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Some Myths and Facts about Cavities

Prof Dr Ashish Gupta


M OrthRCS( Edinburgh,UK) –


We’ve heard about cavities since we were kids. Yet our understanding of what they are, how we get them, and what we can do about them is often somewhere back in the third grade. 1,034 more words

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Back in the U.S.

I have tried and retried to write this post, but I can’t get it to sound right. Maybe I have more processing to do before I can sum up these past three years and give a better picture of where Todd and I are going from here, but that will have to wait. 504 more words

Japanese Culture

Yang Bikin Bodoh Itu Kurang Baca, Bukan Micin

Yang paling mengganggu saat berselancar di dunia maya adalah masih saja menemukan orang orang yang melakukan hal ini:

Tapi ketika yang beginian muncul, saya biasanya hanya tertawa dan membatin “Goblooo” sambil lalu. 720 more words



You know what I realized? All the “I miss you’s” and the random hi’s and hello’s are just words that may not even mean anything to you but mean the whole world to me.

Random Thoughts

Hello Monday (aka Tuesday)

What I love about spring:

❤️ flowers

❤️ afternoon rain showers

❤️ sweet breezes

❤️ nesting birds

❤️ daylight savings springing forward

Thanks for stopping by!

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A happiness approach 😁

On the occasion of International day of happiness, yet another time to study the happiness question. Two years have passed and i added another 100 ways to feel happy with in my life. 219 more words


My Take on The Game of Thrones

Why Is The Game of Thrones So Popular?

Simple. Its so bloody and unpredictable you could only hate it or love it.  There is no middle ground. 667 more words

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