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100 things noone asks tag!

I literally just decided to do this one because I’M THAT BORED! I tag anyone who doesn’t have anything else better to do, and has the time to do this! 889 more words


'The Beginning' 1/365 #365HaikuChallenge

Do I write haikus?
Or do they write them themselves?
The challenge begins…


1-5-2015/Why Are People So Afraid Of People?

I know I missed two days.

I’m human. I’m also sick, but that part is slowly waning away. The former I’m kind of stuck with ((Dear god, make me a bird, so I can fly far, far far away from here)). 599 more words


1-2-2015/I Swear I Started This Yesterday

9 Hours.

That’s how much time passed from when I started this post to when I actually finished the damn thing. Now, I wasn’t actually writing that entire time. 549 more words