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Why are you not open to relationships?

So, this week I met this old school friend of mine, who asked me this eerie question: “So why are you not open to relationships?” I tried those, “I am yet to fall in love”, “It doesn’t happen to me easy”, “I keep falling for the weird ones”. 744 more words

Random Ramblings

Random Ramblings: At Least I'm Honest

At least I’m fuckin’ honest on this blog. I’ve recorded mistakes, hiccups, pitfalls and all sorts of crap on here. I’m a real person. So is my blog. 71 more words


Depression Check-In: Not Dead

All I fucking do is sleep and ignore people.  Okay, I only ignore some people.  Little bit of news on the dating front, I met this chick, who for the sake of this blog, I’m going to call Flapjack because she’s adorable as fuck and loves adventure as much as I do.   670 more words

How Would You Feel?

Music is something that I fall back on despite what ever I’m feeling, whether it’s happiness, sadness or anger. It also has the capability to create happiness and in a lot of cases – awe. 572 more words



Writing continues. An idea for flash fiction made a cameo in my mind but then disappeared in quite a hurry. Apparently it wasn’t worth the bother. 535 more words

Random Ramblings

A Listicle, Because I Can: The Best Documentaries

These documentaries are better than your documentaries. These documentaries should be required viewing for all of us. This list is Sustainability 101. You’ll get some foundation in Triple Bottom Line and circular economics, and a lot of hope, but most of all you’ll get your eyes peeled wide open by the brokenness of this world at our hands. 820 more words

The Whole Thing