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☆ When the Suckies Strike + 5 tips to fight them

So last week I had a case of the suckies. You know? It’s those days or even weeks when everything sucks.

Nothing works, nothing seems to run to plan, everything becomes too hard and all you  want to do is to escape into a great book or a great movie. 614 more words


Enjoy Staying in Rome

There are many ways to search for Rome hotels, but visiting a travel website can make the search fun and easy. You can find discounts on hotels upfront and even get deals on flights to your next destination. 344 more words

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Near Dark: Do Not call it a Vampire Movie.

Today I would like to discuss one of my all-time favorites in the vampire sub-genre of horror. This is a film that was largely missed when it was in theaters yet thankfully rediscovered by fans in the world of VHS, however its tenure on the big screen was short. 720 more words

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My first attemp to do gardening

Jacob has been sick for the last two days now. Fever. Since he is recovering, we decided to stay home but let him play a bit at the park. 119 more words

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To Be or Not to Be...writing

I confess that I have been both busy and rather lazy of late. I work a full five days and come home where I just want plop myself on the bed and call it a day, rather than write and do what I have been meaning to do. 332 more words


I’m A Christian, A Black Man and I Believe Marriage Is Between A Man and A Woman

Today I’m coming out the closet, not that I was exactly ever in the closet but I feel the need to tell the world. I DEMEZ WHITE LOVE GOD, MY FAMILY AND WOMEN! 502 more words

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