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it’s 2 AM and i really wanted to make a list of recent books I’ve read:

-The Princess Bride, William Goldman. (recommended by Professor Donnelly). loved it in it’s raw simplicity, also loved that it reminded me of the Little Prince. 220 more words

Random Rants

A Great Story

So I’m at this party a couple weeks ago (shocking right), and something terribly crazy happens. It’s a pretty cool party, people drinking and dancing and talking and there was bumpin music and sweet lights right. 400 more words

Random Rants

Pests, Sleeping Husbands, and Glue Boards (and what they have in common)

I hate insects and I really can’t stand them in my home.
That is a bit challenging because we live in a travel trailer in a pretty heavily wooded area. 961 more words

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Ce petit instant de bonheur

Je suis persuadée qu’il y  a des connexions neurales qui se créent avec des inconnus tout le temps sur internet.
Genre quand tu lis un truc sur Notalwaysright, que l’histoire t’a fait sourire, que pour une fois tu mets un like (c’est pas un site très putalike, il est très discret), et tu vois qu’entre le temps où t’as lu l’histoire et le temps où t’as cliqué, 3 autres personnes ont cliqué aussi. 161 more words

Random Rants

In a minute, you can save a life.

Suicide. This word did catch your attention, didn’t it? The truth is, suicide catches everyone’s attention, but it’s the things and actions, leading up to it that go unnoticed. 783 more words

Random Rants.

Old School Days - and what a night!

If you went to a grammar school between the late 1950’s and early 70’s, the following speech may ring some bells: I had the privilege of delivering it at an amazing event on September 9th, and reproduce it here in the hope of entertaining members of the Final Forms 1A, 1B and 1C at Clee Girls’ Grammar who were unable to make it – as well as anyone else lucky enough to have fond memories of this sort of good old-fashioned education. 2,013 more words

Random Rants