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That's So Random

I’m not really sure what I want to talk about today, nothing life altering or blog worthy has really been happening to me recently. It’s been a pretty standard week, work, working out, bowling… typical in my life. 398 more words

Definitely British centipede

This is a weird one (for a change, you might say) so stay with me.
I had a dream about a giant centipede, last night. 745 more words

I Tramp A Perpetual Journey

Running under general craziness

In every single ‘buzzfeedy type post” about advantages of running, they tell you it is a great way to discover a new city or a new country. 532 more words

I Tramp A Perpetual Journey

NaNoWriMo blabbering

So I’ve noticed november has started (yep, I sort of need to go out of my way to notice the passing of days, around here, since they all look very much the same), and, with it, NaNoWriMo. 789 more words


Random randomness: road safety by India's Border Roads Organization (it had to be abbreviated with Bro, what else?)

A few of the many incredible signs you find on the road to Zanskar. Whether they’re effective or not is not for me to judge (the drivers don’t seem particularly humbled by them, but then again I’m alive after passing through these valleys twice, so maybe that’s proof enough!) 57 more words

Random Randomness

Today I did my periodic scanning of the news, something I do once in a while here when I’m able to get WiFi, and since those days have been spaced out in weeks recently due to bad connections and me travelling (quite willingly) to the most remote places, the news pile up and it turns jnto an even more it’s grim and shocking exercice.

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I Tramp A Perpetual Journey

Incy wincy ... on the many uses of books while travelling: number 476: to kill a mocking spider

So today I arrived in Eastern Nepal, after a crazy bus ride (sitting on the top of it, with about a gazillion other Nepali, because it’s more scenic that way, and als because there has been no fuel in this country for the past 3 weeks, so the buses that do run are slightly packed), a tiny plane journey (by that I do mean it was a very short flight, but also the plane was indeed tiny, and not, it seemed, totally able to stay on its trajectory while passing through huge clouds), a crazy taxi journey, where the first cab driver brought me to a field and asked for more money, so I yelled at him, called a friend on the phone so he could yell at him more efficiently in Nepali, took another cab, and arrived after several hours in the small city of Dharan. 496 more words

I Tramp A Perpetual Journey