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The Salty & The Sweet

What have you done that no one knows about?

“I’m looking for a writer who doesn’t know where her sentence is leading her; a writer who starts with her obsessions and whose heart is bursting with love; a writer sly enough to give the slip to her secret police, the ones with the power to condemn in the blink of an eye. 734 more words

Random Nonsense

A Hairy Situation & Making Lemonade

If you could, what parts of yourself would you throw out?

I wish I could be all blasé and “woman-power” and act like I am perfectly comfortable in my middle-aged body. 1,360 more words

Sandbox Writing Challenge

Equality and A Slice of Pie

I was just whiling away my lunch hour in the office sitting in the lobby and scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. Suddenly, I came across a small video snippet with bold headlines “How (xyz actress) handled sexist question with style”. 619 more words

The Daily Diary

'House Of Cards' Star Michael Kelly Opens Up About Kevin Spacey's 'Heartbreaking' Exit: 'I'm Still Processing'

Few television shows have undergone the kind of behind-the-scenes turmoil as “House of Cards”, which had to slam the brakes on its sixth (and final) season after numerous shocking allegations of sexual misconduct were levelled against star Kevin Spacey. 494 more words


Predictive AI poetry

I doubt words ever elude you

Come, take a sip in my room

He refuses to sell it if you ask for too much

I appreciate what you are saying… 117 more words

Random (nonsense)

Spring is here, I think?

It’s been a long winter. Long winters mean no outside time and no pictures to show. However, planting season is upon us here in the Northeast (if this cold ever goes away), so I’ll have some more colorful pictures to show. 86 more words

Random Nonsense

Netflix Criticized By Anti-Smoking Group For Amount Of Smoking Scenes In Original Shows

Netflix has been criticized by an anti-smoking group, The Truth Initiative, for the amount of smoking scenes in its original shows.

The Truth Initiative is a US-based, non-profit organization that is “dedicated to making tobacco use a thing of the past.” Their website claims they have “helped bring teen cigarette use down from 23 per cent in 2000 to less than six per cent in 2018.” 348 more words