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I kind of believe in Einsteins theory of relativity.  Time does not exist. It is only a fabrication by society in which we believe in such a thing. 376 more words


Under Appreciated Life Skills

Our Society does not apreciate very important life skills. Well I’m taking a quick second to admire my latest astonishing life skill. As usual, I’m going to be very candid and offer no… 206 more words


Nothing Gets Past Daddy

There are SO many reasons that I love my daddy (yes I’m 34 and I still refer to my father as “daddy”, get over it. My blog, my rules). 309 more words


The day #JulianPerretta saved my life.

This might seem a bit HUGE to tell, but he actually indirectly did.

I won’t tell you what happened because it’s a bit too personal for the moment, but it gave me the creation curve I needed. 78 more words

Random Nonsense

Clouds and Thunder and Rain! Oh My!

I just wanted to share some of the beautiful pictures I took at sunset after a thunderstorm.

The moon was shining bright too! OK, this pic isn’t that great but it was really cool. 29 more words

Random Nonsense

Venus Fly Trap

A couple of years ago, I obtained a very cool Venus fly trap. I had no idea what I was doing with it and had never really tried to keep one alive. 237 more words

Random Nonsense



We’ve been as one for fifty years,
Through joyous times and painful tears.
Crushing Hob Nobs, chewing cakes,
Your imminent demise is hard to take. 71 more words

Random Nonsense