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F*!k Fear: One year in Canada + 9 things I've noticed

A year ago, I had a decent job, a strong community of friends, worked on many different creative productions of different sizes and I had decided to move to another country to pursue something larger than the bubble I had been living in. 29 more words


My Attitude...

You want to know where women’s attitudes come from. Now keep in mind I am speaking particularly about myself….well completely about myself. Yes a lot of the things I speak of will cover many women but we are all different. 216 more words

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April 25th, 2017, Moving at Work

It just dawned on me I’ll have to move my stuff out of my cube on Friday, since I’ll be changing jobs.

Random Thoughts

Is everyone purposely ignoring the meaningless of life or is everyone dumb?

I’m pretty stupid. I’m also sixty-four.

My doctor asked me if I was depressed. Well, yes. In fact I am.

He asked if I was suicidal. 156 more words

Random Thoughts

As a black African, can I date a white girl?

I’m white and sixty-four years old. My brother’s first wife was black. They had a daughter. Later, my brother’s wife died of diabetes complications.

Their daughter, my niece, is now a PhD and a great success in her life. 14 more words

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Waking Up can be very Sad :(

To learn that you have been lied to for most your life, can be devastating …..

I hope she can find peace with what has happened to her  & her Family :(

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What Type Of Traveler Are You?

It’s impossible and pointless to try to identify and label the different types of travelers into just two or three categories…but I’m going to do it anyways.   439 more words