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25 random facts

Well you know when your brain just shuts off and cuts off any imagination you ever had? That’s what I’m going through right now. So as many other bloggers and internet people do I come up with the very original (oh the sarcasm) idea to write down 25 random things about me. 488 more words

Random Shit

Seasons May Change

Good afternoon, Brie. It’s Friday.

I am so excited for you to be going on this trip; can we do a similar in-person meet up when you get back (such as the one we had after I returned from VidCon) so you can tell me all about it? 300 more words

Real Life

Gaming dot YouTube dot com

I’m not sure if this is a new thing or not but I just stumbled upon this TODAY. YouTube is finally showing some love for their gaming community by creating an entire new layout for them. 130 more words

Random Shit

Thoughts from a Bus

Good evening, Brie. It’s Wednesday.

I am composing this on a bus. Not because I have left Victoria, but because I have left this post late and decided to make wise use of my time on the way home from my weekly booze and superheroes night. 143 more words

Random Shit

Electrical bicycles... say what ??

So, today I want to tell a little bit about something called electrical bicycles…
No, that doesn’t sound like what I want to tell. I will just tell about a electrical bicycle, I will call it bike. 450 more words


So it begins...

Welcome to ferocium – a blog about everything and anything.
Right now we’re virgins though…blog virgins of course (what did you think). These next few days this website will grow to something spectacular. 11 more words


Heartbeat Legends Revival Spin

Good morning, Brie. It’s Monday.

I’m tapped out of prose ideas at this exact moment, so I am going to look at a few book titles around my room and write acrostic poems. 90 more words

Random Shit