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Spesial Karena Berbeda

Et ne fut jamais au monde deux opinions pareilles, non plus que deux poils ou deux grains. Leur plus universelle qualité, c’est la diversité 2,245 more words

Random Thoughts

Musings on what's happening in Minneapolis + the Tulsa Massacre scene in Watchmen

Unless you live under a rock or been living in another planet, you’re likely aware of the chaos and unrest that’s been happening in Minnesota… particularly in Minneapolis. 1,354 more words

Random Thoughts

cFreeze's PETS: Plans, Events, Thoughts, and Stats (May 16-31, 2020)

It’s the end of May, and I’ve finally started watching more anime. Here are my plans, events, thoughts, and stats for May 16-31, 2020. 1,527 more words

May 31, 2020

I wrote a complete post thinking about humility…and during the edit I lost it, then accidentally posted nothing but a title. I am not happy. I’ll try to write it all out again tomorrow.

Trying to have peace…


Random Thoughts


Irrefutable – impossible to deny or disprove; a beautiful word of 11 letters, with the deepest meaning I’ve ever come across with.

Irrefutable – impossible to deny; amongst all that are passed with, amongst all the smiles and moments for being there for others, it becomes irrefutable to not feel at least the least bit of sadness when the moon is up, when curtains are slightly open, welcoming little light in, when shadows are visible and when darkness becomes a familiar shelter – almost a home, almost. 269 more words



公司附近的高尔夫球场 公司附近足球场


原因就是少女的美丽极其短暂,这满山的黄金冠,花期极端,很快凋零,代之以满簇的降落小伞,继而飘散四方,剩下光秃秃的托盘,毫无颜色。而那漫天飘零的小伞,也三三两两的聚成一簇簇,一团团的,如同破败的棉花絮,成为四处可见的 eye sore.



Random Thoughts