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On the road...

I looove road trips!!! 💖

When I was little, we always went on road trips with the whole family for adventure. We go to different places trying to fit ourselves in the car. 484 more words

Teenage Life

Easily bruised

Democratised by time,
pain and joy are not always distinguishable.
Like living in a space too small,
they are both easily bruised.

Random Thoughts

Surviving Menstruation

Men always tell me they’d love to know what women are thinking. Well, I’d like to walk you through a morning in the life of a woman with aunt flo visiting. 864 more words

Random Thoughts

When You Look Me In The Eyes...

Science says you’ll know a person likes you when you look into his eyes and see them dilate while looking at you. But I guess that’ll be too late because by then you’ll find yourself in love. 148 more words

Teenage Life

My Favorite Things

Do you remember that Bananas post when I went all Joan Rivers on my employer over pro-Confederacy propaganda, the rewriting of history and the blasphemy that is not offering NUGGEST AND FRIES during a forced meal of Chick-fil-A? 928 more words



Never be called Fallen
when you are
ready to dive
in depth of your dreams
again and again.

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