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Weight loss or healthy eating?

I realized today, as I have many times before, that I am not at a healthy weight. Not only this, but I consciously know I am not trying hard enough.  297 more words


I'm Free! FREE! But Books are Not :(

I’m finally finished with exams! The last one I had today was… ahaha…heh… we’ll see. The first one I took went much better. Ah well. Anyway, to celebrate, I went to Blackwell’s and used the £20 gift card I conveniently received a few days ago for attending a university focus group. 111 more words

Random Ramblings

Watching Paint Dry

Watching paint dry is more than it’s cracked up to be. I can definitely think of worse things. Watching a plain fridge door. Staring at the back of your hand, trying to learn its intricate details so the saying ‘I know it like the back of my hand’ can be used with true meaning. 214 more words

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This picture signifies my love for myself. This picture reminds me that I need to love myself before I can expect others to love me. Why, you may ask. 193 more words

Random Ramblings

I Know I am a F*ck Up, Just the Same as You

“Look at you, you have to make it perfect.”

This was an accusation that I regularly faced from my best friend growing up, and for a long time I really didn’t get it. 1,032 more words

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Looking back

When I was writing my blog post yesterday, I got annoying with all the random categories and tags so this morning I sat down, deleted all my categories and tags, made new ones and assigned them to all of my old blog posts. 259 more words

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To Study or Not to Study? The Age Old Question.

Procrastination we all do it; some to a more satisfactory level than others. And recently I think I mastered the art.

It all started when posed with the question of whether I wanted to join my flatmates in the gym or study. 311 more words

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