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Eclipse of the Sun and not the Heart

These pictures were taken by one of my co-workers.  Thank you J.C.  I doubt she will mind I’m posting them on my page.  This what the solar eclipse looked like from Los Angeles, California.  171 more words

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Truths and Lies of College

Hey guys! Welcome back. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: college is great. However, we are sometimes mislead and misguided. I know before I started college I was given so much information from high school, the media, and other sources. 406 more words


Random #55 : Surat Kedua Untuk Dirimu

Hai, yang namanya selalu tersebut di hati.

Bagaimana kabarmu? Masih ingin menghindariku? Kau tahu, kau menyakiti dirimu sendiri sama seperti kau menyakitiku. Jadi ku harap kau berhenti. 308 more words

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making others feel important

“It’s nice to feel important and to feel loved by people who admire you, but don’t forget to make them feel important and loved as much as they would you.”

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Hatred is like the feeling you get when you’re afraid of dying to the point where as soon as you think or see evil and get attracted to it you become nothing but that.

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watch what you say!

Sometimes we say things we don’t mean, it doesn’t matter what they are because they can be good, bad or even both, and many of us get hurt by those things,  yet so many of us get so happy by those things, but there is so much more bad, that we do than good and sometimes we are very proud of them, so we feel regret and try to fix what we did and we wish that we could turn back the time so we could start over and change, some of us change our lives and have to become new people to do what is right, so for your sake just make sure you’re one of those who didn’t mean what they said or did and not one of those who did mean what they said and did.

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Being Sad.

I hate to be sad as well as to see others sad, and not know what they’re going through. But you must cry and make a lot of dua for Allah answers the dua of the oppressed one.

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