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A Zany Addiction: Stationery

Ever feel like when you walk through a mall or a store and come across a particular section, you feel a hypnotising force pulling you slowly, cajoling you to make one, just one purchase? 575 more words

Random Rants

I'm still getting mails from the military.

I’m 22 years old and still getting mails from the military. The military has been sending me these mails since I was in high school. My parents signed a slip to let the military sector know that I’m not interested. 33 more words

Random Rants

Let Me Change Your Mind About Swatching

Swatch – a small sample intended to show how a larger piece will work up

(Not the wristwatch. If you googgled and bing’d your way here for a… 517 more words


Stress magnifier

Lord help me. Suddenly influx of pressures from everywhere.

I guess I am the one to blame for the sudden discomfort and pressure I am feeling. 185 more words



I bought these pants yesterday from H&M. I never believed in love at first sight. But I certaintly did experience that with these pants. I never liked baggy pants as well because I believe my legs to be my best asset and tighter jeggings and pants tend to flatter them more. 208 more words

Random Rants


Hello guys!

The past two days have been crazy.  Everyone’s sick of hearing about the dress.  But yet, it is possibly one of the most interesting things I have come across in quite awhile.   65 more words

Random Rants

Who are you?

Isn’t that the grand question? Who are u? You’d think that us adults would know but we find ppl near death that still don’t know who they are you know why beacause were to busy living are life’s for other ppl rather it’s trying to please other ppl or just changing who you are for there approval I say do what makes u happy u have nothing to prove to anybody but God.. 57 more words

Random Rants