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Choose humanity <3

We built buildings, we build bridges of grand design and yet, some of us still try to destroy them with guns, knives and bombs. In some parts of this world, people are fortunate enough to have this kind of event happen infrequently and for it to become a massive headline around the world however other parts are not so lucky and this is the norm. 431 more words

Lack of nurture = lack of childhood development?

Compare the youth of today to the youth of 50 years ago and you will notice stark differences in behaviour, intelligence, attitude, and sociability. Are these differences connected to developmental issues in the children of today’s modern world?

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Carousell Negative Experience #3

Here I goes again….

So this buyer A send a chat to check for availability, condition, meetup details etc. So I replied her. She said she will let me know again. 408 more words

Random Rants

Sufferin', Simmerin'

Time, can you quickly,

more quickly pass?

I feel like I’m stuck inside an hourglass. I feel like the road is getting wider,

and the sunrise seems further away. 44 more words

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People are on blast like the world’s going to end.  and

Insensitive and crass, suddenly those Golden Rules can be bent.

Vertigo, vertigo, spinning and spinning, why, nobody knows. 140 more words

Random Rants

Sleeping in the mall tonight?

So I’ve never slept inside a mall, but admittedly I’ve always wanted to!! So here I am. Well ok that’s a little deceiving. The truth is I am in fact inside a mall. 856 more words

Random Rants

Random Rant: My Cup Broke.

So get this,

It was a cold winter night, around midnight. I just had an argument with my dad. I went into my room and sat down on my computer desk to write. 334 more words

Random Rants