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Just, no.

So I was grocery shopping, and like any person that isn’t totally normal, I often keep packs of oatmeal in my desk drawer.

What? Stop judging me. 120 more words

Random Shit

This Week (or so) in Hobby - 12.5.16

The cold and chilly season has begun to descend into my area. So the last couple weeks my spare time has been “winterising” the home and property. 389 more words

Random Shit

Well, that was fun while it lasted...

Well, the holiday season is upon us. And, as usually happens, Amazon and a few other illustrious vendors of the written word has decided to go in and do their seasonal purge to “protect” their pristine images. 264 more words


how are things, honey?

i hate it when people speak too much shit in front of me. people who will stop you from doing your thing, either good or bad. 342 more words

Random Shit

a little loss of innocence

it’s quarter to 6. consider it an after-alcohol-effect. libido? lust? well, i dont know and i dont care. it’s the feeling and the person.

the fucking feeling, man. 219 more words

Random Shit

Death, Mediocrity, and Raccoons

It was Thanksgiving last week and I decided to make lemon-flavored cupcakes, which have jack shit to do with the spirit of the season but… 2,454 more words

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