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Let's Jump! or Climb, or Swim, as Long as You're Happy

Menginjak bulan ketiga dan saya telah menamatkan empat sesi liburan dalam kurun waktu dua bulan. Tidak terlalu buruk mengingat saya jarang jarang merasa gemar bepergian. Pada 18 – 20 Februari silam saya memanfaatkan kembali sistem… 510 more words


When the Universe is Against You

On a very regular day, nothing special, you felt like something is wrong. Like something in the universe has lost its balance and is now taking its toll on you. 246 more words

Random Thoughts

Wake up to Awareness

The most difficult thing is the world is to look, to see. We don’t want to look because if we do, we may change. If you look, you lose control of the life you are precariously holding onto. 133 more words

Random Thoughts

Choices and Random Thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I really want to do with my life. I’ve known for a long time that my heart’s desire is to work with children, especially young children, and I’m doing that right now. 687 more words

Northern Lights vs. Southern Cross

Flickering enchantment. Chase it. You won’t believe it.

Gone by the time you arrive. Tantalised by the promise, unfulfilled.

Bright celestial body. Constant. Mapped.

Captured by another. 38 more words

Random Thoughts

2017 - The Fresh Start?

I did not expect myself to start blogging again, but I suppose some thoughts should be made public as it were, because who knows who would read this and gain something out of this silly lesbian engineer who just wants to find the right lady to settle with. 565 more words

Random Thoughts


It’s 3am

I cannot sleep

I’m lying here

Just counting sheep


Binaural beats

What are these synthetic

Hot, sticky sheets

I’ve been writing

My minds a racin’ … 29 more words