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I'm an Emotional-Sentimental Keepsake Keeper

I’m 37 years old. I’ve had a pretty social and active life. I lived in the suburbs of Chicago most of my life. I moved to a suburb of Dallas when I was 34. 487 more words

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Respect thine enemy (they hate that)

As an introvert (read: deep thinker and over-analyzer) and a moderate (politically), I’m so tired of watching people on the left and the right fight with each other. 246 more words


#RPGaDAY 2017 - Which RPG have you owned the longest but not played?

This would be the Dragon Age RPG. I bought the first two boxed sets when they came out, but never played them, despite being very intrigued by the mechanics (especially the stunt mechanic which I’ve often thought about porting into my D&D 5E game, but that would require me to make rules, and if you’ve been reading this month, you know how I feel about that). 87 more words

Role Playing Games

The Beginning of The End

Ah shit I gave out the url haven’t I? I knew I’d cave in at some point.

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Ron's Shower Thoughts Anthology 1

1. Now that I’ve tasted your lips… I wonder what that tastes like……….

2. Why is uber the only one suspended? Uber is obviously greater than Grab. 139 more words

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Takdir Sendiri

Kalau kita sepenuhnya yakin dengan Sang Pembuat Skenario dan yakin dengan takdir kita sendiri, lantas kenapa harus khawatir ketika melihat takdir orang lain?

Kita punya “timeline” hidup kita sendiri yang udah dibuatin sama Allah kok :) 6 more words

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