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Helping People in Nepal

I’m seeing a few posts on selling sites etc asking for donations of clothes and tents to help people in Nepal. Please always ask which charity they are operating on behalf of – most won’t even take clothing donations as yet as the distribution costs etc are too high so please make sure you are donating your things to an actual charity and they will do what they say they will. 164 more words

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How to leave the house with a toddler

I remember a day when I used to get up, have a shower, eat breakfast, get dressed and be out of the house in less than half an hour. 955 more words

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I'm an anxious person and that's ok

Once upon a time a long long time ago there was a young lady of an impressionable age. She had a knack for getting into relationships with unsuitable men who had a hobby of making her feel bad. 1,042 more words

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In God's Perfect Timing


Last night before going home, me and my close friend at work had a small chat about stuffs from work and personal life. There is this one thing that I opened up to him that I was planning to take my career into the next chapter by taking up masteral degree while working, also that I’m not yet giving up my profession as a nurse. 311 more words

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The serious doubter

The serious doubter, the sincere enquirer, the person who hesitates a long time on a threshold, these are all people to be honoured and encouraged, not, as is so often the case, either demonized or cajoled.

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Kathmandu Memories

There are places we go in our lives where we feel more connected. An affinity that stays with us long after we’ve departed. Sometimes that leads to a desire to relocate. 1,069 more words

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Making friends 102: Chat with the Snack Vendor

Just as the last experiment.

Think about it.

I will return to adress it.


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