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Random Thoughts - You've Got This

I was coming home from the grocery store with my son when the song “Jesus Take the Wheel” came on. It’s one of those that I like to hear now and again, as much because of my interest in all mythology and religion than for any other reason. 374 more words

Random Thoughts

For the love of mum- in - laws

Somehow I am learning to become more attentive to Sunday sermons. Yesterdays priest preached a nice one on the risen Lord and how God never abondans us …….But we need to only go to him with faith and a humble heart. 265 more words


Day 9

Lessons learned:

  • Bring base layers and/or grid fleece pieces.  They aren’t doing me any good back home in my dresser.
  • Bring spare fuses
  • Bring a long sleeved Under Armour tee – again, not doing me any good at home…
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Being married....

Okay so about a month ago I started another blog as a way to talk about mom and wife stuff. And I totally planned on being on top of it because I have a lot of random thoughts about being a mom and wife. 1,063 more words

Random Thoughts

The Girl with the Lightning Tattoo

I’ve been silent here lately so I thought I’d blog about my big life decision! Brace yourselves…

Instead of playing Horizon Zero Dawn or Breath of the Wild…

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On a plane

I’m en route to Tampa, of all places, for some beach and sun hotel conference room and air conditioning (work conference).

I think airports and airplanes are the best people-watching venues, hands-down. 398 more words

Random Thoughts

Being Women

Last month, as I watched my Facebook news-feed filled with reminders that it was women’s history month, I thought how timely was it that I picked up… 811 more words

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