full of ingredients and I can create a fantastic meal… but now finally we have created our website which we hope that you will find of interest. 8 more words

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Common Core Check Up

Common core.  Many call it the bane of current education practices.  If bane isn’t strong enough for you, feel free to insert a stronger word or two. 143 more words

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Bacon Lovers APP-ly Within

Bacon cake, bacon donuts, even bacon salad. The interwebz have offered a lot of ideas for bacon lovers. And the cries of lonely bacon lovers everywhere have now been heard. 110 more words

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Introducing scanf in Common Lisp

There are many ways to extract data from strings or files. The scanf family of function offers one of them.

These functions scan input according to a provided… 433 more words