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My mother is going to hate this post.

I can’t stop saying “balls.” And I don’t mean the kind you use on a golf course or in some other sport that bores me until my eyeballs dry out. 286 more words


Richard, You Crazy Bastard.

It was my Dad’s birthday recently and I couldn’t help but think of him extra fondly this evening when I was stirring a fresh jar of peanut butter. 716 more words


What I think about when I’m thinking in my favorite toilet cabin

Up above on the 12th floor, the side of the building that faces East lies the ladies’ room. There must be a little thing about women that lures architects into almost always favoring ladies room to men’ room in their designs. 1,176 more words

Dạ Ly

Tuesday's Quotes #13 - who are we really?

“Sometimes you have to step outside of the person you’ve been, and remember the person you were meant to be, the person you wanted to be, the person you are.”

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Random Thoughts

Random Thought #21: Humility

***This is gonna be a kind of religion-centred post, so if you aren’t Roman Catholic, you might not entirely grasp what I’m trying to say because of what I say in the beginning, but I hope you still get the gist of it.*** 1,089 more words

Random Thoughts

On Friendship and Relationship ...My unusual take

I was talking to a friend and She was upset . She was a wreck and it was painful for me to see her in that condition. 525 more words

Beautiful Pictures

Little secrets

They come out when you least expect it, they sneak up on me, they surprise me, they startle me, they bring back long lost memories. Well, maybe not so long and then maybe not lost but just misplaced. 83 more words

Random Thoughts