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Have we got Church wrong? - Finale

A movement. That is what early Christianity. It wasn’t a religion or a sect; it was a movement. The goal: to know Christ in his fullness, to live for him and him alone and to obey all his commands. 1,236 more words

Random Thoughts

The reason why I love fangirling.

Let’s start this with me saying that I am a fangirl. I’ve been a fangirl for a long time now and I somehow managed to overcome all the stigma that comes with it. 691 more words

Fangirl Things

A Note to Everyone

Every morning we get up, do our regular tasks.

The same usual routine.

One simple question for you guys. How many of you love where you are right now? 721 more words



Again…on social media…

If only someone would play happy music all the time to help us grow, right?


Wednesday quick-hitters

The gay BLT’s wanted their pride flag to fly at U.S. embassies with the American flag. President Trump said “no.” After all, the pride flag only represents a few while the stars-and-stripes represents us all. 350 more words

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

“To be Black in America is not the same as to be White. The police shootings of unarmed Black men that roused a sleeping country for a while are proof of that. 75 more words

Black History Is American History

The elusive cry

Sometimes, a good cry feels like just the right medicine.

You read, watch or listen to something that will certainly put you in the mood. 105 more words