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Bucket List

I turned twenty-one this year and it got me thinking about the two decades plus a year I have already lived and what I have to show for it. 997 more words

Random Rants


Mr. R. begins a new schedule today.  Up until now he’s worked from 7:00am-3:00pm, which is essentially my schedule.  We’ve been able to carpool together, chatting on our way to work and decompressing afterward, getting all our gripes out of our systems before we get home. 120 more words


Tip for Would-be Non-Smokers: Give Up Giving Up!

Here’s a strange thing: three weeks ago, I stopped smoking.

You may wonder what’s strange about that. Any half-intelligent smoker knows it’s the right thing to do, and I… 775 more words

Random Rants

Goals; Far-fetched or otherwise

Face it. You could call yourself realistic and go on and on about the harsh truths of life but deep inside, you know that you’re still hoping for your happily-ever-after…or that things will turn out okay, at the very least. 563 more words

Random Rants

10 Characters that Sum Up The Tears I've Shed For Fiction

As I’ve said before, I’m an externally-tough-internally-mushy kind of person. In the world of food, I’m a cannoli (though I have yet to try this but I sure will someday). 1,034 more words

Random Rants

Pick Up Line

I felt the need to share this with everyone. Just a few minutes ago, a guy decided to try and “pick me up”. First he attempted with the age old pick up lines that everyone has heard. 567 more words

Random Rants


If you aspire to perfection just look at what I do, and then do the opposite.  In my defence I have never, EVER, said I was perfect.  252 more words

Random Rants