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7 of The Best Urban Dictionary Definitions I've Seen

Like any other student with his/her major exam up on the next day, I was wandering aimlessly through the depths of the Internet today. And for some reason, I ended up in Urban Dictionary. 227 more words


Is Profanity Costing You?

It’s interesting to me that if you are one that is against using profanity in public settings you are often labeled as a prude.  For some, that may be true, but I think there’s a bigger picture here.  219 more words

I Don't Know

Gaining some wisdom from my wisdom teeth extraction

Picture from http://www.ottawadentalcare.com/tag/wisdom-teeth/

I am on a week long hospitalization leave this week. And I find myself frequently surfing the web looking for comfort & deeper understanding of the current situation I am in. 1,432 more words


Property Madness: What you see is not necessarily what you get

Moving halfway across the country requires huge amounts of effort and energy as it is and the least we can expect is for the new place i would call home to be in a good, livable condition. 670 more words


Random Rant: Taylor Swift

I can’t take this anymore. I need help.

No, no, no—not that kind of help—I’m talking about therapy. Why? Because apparently my sanity is nonexistent. 578 more words


The Kanye West Guide to Surfing

Anyone who knows me knows about my long-term obsession with Kanye West.  It’s not just his music, it’s also his persona which fascinates me.  He is one part musical genius, and another part ludicrous, egotistical buffoon.  432 more words

Random Rants

Keyboard Commandos, Sniper Trolls

This post was a long time coming and in fact has been sitting in my “Drafts” folder since June but it’s arrival was sped up considerably over the past few weeks when I ventured into one too many (?) articles posted on social media. 338 more words