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Try Flying

Good afternoon, Brie. It’s Friday.

Your love makes me feel like I should try flying
But I’ve escaped enough grasps, grapples, and glances
Ready, steady and about to fling me into the sky… 302 more words

Random Shit

A list of things I learnt because I went outside today.

1) The seats in a train can be pushed to face backwards or forwards, which is fucking cool.
2) Avoid people who are handing out flyers. 134 more words


Gin-Perfection by Jensen's

It is Thursday again, and the day of the week I have dedicated to cocktails. This week though I do not have a bar review, there have been enough of those for a week. 630 more words


K is for Kick the Bucket and Keeping

There seems to be some correlation between ‘kicking the bucket’ and ‘keeping’. How so?

First of all, just for information’s sake, here is some information on the origin of the phrase ‘kick the bucket’.   477 more words



Good afternoon, Brie. It’s Wednesday.

This may seem redundant, but thank you again for telling me about the PBS Idea Channel. I am still watching it every day while I use my exercise bike (starting from the beginning and working my way forward). 50 more words

Real Life

Let’s keep this quick. I might delete this immediately after feeling that it is too sappy. Let’s look at this post as me preparing to post that things that happened within the week in order for me to have change in my life. 578 more words

Blog-Family Therapy (Part 1 Episodes)

Like with any good therapy session, we have to start with some questions to get to know the background. Good questions to ask are:

Why did you start your blog? 361 more words

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