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Cold, cold, colder...

This winter was always too mild to be true. And all kidding aside, the continuing specter of an ongoing drought has been with me for weeks now since the snowfall totals in this area are not merely below normal – they are significantly lower than the previous recorded lows. 158 more words

Random Thoughts

Panaginip Lang Pala

I had a very beautiful dream this morning(2-12-16). Ang ganda. Di ko akalaing mapapanaginipan ko yun.

Bakit ko nasabi?

Napanaginipan ko lang naman ung isang girl na medyo ang kati lang sa nerves ko. 258 more words


Change the way we build

It is frustrating to see development, when it is viewed as an area with building and structures. When did the definition of development as growth and advancement lose sustainability as part of its plan? 235 more words

Random Thoughts

Dream on

I got on a plane and reached you, flying away from today and arriving at tomorrow. Will I fly away or would I stay?

Random Thoughts

Just thoughts...

It’s a bit strange how much my philosophy capstone class seems to be revealing to me about myself. How sometimes my “weirdness” becomes extremely apparent and yet at other times I can still comfortably slip into the strangest tangent conversations. 584 more words

Random Thoughts

Be Yourself

As a teenager I wore a dress that was fluorescent green and blue.  I wore it with a lime green sweater with an alligator on it, knee high socks, and platform heels.   550 more words

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5 Random Thoughts I've Had Today #30

My weekly post for some entertainment; for myself and all of you!

1. Do you ever drink your coffee and then suddenly become aware of the taste of the lid? 172 more words