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An active mind.

How do I control, an overactive mind? How do I open up and let someone inside? What do I do when I can’t switch off? When the world keeps turning but it isn’t enough. 177 more words


Forget me like a nightmare...

That day I was listening to a Nazrul Geeti (A song written by Kazi Nazrul Islam) and one line just hit me like a cracked stone: 629 more words


The modern day lovelife. ❤

So there’s a question I’ve had to ask myself recently, it’s something I’ve asked myself many times before. A question that I feel still remains unanswered. 287 more words


Wise words from Andrew Jackson

Still being short on writing time (it is still a school weekend, after all), I’m taking the easier route and sharing someone else’s words. I’d previously shared this quote from our 7th President, Andrew Jackson, as on January 31 of last year to make the beginning of the presidential primary season. 247 more words

Random Thoughts

MoonLight on the Sea


This is my first blog… :). Wanted to start with my first experience of visiting a sea beach.

Someone said… its really cute to hear the description about the sea , when they visit it for the first time. 418 more words

Random Thoughts

If I Was Ever Stuck On A Desert Island With Joey Tribbiani...

A few days ago, I decided to sit down and take a few minutes to brainstorm some potential new ideas for my blog and this was one of the first ideas I came up with. 762 more words

Are We Great Yet?

It’s been 48 hours since The Donald took office. For those who thought that his rhetoric was just a joke, I point to his first acts as President: 273 more words

In My Opinion...