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German Beer

People think that their are a lot of beer styles…..well in America yes that is true.  In Germany it’s very common for a place to make a contact with a single brewery for its beer.   106 more words

Random Notes

Civil –uncivil still civil society

The previous post on Draft Waste Rules, 2015 consultation in Bangalore created a tu tu main main like atmosphere in one of the googlegroups which I’m part of. 511 more words

Random Notes

My Pronouns/Titles Etc.

I recently ran across a reminder that it’s helpful even when straight/cis people identify their preferences because it normalizes the practice which then makes it easier for people who have a harder time with expressing their own preferences.  496 more words

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This is CII sponsored consultation, civil society please shut up

New government is all set to ‘reform’ the existing environmental laws. It was believed that they will have cake walk by starting with waste.  On April 7, 2015 draft rules dealing with Municipal Solid Waste, E- Waste, Biomedical and Plastic waste were released on the website of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) for consideration.   662 more words

Random Notes

Bavarian Beergardens

Beergardens in Bavaria are very different from the States.  First they made deals with breweries to only carry a single breweries beer.  So 3 or 4 beers only are normally available.   151 more words


body • mind • soul

In order you to thrive and reach your highest potential,

the satisfaction of the body, mind, and soul must occur.

One should never have to malnourish the soul for the body or mind to reach its potential, vice verse, and vice versa. 27 more words


100km-pedaling day, Sunday funday

One more time I again pushed myself to step out my comfort zone. And first time ever, 100km on a bicycle!

100km on a bicycle sounds scary but intriguing, said one of my friend who is a marathon trainer. 37 more words

Random Notes