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Gone to Shiloh

Not, not really – but I will drive past a sign for it on I-40 in Tennessee in a couple of months when I head out west. 246 more words

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劇のために for the theatre

In German theatre is also called: „Die Bretter die die Welt bedeuten.“, which roughly translates as „The planks that mean the world“. Planks being the wooden planks which make up the stage flooring. 625 more words

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Quietly I’m sitting watching you,
I hope that you don’t find it creepy or weird,
I just can’t believe that we are lying here like this, 53 more words

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Random Thought #25: Happiness is a Choice

“The less you give a damn, the happier you’ll be.”

Just by following me on Twitter, having me on Snapchat and reading previous posts on this blog, you would easily see that I’m generally quite a miserable person.

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There is and there is none

The orbs of sight are covered with dews of sadness. The entire day has been covered with clouds of confusion and un-delights. And i ask the woman in the mirror “Why thou hast covered thyself with those dews?” And the woman in the mirror replied “Because it is what i feel today – the darkness, the nights of nights” and the image began to change, i was moved in fear. 230 more words


What I've Love About My Favourite Beauty Bloggers

I have a weakness for makeup. I love it. But sometimes I’m in need of ideas, or reviews. This is where beauty bloggers come in. It’s nice to hear someone else’s opinions on products that are marked up exorbitantly. 693 more words

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To the person we will never have

There’s so much I’d like to write about but I want to get this thought off my head. So, let me begin by asking everyone… 969 more words

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