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I "Accidentally" Abandoned My Blog... But, I'm Back!

WHOOPS. My bad y’all. See… what had happened was…..

Life happened. Then, life kept happening. And all of the sudden it was four months without one post on my newly-formed space for talking and stuff. 218 more words

New Blog

Walking on the Chemin de Compostelle (Le Puy-Saint Jean Pied de Port), week 2: On randomness, light rain and hard roads

The last time I wrote about the stretch of long-distance-hiking I’m currently doing (I still don’t feel like I can call it a pilgrimage, I’m after all not hoping to find God on the way) I was a few hundred kilometers from where I’m now. 805 more words

I Tramp A Perpetual Journey

I shall be walking on - (an update an a review on top)

So I’ve just come back from South East Asia, about which there would be a lot more to tell and hopefully I will write more in the coming weeks, about Cambodia, its tragic recent history mixed with the utter magnificence of its past, about the randomness of restaurants’ and hotels names, and much else. 476 more words

I Tramp A Perpetual Journey

I shall not be afraid anymore (of buying books)

I’ve just had a flash of literary kinsmanship, a true moment of realisation that I owe to the wonderful Jeanette Winterson, and which will probably reveal itself to be very dangerous for the state of my finances and bookshelves, but here it is: 315 more words


Who is the "untiedconverser"?

I am she. Well, she is me. Here’s the story.

My Earth-dwelling for the past 23 years has been one clumsy fall after another (many literal and some figurative), which quickly became the story of my life. 260 more words

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Sauntering vaguely downwards, and other hilarious considerations on the End of Days - Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, book review

​I don’t feel like doing a traditional review on that one. First, because it’s such a classic probably every one knows what it’s about. If not, well, in short, the Apocalypse is coming, according to the prophecies of a mad witch, the Antechrist (a boy called Adam) is nowhere to be found and an angel and a demon, both not knowing which side they’re on after such a long time on Earth, are trying to sort things out. 367 more words


Summer reading Tag

Saw this tag over on Booktube (I’m procrastinating the last things I need to do before going to the airport – which is insane, but I’m not the kind that prepares her backpack in advance, there’s a lot more fun to be had with a sense of urgency), the original video was made by… 917 more words