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QTP/UFT: Generate Alphanumeric and Random Number

”’## 3 digits Random idNumber and 7 digits Random serialNumber
Dim start, ends
start = 1
ends = 19
For m = start To ends… 111 more words


Safe Cracker

Original number game – https://www.microbit.co.uk/nrjdzu
Improved game – https://www.microbit.co.uk/joryiq
One of the first games I created with the micro:bit was a number guessing game. I wanted to use the built-in compass so that pupils didn’t need to purchase or utilise any additional equipment other than what would be given to them. 263 more words


Recursive function call in an IBM Cognos TM1 Server

Most programming languages support recursion – a concept where in a function calls itself. Well, if we just leave it at that, then it goes into an infinite recursion. 882 more words

IBM Cognos TM1

Shift Register Powered Realistic Candle Flicker

recently went out to dinner at a restaurant that was using some cheap LED candles (yuck) instead of the real thing. And in the true spirit of a hacker, he started to notice the patterns programmed into the fake flame repeat over and over again. 183 more words

Misc Hacks

Add dummy data to a cube or muddle data to make it unintelligible

In continuation from my last post  – Creating a large dimension, this post will describe how we obfuscated data in an existing cube.  The premises on which these 2 processes were built, was to mimic the most voluminous cube for support; then reproduce the myriad of issues that accompanied this cube (be it in TM1, Cognos BI or Cognos Insight). 1,006 more words

IBM Cognos TM1

Create a very large dimension in Cognos TM1 using Turbo Integrator (TI)

There are instances during an implementation where in, there is a need to export out one or more cubes for Support.  However, client has reservation against data being taken out from their premises despite: 682 more words

IBM Cognos TM1

Cognos TM1 Rand() function - it is NOT quite random after all !

Let me start the post with a Dilbert cartoon on Random number generator :)

Ok, so we have Rand() function in Cognos TM1 to generate random numbers, 359 more words

IBM Cognos TM1