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Life as a Wife of a Type 1 Diabetic

I started this a couple years ago, and put it to the side. I feel the need to finish it now though, and hope it will explain a few things. 1,269 more words

Random Randomness

Dudenblitz and other translated pleasures

I’ve had a busy week (partly because of essays and presentations, partly because of meeting friends in bars and going to concerts and theatres, so I can’t complain too much),  and so, for my first relaxed weekend day today I… went to a bookshop (surprising, I know). 334 more words


April Favorites

I am – only half – aware that April is long gone (to be honest, the weather here rather feels like july), but I thought I would still do a wrap up of all the interesting things I discovered last month (although, not necessarily things that were published last month). 838 more words


Irony is no hipster experience

So as said in the previous post, I try to live the Berlin life to its fullest, and sometimes that means check out its alternative scene (I’m trying to make this sound as fashionably laid back as possible). 855 more words

I Tramp A Perpetual Journey

Probably the best bookmark ever

I’ve been wandering around Berlin, pretty busy trying to be as hipsterish/cool as ever, which included going to an alternative concert where I had alternative feelings of being “very cool indeed for being there” and “absolutely out of place”, but it was fun, and provided me and my friend with almost endless opportunities to dissect the facial hair style of the public. 401 more words


Free Derby! (I'd be loosing money not to go!)

On Saturday the W.C. had the chance to attend the housewarming party for the new home of TXRD in Austin down off of South Congress (The W.C.  461 more words

Talk Derby To Me

First of May

In the spirit of the season, the W.C. offers you this: (Click here for awesomeness). It doesn’t exactly have anything to do with derby. I guess you could change it to “skating outside”? 76 more words

Random Randomness