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Random Fact Friday

Fridays I will be posting 5 weird/random facts that make you either think about it, say “why” or make you laugh either here are 5 random facts I found on the internet. 120 more words

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Emperor of The World

This is the dreaded day. Forces of history and social-economic factors have made Donald Trump the President of the United States of America.

With America emerging one of the prosperous countries and the most powerful in the world and Trump the most powerful there, he therefore becomes the modern equivalent of the Emperor of the Word. 639 more words

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TFTL (The F*ck That List)

Many people have Bucket lists, but few have an Anti-Bucket list. Lets call it The F*ck That List or TFTL for short. There’s a Youtube Channel Called The F*ck It List or TFIL. 176 more words

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Random #47 : Jenuh

Memasuki pertengahan tingkat 3 kuliah kedokteran. Memasuki masa-masa jenuh preklinik. Gw tau di masa depan gw akan menyesal bilang preklinik itu jenuh, tapi apa salahnya? Lagipula itu beneran yang saat ini gw rasakan. 623 more words

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Digital Design - Jan. 19

S1P9: Color Groups pg. 27

Session 1: Labs

Session 1: Post Assessment

Session 2: Pre Assessment

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10 random things about me!

Hi everyone! How is 2017 treating you so far? 😂 This post idea came to me a couple of days ago. Random things about yourself are those that nobody asks to know but you feel compelled to tell anyway!😜 as they secretly make up who you are as a person….That’s what I think anyway! 348 more words


Great News, Is It True?

The printed word, my profession for the last 58 years, has lost its credibility.  No one believes in newspapers anymore.

The first informant to the people in general, in most cases, is not a newspaper but the electronic media. 321 more words

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