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What if...

There are two aspects of what if… Commitment and hesitation. There is no length of time associated with these two things, because they are not defined by what we gain through them, but rather, what we missed out on by choosing one or the other; regret. 330 more words


Más Money, Más Time

In today’s world money has become the most fundamental commodity without which one cannot survive. Is it really the case, that we cannot survive without money. 362 more words


Your not just buying a literary product...

It’s not just a book your buying, but an experience; when you email me and ask for a refund and I tell you to go fuck yourself, (I just got a refund on my coffee) I’m not actually telling you that.. 181 more words

Jason Van Jason

Self Publishing and Promotion.

Im not here, because I want to be. I don’t scroll down and like every post in my feed every morning, because I want to. 357 more words


How to pitch your consulting services: A practical guide in what NOT to do.

I recently had to upgrade my license to a Class 4 so the government would know that I probably won’t crash when driving a bunch of people around in a 15 passenger van but that seems really unfair because WAS MY LIFE ALONE NOT WORTH THE EXTRA LEVEL OF TESTING? 503 more words

Random Shit


So many people are scared to suffer.. Even just a bit, but a bit of suffering can go a long way. Do not let your suffering go to waste; do not let your depression go to waste.. 30 more words

Random Shit