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Tamasha isn’t a Movie. This isn’t a Review.

I spent the first part of my day at a literature festival. I did not get as much out of it as I did from the two-and-a-half-hour-long movie I watched the same evening. 706 more words

Random Rants

one last glance…

And I’ll stop.

Random Rants...

This post is totally uncompulsory. Continue scrolling down and ignore this if you want to.

So! I was scrounging for some files that I need for Acads in my Google Drive when I saw a certain Google document I saved there some months back. 110 more words

Random Rants

Some Thoughts On Niceness (and My Elaborate Way of Saying No)

Back in the second week of class, we were tasked to write an “About Me” kind of information for one of my classes. It didn’t help out that, … 773 more words


Random Issues...

My life is full of issues and I’m tired of all of them…

I don’t want to cry. But I’m tired af.

People judge you wherever you go, I know that fact but still I’m afraid of their opinions.  30 more words

Random Rants...

We were supposed to make a motto for one of our classes and I couldn't think of anything but that Lion King joke* which my teacher won't be too happy to see. So I wrote the first thing that came to mind: "Read everyday". So bookworm of me.

It’s kinda lame. But I believe there’s a psychological explanation. Like it’s in my subconscious.

P.S.: *For those who don’t know it goes: “Nothing. What’s the motto with you?”


you know what hurts more?

I know that you had no feelings for her from the start and then one day I just knew that you were starting to reciprocate the feelings she has.

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Random Rants...