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With everything that is happening in the world today, I am completely speechless. From the senseless killings itself down to the constant debates about the senseless killings.

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Calling all Blaze-aholics…

BLAZING these STREETS is officially available.

You asked, I have provided. After several months of LIVE writing, I have completed the story and it is ready to scoop up. 216 more words

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New Book Release!!!!

The Iphone7 syndrome

So the iphone7 season is here, I meant to say the sell your kidneys and suck dick period is upon us… I know people will do a lot to acquire wealth these end days.  62 more words

Random Rants

Why are beggars choosers?

I seriously don’t like people with large palms, they are like non-career criminals.

So I’m jejely walking on my own chewing my groundnut, this dude who’s always begging me for one thing or the other happens to be coming from the other end, immediately I saw him I just knew the portion of my groundnut will be short, I knew this hard earned 20 naira groundnut I bought will not serve the purpose of quenching my hunger. 79 more words

Random Rants

Faulty Feminism

Now before anyone gets carried away, I am NOT trying here to claim that feminism is a flawed concept — actually, the reverse is true: I happen to believe strongly that feminist theory is probably one of the best frameworks that we currently have to approach issues of social, political, and moral philosophy (and I also realise that feminist theory is not at all limited to issues of philosophy and has many more applications than just social, political, and moral philosophy). 1,515 more words

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Throw-backing never ends...

08:33 AM || Sitting in my office desk || Scanning through social media || THROW-BACKING

Currently soaking myself in bad vibes coming from all the bad memories I can remember. 222 more words

Random Rants

99 ways to get rejected by a surfer dude (part 1)...

It has become de rigueur for many famous women to write about their sexual exploits and shenanigans around the town.  And if you’ve not read Amy Schumer, Caitlin Moran or Chelsea Handler then I strongly recommend that you do because their books are hilarious. 2,596 more words