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Love actually

It’s a hot, sultry day, I’m sitting droopy eyed watching the wedding crashers with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. The movie keeps rolling, both of them bedding bridesmaid after bridesmaid and it finally leads up to a cliché scene where Owen ends up falling for one of these maidens and tells her that love is finding your counterpoint in another (cue to roll eyes). 1,453 more words

Random Rants

Mom & School Life

Life with a newborn and a four year old is anything but boring. Add online schooling and housework and it’s a little hectic. But I’d rather being getting daily tasks done than feeling like I didn’t get any closer to my life goals at the end of the day. 225 more words


Quarter life crisis

The green grass didn’t amuse her anymore. It annoyed her. She felt this surge of nostalgia take over. As a kid she’d always avoided grassy areas, especially damp grass. 727 more words


The Brighter Side

So, I rarely ever get political. My grandmother always told me to stay out of politics. This is not meant to offend anyone but rather point out the positivity in a time that is so focused on the negatives. 501 more words


Dijual: Jasa Transfer Doa dan Shalat

Di zaman yang serba online, semua barang dan jasa bisa diperjual-belikan secara online, dari mulai baju, alat olahraga, sampai tanah, mobil dan jasa seperti translation dan kelas online. 1,066 more words

Random Rants

Stowaway Launch

Well after years of telling myself that I couldn’t do this I finally made the leap and started a book blog. Oh yeah, all by myself like a grown up and everything! 259 more words


13th Doctor 

Today’s post isn’t my usual posts as it’s not travel (unless you count time travel) Or any of the other kinds of things I’ve posted this is more of a personal post as I have an extremely geeky side that I try not to talk about much in my blog so if this isn’t your kind of thing you don’t have to carry on reading this x… 597 more words