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Lift someone up today. Smile. Encourage.


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41 - Unsustainability

On my third and final cup of coffee for the day… my temporary roommate snoozes in the bed a few feet away, and I can tell by the rhythm of her breathing that she actually is asleep at the moment. 865 more words


Winsome Words 12/12/2017

Moral cowardice is fear of upholding the good because it is good, and fear of opposing the evil because it is evil.  Ayn Rand

Random Stuff

After collecting all the flowers, figures, and “vessels”… finding all the vista points… clearing all the corrupted areas… overriding every tallneck, and incidentally every other (non-corrupted) machine in the game… clearing every cauldron… clearing every bandit camp… clearing nearly every sidequest in the open world… reaching level 50… gaining all but one skill… 48 more words


The "Uncommon" Life?

The uncommon life

Popular historian and self-proclaimed former Christian-turned-atheist, Dr. Bart Ehrman, in his debate with Dr. William Craig, clarified that a historian’s job is not to… 479 more words

Random Stuff

today i learned - mon 11th dec 2017

now, as a petrolhead, i’m not overly into the idea of having to drive an electric car 🙄

that said, i do also like polar bears … so i will take the hit and drive a leccy car once the tech is there … today’s fact should help! 243 more words

Random Stuff

Lil Peep

Lately I have been completely obsessed with Lil Peep. He was a great singer who died at just the age of 21. He died sadly at a very young age due to drugs and it breaks my heart to see someone die who could have achieved so much more. 107 more words

Random Stuff