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Good morning, Brie. It’s Friday.

I look forward to knowing why that element is for pranksters, and wouldn’t mind borrowing that second book from you after you have finished. 170 more words

Real Life

Holiday time

Holiday time

Ahh this time tomorrow I’ll be sitting at 30,000 feet sipping champagne.

So as you may have guessed I’m off on holiday tomorrow to the south of France with the WHOLE FAMILY I.E 11 people. 66 more words

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A few bookish things

Good morning, Brie. It’s Wednesday.

What a wonderful haul. I did managed to get away with only 9 books, which I detailed in this video. 288 more words

Real Life

Yeaaaahhh...it's been a while

It happened exactly as most of us predicted (me not included): this blog died…sort of…kind of.

While i am still holding on to it, trying to save every last bit of it, some of our other authors already gave up. 133 more words


Enjoyable Chaos

Good evening, Brie. It’s Monday.

I’m pleasantly in the midst of several books/tv shows/projects/rehearsals/jobs, and am proud to report that a considerably small amount of my time is spent being stressed. 119 more words

Real Life

May's Up & Comer

Meet Emily Kate Smith

The calendar flipped while you were asleep in a drunken haze. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. We’re rolling right into May with a new Up & Comer. 251 more words

Random Shit

This Week in Hobby - 4.30.16

Most of my past week has been too busy for much hobby time. But I did get a couple things done.

Late last weekend I finished up the USAriadna Mavericks bike and rider. 57 more words

Random Shit