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What Run Oregon is Trying: Getting the Stink Out with Remodeez

I’m not going to lie. After I’ve put in some miles in my running shoes, they don’t exactly smell fresh. After awhile they just plain stink! 531 more words

Product Review

Time for a quick bench update!

First off – I’m sorry to my few subscribers (are you mad!!??!?) for not updating very much recently. I’ve been having a few problems at home and at work that kind of killed my desire to build, take pictures and post recently – certainly since May anyway. 246 more words

Work In Progress

Random bit of poetry today

So I, in my infinite wisdom, missed the deadline for the AvEx scholarship application. I’m going back to school so I have a variety of due dates and updates and so forth to keep track of and I got them mixed up. 1,036 more words

Claiming that Eric Taylor was not a good football coach is an fireable offense

I had never seen an episode of Friday Night Lights before my colleague, and fan of the show, Luke Kerr-Dineen decided it would be a good idea for me to do an X’s and O’s breakdown of the biggest plays from the series. 514 more words

Random Stuff

The Action Grid

On Monday I shared my thoughts about a a new system I had stumbled up (invented?) to become unstuck and get more things done. Now, at the end of a full week at work using it, I thought I would look back on how things have panned out and make an initial judgement on whether the system has actually helped at all. 577 more words

Random Stuff

The Seductive Power of Neo-Nazism Among The Young

Nazism has a seductive power to it among the young. It makes promises in a confused world. It is a one people, one land, one culture movement. 458 more words

Random Stuff

Neo-Nazism and The Enlightenment Project

I spent time in class last night connecting the rise of Neo-Nazism to the subject of our class, philosophy of science. They are not completely separate spheres. 218 more words

Random Stuff