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Discussing Feminism



Articles like these have completely distorted the definition and beliefs of feminism. They take specific beliefs from an individual who identifies as a feminist and associate it with the entire movement. 191 more words


Feeling A Little Cuckoo

Some days I just wake up and nothing feels right, in fact I feel downright cuckoo for getting out of bed. Today is one of those days, I woke up feeling so ‘meh’ and wished I had stayed in bed. 355 more words

Random Rants

Cause Im Happy!

Hello all!

I don’t really have much to say besides I’M HAPPY! You ever have those mornings where you wake up..HAPPY! For no apparent reason, just ready to seize the day.   107 more words


There is something we are not talking about with this Negative Gearing debacle

Class wars.

The rich are getting richer and they don’t care about those who aren’t. It’s that simple.

This argy bargy banter going back and fourth between the generations has gone far enough. 1,020 more words


White Jokes

warning: this post may offend you, please note, i’m not racist, i think of everyone as equals. 

So, I saw a post on Facebook, and I found it kind of offensive towards white people.   171 more words

Random Rants

Value; What are you worth?

“Damn, you got a fat ass! Come here!”

This is something I hear very often. Because I am an African American woman, men tend to like bigger butts and they think that hearing anything in reference to our asses is a compliment. 460 more words

Inside Brookes' Head

I'm all the WISER now

Got my first wisdom tooth coming through my gums, it actually slitting a fucking hole in my gums and is pushing through and, yes, I’m a terrible person, I’ve poked at the tooth with a flosser pick.  120 more words