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Redefining what it means to be a good country

I stumbled across an interesting Ted Talk video from 2014 yesterday. Rather than repeat what you can watch for yourself, here’s a link (I’d tried to embed the video, but it gets removed for some reason when the published page loads). 754 more words

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Addiction from you

Ye said everything that ain’t good for me makes me feel so good

And being in lust and chasing you was everything but good

But for a reason I latched on and I knew it wasn’t so good… 230 more words

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My Mum and I were talking about this (my mum and I have some interesting random conversations). Someone that we both know posted a post on Facebook that said “Happy Easter”…but is it really? 93 more words

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We are too naive and we already know that. It’s okay.

Random Thought


काश कुछ ऐसा होता मेरे पास तू और तेरे साथ मैं होता।
दिन गुज़रता एक दूसरे की बांहों में, एक साथ ही चाँद का दीदार होता। 20 more words