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The things I miss

It’s always the little things … The street signs, the sing song-y sound of Swedish in the streets, the domkyrkan (church) and other buildings that are beautful (and hundreds of years old). 326 more words

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There's No Place Like Home

After a flight from hell I made it home in one piece. No more aeroplanes for another year at least I hope. The pilot said “we will be having a smooth ride home” – what a lying bastard! 322 more words

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Ever Feel Really Weird?

Ever feel really weird? Like you don’t know yourself 100%? Or that you do, and things make perfect sense because of it? I always feel out of it, but not really. 1,863 more words

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Student Teaching Reflections; part I

I didn’t really know what to expect when I registered for student teaching.

I didn’t expect a student to ask me if I was pregnant because I’m married. 731 more words

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Incoming Bender

I’ll be out for a few days as I meet with some good friends. Hopefully we can enjoy our evenings more than we regret the following mornings.

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50 Shades of Posts and Followers!

Today I posted my 50th blog post and I also reached my 50th follower, both on the same day – how weird is that!  I could not resist the ’50 Shades’ reference with all the ’50 Shades of Grey’ stuff knocking around the news and social media lately.   92 more words

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My Weird Boyfriend (Part...I've lost count)

Jack is standing by the fire, giggling to himself.

Me: What’s so funny?
Jack: What do you call a potato thief…in space?
Me: What?
Jack: (barely able to contain himself) 6 more words

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