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A Thousand Scars - The Beginning

A bit off the beaten path, this time. I haven’t really written any personal blog posts like this for a good while! Maybe this will inject some personality back into my work. 999 more words


Ranking American Horror Story

With the seventh season of FX’s American Horror Story complete, all us fans sure have a lot of time on our hands. I decided to reflect on the shows seven seasons so far and rank them each by their individual plots. 1,398 more words

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Why Hollywood has to start thinking like the NFL

Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner, Dustin Hoffman, Louis C.K. If asked a year or so ago, you would have thought about each of these men and smiled, thinking fondly of the emotions they gave you over the course of time. 572 more words

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Severed - Cutting Out the Rotten Bits - Hollywood Edition

Its been a weird week for fanboys/girls in pop culture. After Harvey Weinstein’s unraveling there have been many allegations brought forward against a lot of famous and popular people in the entertainment business. 1,386 more words

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Call The Police: LCD Soundsystem, Night Three, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

James Murphy has been busy lately.  Since LCD Soundsystem played their “final” show (which, come on, did anyone REALLY believe that would be their final show) at Madison Square Garden in April of 2011 he’s found many things to occupy his time.  642 more words

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WCW: Sia

     I was alerted by a friend and fellow dirty, dirty feminazi today that Sia, Billboard hit artist, activist, all around fabulous human being, did something so revolutionary I’m almost at a loss for words (almost because a) I could talk to a brick wall if you’d let me and b) because I have to spill and tell you readers why she’s such a badass and my #WCW for the week). 530 more words

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SC Takeover, Part One: SoundCloud and the Evolution of Hip-Hop in the 2010s

     Since its genesis in the 1980s, rap and hip-hop culture have undergone major evolutionary changes. We used to have beat-boxing and matching monotone Adidas jumpsuits and bucket hats and big chains (ok, we still have some of that). 2,396 more words

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