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'The Alchemist' and 'Harry Potter' on the stage

Ms Nandana V. L. and Ms Nayana V. L. presenting book reviews on ‘The Alchemist’ and ‘Harry Potter and the order of phoenix’ in the school assembly.

Random Notes

'FaB Challenge" won the KVS Innovation & Experimentation Award 2015-'16

“Face a Book Challenge” has been selected for the KVS National Innovations and Experimentation Award 2015-’16.

Dear all FaB Challengers who took part from its first edition (2014-’15), this Award is for you. 106 more words

Random Notes


“No”, you said it.
I’ve been keeping both of my ears open.
“I don’t want you.”
Didn’t really have to make you say it.

I remember how these nights would go. 60 more words

Random Notes


Street lights.
Remember those nights,
We drove out of town,
You were in your nightgown.

You did your best to carve me hollow.
All i wanted was for you to show me how, 73 more words

Random Notes


It’s okay to love a monster.  Love them with open eyes.  Love them with a wish for what they could be instead.  Don’t hope they’ll change; they won’t.  403 more words

Random Notes

Random thoughts. Blocking Trump.

Lord knows I’m not in much of a position to give advice to the Democrats in Washington.

If I had any influence they would never have nominated the most flawed and distrusted candidate possible to take on and lose to someone so awful and equally, 317 more words