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The Sunset - That's You

Turquoise blue waters,

Green hued mountains,

The warm breeze that woos you,

The starry nights unravelling its secrets,

The moon that shines bright,

Out of all these mysteries of the world, 35 more words


Random Ramblings: Tired of The Posing

I’m tired of these people in the occult, or even in the other paths, love to pose and act all pious, like their shit doesn’t stink. 312 more words


Misunderstood Demon

Dark skies and thunderstorms,

Lightening strikes and thunder growls,

Flowers whither and trees twist,


a misunderstood demon in a cloak walks by…




in which the author laments a DC film that’s not fascinatingly terrible. 991 more words


July 13th

Today is July 13, 2017. Seven years ago today I had my second miscarriage. “Riley” never got an official due date, but based on math and knowledge, I would’ve been due around January 30th. 47 more words

Random Ramblings

I Uninstalled Instagram for a Month and This is What I Think

Hi guys! Sebulan kemarin aku memutuskan untuk uninstall dan puasa instagram. Aku mau berbagi tentang pengalamanku dan kelebihan kekurangan yang aku rasakan waktu ngga pakai instagram selama sebulan kemarin. 1,056 more words

Random Ramblings

I Feel So Special...

Why, you ask? I had my very first set of Twitter haters.

Yep, I feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy now. No more #FOMO. 236 more words

Random Ramblings