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I Am A Sentient Black Hole. Ask Me Anything.

Feeling a bit under the weather today, so instead of either skipping a week or tossing up some filler nonsense, I’ve decided to invite a guest blogger, who happens to be a character in one of my science fiction novellas. 941 more words


Winter Break Reading...

My winter break is officially coming to an end and will end on Monday when I start school. When you’re unemployed because of an evil work-situation screwed you over, you get a lot of time to read… 597 more words


A Blog Post About Creating a Blog Post

Wow. Very meta, as the kids these days say.

Anyway, this is a pre-prepared piece of text describing the process of posting some content on to a blog, which will be done ‘live’ during Nick’s talk on… 311 more words


Christ is Born


I have not posted in some time and have been contemplating the purpose of this blog. The future is still not clear to me. 130 more words

New Year, Same Old Excuses

Yeah, I have a lot of excuses for not blogging. I have kids. I have jobs (yes, plural). I had a crippling head cold that left me useless for a week because I’m a wimp. 236 more words

Random Nonsense

Alice: Reflections of a Looking Glass Friendship

“Of course it hurt that we could never love each other in a physical way. We would have been far more happy if we had. But that was like the tides, the change of seasons–something immutable, an immovable destiny we could never alter.

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