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Is it difficult to care nowadays?

That’s the impression I have. We’re all surrounded by technologies and social media, but do we care for our relatives? Our real friends? We spend so much time self-centered that I feel guilty when I don’t think about me. 230 more words

"Dear Diary" - Short Novel

Random thoughts I'm having today

This will be disjointed and broken up… I will attempt to make some sense of it when I write later…

Would you please tell me if you are over me so my heart can get to the business of breaking. 108 more words

Random Nonsense

Losing Sleep for the Greater Good

A lot on my mind this very early morning. 

A jumble of thoughts and feelings and questions with no real answers.

I am working on a playlist for an event I was going to attend. 348 more words

Random Nonsense


I’ll leave my weary bones piled in the corner with a do not disturb sign.

Creative Writing

I Like What I See

I stepped on a scale today. 

I have been noticing for a while that my clothes (especially my jeans) have become loose to the point I actually need to wear a belt, shirts are looser around my midsection where they used to hug just a little bit. 334 more words

Random Nonsense

The J-Drama fever!

I am so hooked!

If I had known that J-Dramas were this awesome, I would have jumped into it a long time ago.

The actors are cool, and the storyline is quite refreshing. 202 more words

The Daily Diary