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Thomas the Monkey King protests

Thomas dreams of a day his protests will be heard.
He says a Monkey King can not be equal to thy scaley beast.

Random Thoughts

My New Stuffie

This is PuFF….
No…. Not PuFF the Magic Dragon.
Just PuFF.
He is quiet, likes coloring, and watching cartoons.
Him is my new stuffie.
I brought him home this evening and quickly found out that Thomas doesn’t care for him. 80 more words

Random Thoughts

When has a stranger turned out to be significant on your journey?

An elevator puts us in close proximity to a group of strangers with whom we have nothing in common but a destination. It’s a short ride, but then, so is life.

Random Thoughts


WHAT IF? A sudden question popped on my mind.

What if I haven’t got what i have right now?

What if I am not in this position? 628 more words

Random Thoughts

Of Sunsets, Bubbles and Rotting pieces

I stood on the bridge and watched the sun going down into the river. The sky is slightly cloudy and the dark pink-purple clouds have golden outlines where the last rays of the sun are hitting it. 413 more words


Twenty16, 05 - Not grown up

I have my moments.

Work had been quite hectic the whole week as we prepared for an even more stressful week next week.

At times, I feel the need to inject some laughter for a little break from seriousness. 391 more words



“Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.”

— Ronald Reagan

It is not often that you will find me quoting our 40th President, but everyone makes sense sometimes.

126 more words
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