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Coca-Cola: Life

Title relevant for only one reason, a bottle is right in front of me right now. But I could decide to talk about it for a sec, since the first I heard about it one of my friends’ posted a status saying it was awful. 853 more words

Happy Times


Good afternoon, Brie. It’s Tuesday.

Setting goals in short
Timeframes, thinking
Real progress would erupt
Under looser
Time acquired, basking
Under freedom, but
Realizing less art

Real Life

Marketing done right!

Bonus mid-week post!

I stumbled across this gem recently and laughed for ten minutes straight, no joke.  Felt I had to share it with you.

Random Shit

Oh Google. You're silly.

If you follow my blog you know that I Google everything and it often makes me stop and shake my head.  So without further ado… it’s time for another edition of ‘WTF Google?’ 352 more words

Random Shit

Energy Enhancers

Good afternoon, Brie. It’s Friday.

I loved your post regarding all the things that are bringing you enjoyment recently. I am feeling as though I have more energy with which I grew accustomed to using, and I want to list some of the factors that I believe have attributed to this uplifting. 514 more words

Real Life

Shadow Sprectres - Assembled!

Wow these are some fidly bits. Lots to trim up on these forge world figures. This took me the better part of the week to finish this unit. 318 more words

Random Shit

Pistol Packing in the Pacific Northwest

Gun ownership in liberal Portland is like rat ownership during the bubonic plague. Everyone is sure you’re the reason people are dropping dead, and defending your decision may come off as callous when children are running for their lives. 710 more words

Random Shit