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True self.

Never lose your true self. It’s great to look for yourself, experiment and try new things, since ultimately, that is how you find your true best self, but don’t ever let other people change the core things about you. 158 more words

Random Ponderings.

welcome to jayyous

Today I had the chance to go to the opening of a skate park in Jayyous, a village in the western West Bank, not much more than a stone’s throw from Tel Aviv. 1,086 more words

Random Ponderings

Fighting For Balance

It was the sideways glance and raised eyebrow from the pre op nurse that got me thinking. I can’t really blame her for not understanding because prior to life with medically complex kiddos, I wouldn’t have understood either. 592 more words

Random Ponderings

Grandad's ring.

Out of the million words one might use to describe me, ‘sentimental’ is surely not the first one that comes to mind. Ask any of my friends, I’m sure they’ll confirm. 445 more words

Random Ponderings.

rejoice, weep & live peaceably

Friends, I must apologise again for such a long silence.

Work has been busy, but also the temperatures have finally dropped (to upper 20s / low 30s celsius) so I’ve tried to spend more time away from my computer taking advantage of the nice weather. 993 more words

Random Ponderings

all perils & dangers

Is it just me, friends, or does the world seem weighed down and weary at the moment?

I feel tetchy and on edge almost all the time these days. 859 more words

Random Ponderings

on transformation & god's slow work

This is a blogpost I wrote a couple of weeks ago, which originally appeared on pisky.scot, the online magazine of the Scottish Episcopal Church. 1,173 more words

Random Ponderings