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A Random Number

I still think whether she had even saved my number permanently or I’m just a random number to be messaged, played and deleted afterwards.


Twitter RNG is Powered By Memes

Twitter is kind of a crazy place. World leaders doing verbal battle, hashtags that rise and fall along with the social climate, and a never ending barrage of cat pictures all make for a tumultuous stream of consciousness that runs 24/7. 495 more words

Security Hacks

Matlab Tutorials

Advanced level tutorial of some basic stuffs. It is assumed that the reader has some knowledge about basic commands in matlab.

Choosing two random elements from a 100 X 100 matrix. 375 more words


Random Number Generator

A little blast from the past. Before the random fortune teller and the random word generator, I started out pairing together Storyline and Javascript with this simple random number generator. 69 more words


Generating Random Numbers For All Rows in a Query and Other Funky Stuff You Can Do With Them

Here’s a lunchtime quickie for you all, this is something that I’ve seen asked on the forums plenty of times and always gets some quite convoluted responses. 887 more words

Database Administration