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Past talk

I’ve watched a certain video on YouTube (I’ll be linking it down) that makes me feel emotional… I don’t know it just feels nostalgic, it feels raw, it feels real. 163 more words


I Do It: The lesson from a 3-year old

Meeting new people is great. Meeting this particular group was great because they are new (so you can ask a ton of fun questions and hear new stories) and they are going to be connected with us moving forward. 339 more words

Random Thoughts

Today’s Quote, Word, and Random Thought:

Today’s Quote:”You only live once – but if you work it right, once is enough.” – Joe E. Lewis

Today’s Word: Servile adj. Having or showing an excessive willingness to serve or please others. 30 more words



Everything that glitters AINT gold!!Always go with your gut. –LK


Tidak Ada Politik Malam Ini

Tidak ada politik malam ini,
Paling tidak, tidak di meja makan tempat kita berencana untuk rehat sejenak malam ini

Tidakkah kau lelah?
Seharian dijejali informasi—dari fakta hingga hoaks… 327 more words

Random Thoughts

More attached to my Car than my Partner

My latest relationship failure has made me think more about the fact I’m more attached to my cars than my relationships.

Is that my problem or theirs? 803 more words