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I think about home a lot. Not the white picket fence ones or the ones which provide you a roof above your head and bed and warmth, though for some people,that is heaven. 225 more words

Random Thoughts

My best of the day

My best today was whipping up dinner in 30 minutes for two unexpected guests who came to our door with hungry stomach. Good things that I went to Trader’s Joe earlier in the day and grabbed some fillet mignon and so I made stir-fried basil beef and the side was just a simple stir-fried cabbage with lots of garlic. 97 more words

Random Thoughts

Independence Versus Dependence

Dear readers,

Independence or self sufficient, in my opinion, has too many “SELFS”, self – sufficiency, self  governed, self- rule, self-determined, and self-reliance. There are songs and poems written about being Independent. 112 more words

Random Thoughts

"You want me, I want you Edi tayo na!"

I just wanted to share these two videos I saw last year, these two videos have contradicting point of views. The first video talks about what to do when someone is courting you. 458 more words


Keep calm and carry on

I was asked to write this text as part of Carry On Youth campaign run by Zwolnieni Z Teorii, Social Wolves program, that encourages students and young people to run diverse social projects. 913 more words

Random Thoughts

Scorpions, Caves, and Monkeys...

So there are lots of things in life I do not like, probably hundreds. It starts at the moment with nosy interfering neighbors and ends with stupid old white men with egos too big to contain even a fleck of common sense and intelligence. 1,954 more words


MORNING Realization: 1:1

Ang sarap pala naman maging ganito. Alone time para sa sarili. Yung totally alone, yung wala kang katext, kacall or kachat. Walang dapat iadjust. Walang dapat hintayin.

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Random Thoughts