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The Full Story

Remember the good old days when I blogged once a week?

Things have become a bit of a blur for me the past several weeks, largely because I’ve not been getting enough sleep (I changed my letter board to read “I don’t need an inspirational quote. 609 more words

Random Rantings

Chicken Zoodle Soup, Sinuses, and a Wedding

So here I am, on a glorious Monday morning, curled up with a mug of coffee and my blanket, a pot of chicken zoodle soup on the stove (no, that was not a typo. 697 more words

Random Rantings

Don’t Call the Cops

No, I didn’t die.

I was busy.

Why do I always feel the need to apologize to you guys when I fail to blog on a Monday? 359 more words

Random Rantings

A New Thing

I’m trying not to be intimidated by all the nerdy people out there, all the ones who know how to do anything other than the five most basic computer skills. 396 more words

Random Rantings

Blood Drives and Ulterior Motives

Do you all remember several months ago when I said I would never give blood?

Do you remember how this is my year for courage? 489 more words

Random Rantings

Spaghetti Mess

My thoughts feel like tangles of spaghetti tonight, slippery and disconnected while somehow—miraculously—being sticky and jumbled.

If that sentence was confusing, please forgive it.

And welcome to my brain. 298 more words

Random Rantings

Name Them One By One

Maybe you, like me, are having a hard time finding gratitude in this time of social anxiety, political unrest, and angry social media.

Maybe, like me, you’re feeling cynical and jaded and just a smidge frustrated at a world who prizes speaking and not listening, shouting and not hearing. 505 more words

Random Rantings