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No Focus

Good morning, Brie. It’s Friday.

Sorry about forgetting the holiday on Monday, and making this week’s upload schedule super weird. My bad.

I think I am going to have to put calendar reminders on my phone for the next month to make sure I post on the correct days, especially since I will be travelling. 124 more words

Random Shit

Lunch 😂

{update} So I completely forgot to post this the other day.

It sundayyy and you know what that means. 7 Double vodkas (grey goose of course) and coke. 121 more words

Life Updates

Yes, There Is Actually Two Of Them

So if you haven’t already read this book or it’s not on your reading list, you have to get it on there asap.

I don’t exactly know why I like it so much, but there’s just something about it that speaks to me on a deeper level, I think. 246 more words


Good evening, Brie. It’s Tuesday (as you already know).

I meant to write this morning, but was called into work. I was half convinced I had written amid the flurry of get-to-work excitement, but it appears I was incorrect. 46 more words

Real Life

The Carrot Stick Diaries

What I’ve come to understand of late is that in the end, all the psychology and sociology and other ologies aside, all the arguments by poverty and religion, morality, and more talked about in the infostream; they don’t matter. 392 more words

Random Shit

That is a heck lot of paper but damn I understand 0% but I feel 100%. The video concept is just so raw and unique and gets me right at the feels lol what a beautiful song and video (though the video for seasons die one after another was kinda weird lmao). 7 more words