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A Video to A Celebrity I Despise (UYA KUYA) - Writing Challenge #5

He’s not a drug dealer, nor a corruptor, politician, assassin, rapist, terrorist, bomber, or any bad profession you can think of.

He’s a father of two and a husband. 75 more words


A Few Things That I'm NOT, And A Few Things That I AM.

What I’m NOT:

  1. I’m NOT a Christian. I’m tired of being told that I should believe in God. If you are a Christian, then I’m going to respect you as a person, not for your religion.
  2. 380 more words

Postcard from America #8 Surrealism in Vegas!

Surrealism in Vegas!

This has to be the most surreal place we have ever visited, like a virtual reality city where you enter a Hotel-Casino to be transported to another place, another time. 190 more words

Random Rants

Rabia Kapoor

This is about a teenager whose words have moved me so much that I cannot help but advertise her in my own blog. This woman lives somewhere in my city, inhaling the same polluted air. 198 more words

Random Rants

Exams...our worst enemy

I can feel my brain cells dying as I type this and flip a page. Why? Let me tell you why:

1. I have to study for TWO essays next week… 46 more words


Me, Myself and i*n-to-ur-net...

Oh dear
sweet September
let’s all protect
No self respect
when I remember!
Maybe he won’t Instagram
that gram
we had
so sad…
1,444 more words


A Video to the Leader of My Country - 30 Day Writing Challenge#4

I choose to make my own rules about the 30 day writing challenge, because I am a bit moody. LOL. So I choose topics randomly rather than in order. 208 more words