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Upon the Death of Tom Oden

Saddened to read of Tom Oden’s death yesterday. I have gone to Oden again and again in research and for personal benefit.

Oden was mainline liberal Methodist scholar for many years until he came into contact with the early Church Fathers. 161 more words

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Made-some-documents-for-organizing-self-made-works , its-here-on-wordpress .

It-had-a-banner-count although-it-was-hard-to-keep-track-of ..

so-i-removed-it ..

..anyways-this-is-meant-for-entering-a-business about-movies-and-books .

it-has-stuff-about documenting-self-made-works group-made-works and-even-events .

checkout-this-link >> portwindocuments

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Winsome Words 12/9/2016

I know I am God’s.  I know I only want His glory and the salvation of others, and I know He knows it…I know God is with me.  33 more words

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What Medicine Does Hawk Bring?

I kneel in silent meditation. A hawk is standing behind me. His wings encircle me, as if I’m wearing him as a cloak. I am relaxed, warm, and feel incredibly safe. 340 more words

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Best Bookish Friendships 2016

Even though I Hate romance in books, I am a sucker for great friendships. There is nothing like a dynamic duo/trio, bouncing off one another and guiding us through the story with the obvious love and trust they have for one another. 247 more words

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Winsome Words 12/8/2016

If we want to have fellowship with God we must believe two things: that he is who he claims to be, and that he will do what he has promised to do.  18 more words

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