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I Don't Know

Going up the elevator early in the morning, time for me to get to school. I have a test to take today. I have a friend to see, I have sports training to do. 339 more words


Hello 2017!

Happy 2017!

2016 was quite the year…good for some, seemingly the ‘worst year ever’ for others. For me, it was a mix of really hard and also good! 411 more words

Macaroni International Updates are back #2

Let’s get to business and see what weird ass countries are viewing us this time. 74 more words

Macaroni's International Updates are back!!!!!!

That’s right we’re back! WHATTTTT??!?!?!? YEAH I KNOW RIGHT!! WE’RE BACK!!!! I mean we don’t actually know if you’ll care about all the readers we have in random little countries (for those of you new readers out there we get readers in exotic locations such as Japan and Canadia), but we figured what the hell we’ll try to peak your interest anyway. 135 more words

Honeyinagoldpot Tag - Random Sights About Me

Hey everyone!

So i got nominated by G from saturday on wednesday to do this tag. I never do tags like this, but i think this is a good opportunity to join in and gives you all a better sights about me. 639 more words

Beauty Blogger

Vanish At The Ocean

Random Names:

Pip O’ Capricia

Lisbet Dorothea

Sibylla Mona Augusta Frige

Random Genre:

Random Title: Vanish At The Ocean

Timer: 45 minutes


She was a pretty little thing, with the flowing disposition of a seaweed strip. 1,205 more words