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Working at a Cyber Cafe- For Free

I’m home! From where? From work! How much do you earn? $0!


Yes, that’s right-I’m currently working at a cyber cafe 2 blocks away from my house because of school reasons. 111 more words


Emotionally Bleh

I think it’s a bit ironic, or kinda funny, that just a few days ago i was talking about “important person” and how happy i was. 569 more words

And so another blog is born.

So hi. Yes. Hello. How are you? Good? That’s good. If you’re doing bad or are not feeling all that great, then I’m sorry. I hope you feel better. 147 more words


I want to be Happy

Yup, I’m unhappy. I’ve been like it for a veeery long time. It’s hard for me emotionally always. I sometimes feel great about everything but the next day no more. 286 more words



Heeelllooo my lovelies! Today I bring you a quick post about piercings!

So part of my new wishes to do on this blog is beauty. Now, when it comes to beauty and fashion I got quite a taste. 889 more words

Daily Prompt

The Would You Rather Book Tag

Before I begin this tag, I just wanted to let people know that I’m planning a Q&A ‘get to know the blogger’ post and if you want to ask me any questions, this is your time! 557 more words

Water Park Antics

Hello world, it’s Max. As you well know, I am FTM transgender. Being FTM comes with it’s own struggles of course, but water parks magnify those struggles. 267 more words

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