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I'm back...ish

So Rob, you’ve decided to start writing stuff on this blog again? Why?

Yeah, well, last time I had a lot of funny ideas on what to write and big plans on what to do with writing in the future. 808 more words

Random Nonsense

When attempting to right past parenting wrongs goes...wrong(er).

I think it’s fairly well established that spiders are awesome. They eat nasty things, they make beautiful, intricate webs and are “more scared of you” than you should be of them (in the UK, anyway). 681 more words


Five ways I'm becoming my mum and (sort of) proud of it....

Here is a sentence that would have filled my 14-year-old heart with dread: “You sounded just like your mum then!”

As a petulant teenager, it is fair to say my mum and I did not… 959 more words

Random Nonsense

My Sunday Photo - week 11

We are very lucky to have several lovely parks nearby but this particular one has so many different elements to it that it’s a joy to explore. 83 more words


Why I would like my daughter to have an accent.

Reading a story at the end of last year by an academic defending her regional accent, which she had been advised to “change” or at least “tone down” if she wanted to progress, made me cross and sad. 541 more words

Random Nonsense


Halestorm is one of my favorite bands and I am really excited that they have a third album coming out on April 7th 2015. Today the band released yet another music video, this time for the song… 6 more words

Random Nonsense


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on this blog.  It’s amazing how life becomes all consuming and things are set to the side to be rediscovered.   183 more words