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What does exactly 'Mastered for iTunes' mean?

During my college years I had to write an essay on my chosen topic, you could really choose anything you wanted and you had to write solely on that – the essay, obviously, had to be something music related. 934 more words

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Life Is Strange + Random Stuff & Summer

Hey guys, your favorite Nanner here! Just felt like striking conversation and activity on the site for, as Bravo would say, the lulz. Anyway I just finished Episode 4 of Life is Strange, and pardon my french but holy shit! 112 more words



Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear Zelda.

Happy birthday to you.

I hope Zelda is enjoying her birthday today. I know today must be hard for her because it’s her first birthday without her dad. 6 more words


I hate yard work.

Before I ended up with my brain injury, I moved back home because I couldn’t afford to live in LA. I planned on being out of the house after a year except I ended up having to help take care of my dad after he decided to trip and fall which resulted in a fractured shoulder and a broken toe. 295 more words


Kids and Gaming

The debate about kids and video games has been going on for decades now. Thanks to Mortal Kombat we now have a rating system that tries to prevent younger gamers from playing the more violent/adult content heavy games, and we now have people advocating for minimal screen time for kids. 557 more words

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Orientation Seminar (ASMPH) 

OrSem, a day when all the organizations of the school is introduced to us, took place last last week Friday (July 18) and it was quite amazing. 86 more words

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