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My Poor Graying Hair

Considering some of my conservative views, I tend to sway toward a bit of freedom in the self expression department.

A parent on a local social media group asked for advice.  277 more words


The Journey Begins

Ok so I’ll leave that title there. It’s just the default title WordPress gives you.

But I decided to fiddle around and leave every test or thing I try out be, so might as well let this title be. 42 more words

New Start

Boston Day Two...a day of hurdles

I probably don’t need to say that I CRASHED HARD our first night in Boston… YAH adventure? …  Getting moving in the morning was a bit of a challenge….. 1,237 more words

Wanita dalam Perlombaan

I am so amazed and thankful for the existence of internet and social media, tanpa mereka gw gak akan bisa hidup sebebas ini, gw berani memilih ngejalanin apa yang gw lakuin sekarang karena gw yakin gw beruntung hidup di zaman yang tepat. 1,500 more words

Bahasa Indonesia

Top 5 Signs It's Time For a "Life Re-Set"

Every now and then, one must look in the mirror and accept the current state. Although it may sometimes feel uncomfortable, the truth is inevitable. For the past few months I have done my best to avoid it, but this week I’ve come to the conclusion…that something has to change in my life. 248 more words

Life Re-Set

The Most Beautiful Woman and the Biggest D**khead Ever

Today’s shift was insightful in multiple ways. It was just my shift leader and I and I had two really impactful conversations. They were on opposite ends of the spectrum, one brought me to tears and the other made me feel an uncomfortable I’ve never felt before. 560 more words

Random Rants

Because Life's Too Short

Let’s face it. There’s so much content available now. So much to entertain us and binge watch until our eyeballs dry up.

That’s why I’ve given up on these highly-watchable (to someone) series. 393 more words

Random Rants