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“Welcome to the real world, it sucks! You gonna love it”… I cannot help but remember this famous dialogue from the F.R.I.E.N.D.S tv series when Rachel is all set to be independent. 577 more words


How to start a planner

Hey peeps! Well, I’ve started to make my planner and I thought maybe I can share my tips on how to start and make a planner.

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Random Notes

Tell me tell me, why can a fresh baked green tea biscotti at midnight make me feel so good?

Random Notes

Dharma v/s Dhamma

There is a major difference between Buddha’s Dhamma & Krishna’s Dharma. Buddha’s Dhamma stood for compassion for all, Krishna’s Dharma placed brother against the brother and preached revenge and vengeance as a way of life. 372 more words

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Moral Science and Moral Dilemma

Two years ago, a good number of people were out protesting on the roads and in social media – supporting the cause of ‘Nirbhaya’.

One year ago, the TOI came up with statistics : One rape every 30 minutes in India… 334 more words

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Hippocrates (c. 460 BCE - c. 370 BCE)

Hippocrates of Cos (c. 460 BC – c. 370 BC), a Greek physician during the golden age of Athenian culture, under the leadership of Pericles (495-429 BCE). 40 more words

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Disillusioned Fool

“Raindrops down my window pane.

Teardrops in my eyes.

Memories come creeping like shadows.

Thoughts of love and lies people have told me.” Roger Whitaker. 165 more words

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