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Breaking News: NerveGear Is Available Now in Japan!

Oh my gosh, I’ve waited years for this. Years I say – ever since 2012. Now after all this time, it’s finally become a reality. Remember way back when Sword Art Online was first unleashed upon the world in anime form, and fanboys all over the world gathered their smart-ass brains together to wish upon a shooting star for a miracle┬╣? 430 more words


Backstage Writings

Recently, I changed my very first blog title, “The Dance of Life,” to “Behind Stage Doors.” Now I change my blog title for a third time. 211 more words

Random Rants

My Mom's Musings...

Hi, Folks,

There was this splendid conversation between my mom and my close friend, few months back. And, I was a silent listener of this whole conversation. 828 more words

Random Rants

Tasteful Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!!

My love for Mexican food is so real. So the thought of Taco Tuesday always makes me smile. My DH always makes fun of my love for tacos cause I can really eat them every week without frowning. 449 more words

Random Rants

The Missing Mail: Story Of How I Became A Writer

Hi, folks,

The first thing most people ask me is, “How did you develop a passion for writing?” I smile and say, “It just happened when I was in high school.” Little did people know the whole story. 882 more words

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Altruism and alter egos: how social media changed adulthood.

I love social media, but I find that its practices of comparison and attention-hunting have seeped into adulthood and made us hungry for the wrong attention. 970 more words

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My Choice - Vogue Empower - My Two Cents!

Hi Folks,

If you are wondering what this article is about, please see this video first.

Now, some call this empowering and powerful and some call it over powering and hypocrite, and I had something to tell about the video. 924 more words

Random Rants