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Shopping like it's 1995

Things I got at the mall today:

  • Person of Interest Season 3 (DVD)
  • Frames for my two Babs Tarr prints, so I can finally hang them up after buying them back in May.
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Elisa Maza

The Snobgoblin has Arrived!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

My name is Aedan, and I’m a complete game-o-holic. Nice to meet you!

The Snobgoblin is the place to hang out, if you like short, but valuable, blog posts about various popular video games.  205 more words


Spam Poet reviews Spam Poetry

Somewhere in the archive there’s a short series of posts called Spam Poetry. They do exactly what it says on the tin – spam comments amusingly reformatted to make blank verse. 69 more words


British Children's Books

Hi folks:

I mentioned this briefly, but I want to mention it again.  My colleague Dr. Matt Casey had this great idea about how to give something back when we travel.   83 more words

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America, woo (etc.)!

Hey Ashers,

Oh, man, am I behind in this whole reading-and-reviewing-of-books thing. (You can’t see me right now because I’m hiding. Hiding in shame.)

The good news: my bookshelves are plump with new books! 105 more words

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A Plea for Africa on this day, 4 July, 1824 at Park Street Church

The Christian History Institute posted this today, July 4, 2015. The words yet ring true. (I encourage you to sign up for their “Christian History Today”) 325 more words

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Is A Greek Bailout Is Really a Bailout of Western Banks Who Made Bad Bets?

Here is a two-part video on one take on the Greek debt. Americans remember the bailout following the 2008 recession and the government move to bail out the banks at tax-payers expense. 91 more words

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