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Of Fandom Day and Fanfiction

Hey guys, how has your week been this far? I finally have some free time (vacations have arrived over here… again, finally), so it’s blogging time (Yep, reblogging time is over). 83 more words


Weekly Craft Update - March 9, 2015

Look at me, two weeks in a row!

Busy week this past week as usual, DS and I travelled both this past Thursday and Saturday for ballet, as well as all the usual running around and fitting school in between. 168 more words

Random Randomness

Driven with Slaughter (Saturday Simmerings)

I guess the biggest news for me this week is that I finally finished my (nearly) five-year Civil War blogging project! This is pretty important for me. 598 more words


Doughnuts, Roller Derby, the Valaquenta and Pizza (Again)

What a very productive week I didn’t have! Though it’s over now, I was fairly consumed with writers block. While I could still jot down 1,000 or so words each day about the Civil War, I couldn’t gather the gumption to start up the Valaquenta. 471 more words


Hearts, Worries, More Pizza, and a Good Bad Movie (Saturday Simmerings)

Like any halfway adept blogger, I don’t write each post on the fly and then simply push “Publish” when I’m finished. I research and write the post, let it simmer for a bit, revise and edit it, and then schedule where it will go live. 591 more words


Thanks, Ladies! Have Some Pizza! (Sunday Simmerings)

Hi folks! I’ve been meaning to do some random, more personal, posts on the weekends from time to time, so here’s the first. I’ll even break it up into segments so it’s easy to digest. 662 more words