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The Sagittarius is strong in this one...

I am a December Sagittarius. Not only that, I was born December 1st (which is today). So that Sagittarian blood is extra strong in my veins. 13 more words

Garlic Festival

At the end of September, I went to the Garlic Festival in Saugerties, New York.  This festival is well known in my area and a fun trip for anyone who has a love for the stinky stuff. 110 more words

Random Nonsense

The Rumours About Water

For the month of November I have been focusing on hydration.  I have been tracking my water intake and am trying to get a better understanding if there any truth behinds the water rumours that I have heard over time. 550 more words

Personal Challenge

Yoghurt Pot People (The Christmas Set).

While some of the crafts we do can be a bit…hit and miss (I’m looking at you, balloon crown), one that keeps on giving is yoghurt pot people – and the best part is, Freya doesn’t care if they are more on the miss side. 388 more words


I don’t know how…

… to act as I’m interested.

I can talk to guy, but not in French, I can be flirty, but not in French. I do meet guys from time to time, but we end up good friends, just because I cannot be flirty in French and most of them just don’t speak English or don’t want to when they come back home and that’s legit. 182 more words

Random Nonsense

The Desire Map

Last night I cracked open another book from my shelf. I knew that I would need to be in a particular mind-set to get this one started, and last night was the perfect time. 468 more words



I know I know. It’s only the beginning of November. And really here in Florida it feels more like May/June. Today is a good day. We’ve had a cold front roll in and it’s only 80 degrees outside (honestly though, I’m just not sure about this particular duty station). 718 more words