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The dreaded: "I caaaan't" enters our house.

“You know she can do that herself, right?” Mark said after Freya handed me her zipped bag of Frozen figures to open.

“No, she can’t,” I said confidently, shaking my head in a sort of “as if I’d open and close this for her at least three times a day when she could do it herself” kind of way. 486 more words


Ode to the Respiratory Flu

Oh how I hate you
Respiratory Flu!
My temperature is burning hot
it seems that now all I’ve got
is an AWFUL lot of snot 202 more words


#1linerWeds : Serenity

Serenity is an easy thing to have; one just has to quiet all the little voices constantly demanding attention, like when I leave the house and then forget if I locked the door so I go back and check and make sure it’s locked but then I check my pants and my heart gets stuck in my throat because I think I forgot my keys but they’re in the car and then I wonder if the car door is locked but its not so then everything is okay until I remember that I left the stove on so I grab the keys and run inside and bolt towards the kitchen but the oven is off and then… 46 more words

Linda G. Hill

"You're a Girl... who loves Star Wars?"

First thing’s first: Happy Star Wars Day!! “May the Fourth Be With You!” I giggled when I saw that the Daily Prompt for today was  786 more words


"I've Had a Little Help from My Friends"

It’s official: I have survived one MONTH in the blogosphere!!!! I have made it ’round the curve (there’s our beloved Daily Post prompt) and I’m am OFFICIALLY NOT a newborn blogger anymore… SHHHH I know I’m still an infantile blogger, but don’t bust my  bubble yet.As Joe Cocker sang in 1968, it’s because “I’ve had a little help from my friends”. 909 more words


Taking off my Mask...

The Daily Post email pinged in my inbox this morning with the word Mask. That word hit me to the core. 611 more words

Random Nonsense

"We've Been Married 12 Years & it Only Feels like 12 Minutes... UNDERWATER"

I borrowed (the Daily Post word of the day) the above phrase from my dear hubs’ as it is one of his favorite sayings. The first thing that I fell in love with about him, was his innate ability to laugh at himself. 1,208 more words