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January 22;

Words are strong enough

To hurt you

But they are also

Strong enough

To make you fall in love

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You know how there are these things

That you hate

But love at the same time?

Like drinking for example,

I love the taste of it, 139 more words

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Hobby Outlook - 2.17.17

It has been an early spring like time here … the snows have given over to rain.  Lots of rain… the rivers are high – and more rain is coming.   386 more words

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What's Up, Pods?

Hang’in With Hobson

Bill Hobson, host of the famed Michigan Golf Live TV and radio broadcasts, has entered a third frontier of media – the podcast. 187 more words

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Wearing the 45

Nothing else to say….I’ll be catching up with you all soon!!!!!! CAN I TALK MY SHIT: The Return…..

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Fashion, Cookie Candle, and a Drink Collection #idahobikelife 

Few photos from my week so far…

Lots of posts on social media about “Dressing Like A Woman”, so I threw mine in and showed that you are still dressing like a woman even in Converse tennis shoes. 52 more words

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Walter Scott (3) (not really) (men lidt)

Jeg har været på museum i weekenden, Scottish National Museum som ligger i praktisk gåafstand af min lejlighed og i øvrigt er gratis. Og i øvrigt er ret nice. 436 more words

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