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all that divides us

Two weeks ago, I had been in Jerusalem for a service at which I was invited to preside at Communion. Just before the service, I was told I had been prayed for by loved ones at a church back in Scotland, and I felt a wave of homesickness, not for the place, but for the people whose prayers sustain me. 1,114 more words

Random Ponderings

Systems, Part 3: You Can't Win.

This is continuing a line of thought from two previous post on systems. Read part one here, and part two here if you haven’t yet! 1,354 more words


snapshots of a wild and precious life

Once again, I can’t believe so much time has passed since I last wrote…

The autumn always feels so busy, especially after all the Jewish holy days are over. 1,105 more words

Random Ponderings

welcome to jayyous

Today I had the chance to go to the opening of a skate park in Jayyous, a village in the western West Bank, not much more than a stone’s throw from Tel Aviv. 1,086 more words

Random Ponderings

Fighting For Balance

It was the sideways glance and raised eyebrow from the pre op nurse that got me thinking. I can’t really blame her for not understanding because prior to life with medically complex kiddos, I wouldn’t have understood either. 592 more words

Random Ponderings

rejoice, weep & live peaceably

Friends, I must apologise again for such a long silence.

Work has been busy, but also the temperatures have finally dropped (to upper 20s / low 30s celsius) so I’ve tried to spend more time away from my computer taking advantage of the nice weather. 993 more words

Random Ponderings

all perils & dangers

Is it just me, friends, or does the world seem weighed down and weary at the moment?

I feel tetchy and on edge almost all the time these days. 859 more words

Random Ponderings