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Today’s Quote, Word, and Thought:

Today’s Quote: “There is no victory at bargain basement prices.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Today’s Word: Feckless adj. 1. Careless and irresponsible. “The kids were feckless during spring break.” 2. 40 more words


Lessons From Childhood

When I was a child, I wanted to be a doctor. People asked me why and I said, “I want to save people who die because they can’t afford medical expenses. 485 more words


Sexual assaults on buses on the rise

Via: The Seattle Times

The “Seattle Times” is reporting that after the beginnings of the “Me Too Movement” it has been noted that there has been a significant increase in cases of sexual misconduct on some city buses. 74 more words

Random Thoughts

Thought of the Day - Insignificant Us

Historically we have looked at the stars to get directions and so have derived a significance to the stars above. Yet the same stars make us feel insignificant as we look at them and understand their existence.

Secondary thought of the day - Superman Conundrum

If Superman needs the sun to recharge his powers in a way he can be classified as a reptile. Super gecko.

Random Thoughts

Video of Dosharop.

Its been long while in my mind that to do kind of videos. There are many songs that I wanted to make in kind of method. 52 more words

Random Thoughts

For the love of blogging...

Hello world!

Look who’s back! :)  :) :)

Just so you know, I decided to pause from blogging mid-2017 and instead focused on my old-school diary. 171 more words

Random Thoughts