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Saw this tag over on Booktube (I’m procrastinating the last things I need to do before going to the airport – which is insane, but I’m not the kind that prepares her backpack in advance, there’s a lot more fun to be had with a sense of urgency), the original video was made by… 917 more words


​(Indoor)view from the top of my book, impending doom allegories and Ikea-googling

So I’ve been home,…

(or what comes closest to home for me at that moment, that is the shared house we’ve had with friends for the past 4 years, which we won’t be able to live in any more by end of august, and in which I’m not even an official room-mate any more, having passed my room to a friend for this last year of acute nomadism. 523 more words


T1D Ignorance Day Two

Well. Hard to even figure out how to start this one.

Let me start this way. Yesterday I posted this.

Needless to say. The best “apology” that came up was this: 1,042 more words

Random Randomness

T1D Ignorance 


This situation popped up on my Facebook news feed today since I follow a few T1D pages. They are a great source of inspiration, laughs, and information that I can share with my hubby. 195 more words

Random Randomness

Life as a Wife of a Type 1 Diabetic

I started this a couple years ago, and put it to the side. I feel the need to finish it now though, and hope it will explain a few things. 1,269 more words

Random Randomness

Dudenblitz and other translated pleasures

I’ve had a busy week (partly because of essays and presentations, partly because of meeting friends in bars and going to concerts and theatres, so I can’t complain too much),  and so, for my first relaxed weekend day today I… went to a bookshop (surprising, I know). 334 more words


April Favorites

I am – only half – aware that April is long gone (to be honest, the weather here rather feels like july), but I thought I would still do a wrap up of all the interesting things I discovered last month (although, not necessarily things that were published last month). 838 more words