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In this world where being single is becoming a low-key crime and fake people seem to multiply, I managed to find bae. I love bae and I am proud of her and I know people like to judge a lot especially Nigerians but I don’t want you guys to judge me or judge bae. 501 more words


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Haha! This post cracked me up, honestly! It was written by Princess Yurume on Ugotalksalot.com Enjoy!

Thai style coconut soup 

I love Thai anything basically…this soup can be made very creamy or more watered down depending how you like soups. I like it creamier, but sadly only had 1 can of milk in the cupboard :( I also couldn’t find any lemon grass paste which was annoying as I usually like to add that. 277 more words

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Yo boii

Yo man it’s me

The dope dude behind this dope website that writes about dope things.

jk I’m not cool and neither are this website I’m just lonely… 80 more words

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3000 Subscribers: Stubagful's Video Autobiography (+FACE REVEAL???) ✔

Since I never make personal videos, I decided it was time to make a general about me video. Definitely one that contains facts.

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This Week in Hobby – 10.18.16

It’s been a rainy stormy week here in the Pacific Northwest … I spent more time preparing things for the storm than doing any hobby work. 316 more words

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Podcast You Say? Yes Please.

Back On Golf Unfiltered’s Pod

Most people learn from their mistakes. GolfUnfiltered.com editor, owner, and creator Adam Fonseca apparently does not because he dared to have me back on his podcast this Tuesday. 86 more words

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