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Random Rant #4

Broke my own rule and it feels like I’m about to drown in my own misery. It’s that time again when the best thing to do is stay in isolation to minimize the damage. 11 more words



I’ve begged and I’ve shouted till there is no voice… You hear, but don’t listen.You’ve related my wants and desires to your past and placed me in a box I’ll never fit. 67 more words

Random Rants

It's complicated...

We all dread the ‘C’ word!

Is your life calm and quiet; with everything working in harmony? Do you have the time to talk to others, get all your jobs done and still have time to do something nice for yourself? 685 more words

Mindful Moments

An unexpected experience

Yesterday I seen something that made me feel really sad inside. It was half nine at night and very dark in the area outside Connolly Train Station in Dublin on a Sunday; very few people were to be seen.My brother and I decided to run to the nearest corner shop to try break change for the bus, a shop that was hidden in the dark shade. 501 more words

Life Lessons

Star Trek - Sad Opportunity

Finally, finally got around to watching Star Trek Beyond, on the whole Meh. Still I was left thinking that with the sad death of Anton Yelchin, the Chekov character has to be either written out or re-cast. 71 more words

Science Fiction

Review on Howl's Moving Castle

Howl’s Moving Castle was directed by Hayao Miyazaki a Japanese artist whose work known to be symbolic, controversial, and magnificent. If I may add, in some of his movies, if his contents can be interpreted the way he wanted, they’re very realistic and tells us not just the story of the movie, but a reflection of life that we can really relate to – such as love and hardship to something more broad like politics, industrialization, war, technological advances. 1,361 more words

Random Rants

Good Morning Gorgeous!

“Successful people establish similar routines to ensure they apply their time to ensure no minute is wasted. In my transition (to civilian life), I have set a routine similar to what I was familiar with in the Army.

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