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100 things noone asks tag!

I literally just decided to do this one because I’M THAT BORED! I tag anyone who doesn’t have anything else better to do, and has the time to do this! 889 more words


'The Beginning' 1/365 #365HaikuChallenge

Do I write haikus?
Or do they write them themselves?
The challenge begins…


1-5-2015/Why Are People So Afraid Of People?

I know I missed two days.

I’m human. I’m also sick, but that part is slowly waning away. The former I’m kind of stuck with ((Dear god, make me a bird, so I can fly far, far far away from here)). 599 more words


1-2-2015/I Swear I Started This Yesterday

9 Hours.

That’s how much time passed from when I started this post to when I actually finished the damn thing. Now, I wasn’t actually writing that entire time. 549 more words


Here’s a great post, read it, love it, learn it.

Random Tag

Number Mania

It was the night right after my class. My parents picked me up and we stopped by the nearby supermarket. While we were at the frozen food section, my mother took a block of cheese cost $ 440 more words