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The Lyric Project 59.0 (3:00 AM and Wide Awake Edition)

They’ve been less frequent lately but they still exist … Mornings where I awake at 3:00 AM with thoughts rolling around in my head that won’t go away. 584 more words

Random Thoughts


There is love to be said,
laughter to be spread
and joy to be possesed.

Random Thoughts

Random Thought 2015-03-29 10:49 PM

Tough when you hear your own words used back at ya – Degrade and destroy; change; if you were really sorry, you wouldn’t keep on doing it …

Random Thoughts


Today my dad asked me why I don’t lie to my parents. I said that I hate lying. If I lie, then I’m just pushing the small fly of a problem away. 172 more words

Random Thoughts

Show Some Respect

I seem to have run into a wall and fallen into a big container of writer’s block so I won’t attempt to post something profound and deep. 49 more words


Minne found me again...

Yes…Minne has found me again. To understand that, let me tell you that when I had bought my first scooter, I had a keychain of Minne mouse with a purple frock and bow. 152 more words

Now, let’s talk about Mr. K, and more

Nine-ish in the morning.

Mr. K walks into the office. Silently. Eyes hidden behind sunglasses. Classy and refined, his look is a mixture of colorful skinny jeans and a string of shirts (whose patterns sometimes could be quite incomprehensive). 1,333 more words

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