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Jane: Just Be Jane

There’s a nurse I work with, who is always smiling, cheery and laughing. I’m calling her Jane in this blog to keep her identity anonymous. 57 more words

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Positive Thinking: What was Great about this Weekend

For April 29-May 1

I want to preface this post with how the positive thinking is going. It really does make a difference.  Especially on the days that try my patience and tempt a bad mood to rule the day, I really focus on the positives during these times. 180 more words

Random Thoughts

difficult to be simple

That is the message blasting from the tee shirt I’m wearing today, compliments of Eataly.  Presumably, since they are mostly about Italian fresh food, they are referring to the fact that good, simple, many times organic, products or ingredients are not those made easy by mass producing.   367 more words

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You can't change the world

You can’t change the world,you can’t even change a single  person but you can be one of the many contributing factors that will add up to cause the world or an individual to change.

Random Thoughts


Life is interesting sometimes.

My Dad is a Vietnam vet, but we didn’t talk much about it growing up.  He told funny Navy stories about basic training, or Thailand or the Philippines or Adak, Alaska, but he kind of skipped over Vietnam.  493 more words


“Stop doing that.”
“That. This. Stop it. You’re making me break my rules I’m afraid I’ll start hating you.”
“Then hate me.”


My inspiration is wandering. 

Maybe it went to the store. 

Perhaps its in bed having a snore.

Possibly it’s in the back seat of my car. 108 more words