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Unexplained Nervousness

In general I do tend to be quite a nervous person and I can get panicky at a lot more things than other people. Today I want to talk about the feeling of persistent nervousness. 205 more words

Personal Things

Random Ramblings: Things and Opinions

I have always preached this in all my work. Those of you familiar with me know that I don’t allow lying. You lie to me once, you’re fucking out of my life. 868 more words


Clouds are manufactured here

Ever get the feeling that life is in the midst of a not-so-subtle course correction? That things are changing and you’re standing in the eye of the cyclone. 469 more words

Random Ramblings

Life in Runway: How Dreams can become reality

Have you been into something that you’ll never thought would happen? Thinking about how can you engage yourself into something your afraid to do? Way back to my… 1,088 more words

Random Ramblings

10 Things I'm Thankful For my 27th

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Ah, time really does fly fast and especially when you have a lot on your plate. My life turned from chill to hectic in a span of a few months but I’m not really complaining. 1,300 more words


Random Ramblings: Astaroth, emotions, thoughts

I can’t believe my incredible bond with Astaroth. She comes and goes as I need her. I’m wandering around what to do next, then she pops up. 182 more words


Bar Review, Day 1

Today marked Day 1 of Barbri. So. Intense. I graduated this past Saturday with a JD and a LLM. Dual degrees. Should’ve taken 3.5 years… managed to do it in 3. 312 more words

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