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Star Trek and my childhood

Reading about Leonard Nimoy’s death today brought back childhood memories of watching Star Trek with my parents and siblings. There weren’t many shows that we watched as a family but Star Trek was definitely one of them.  575 more words

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Leonard Nimoy, aka Mister Spock (1931 - 2015)

As a kid I would pretend I was asleep… but instead I’d turn on my teeny B&W TV to watch episodes of Star Trek—and Spock was a big reason why. 385 more words

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Visit Denmark Geekstyle!

So, I often hear people on Twitter, mentioning visitting Denmark for some reason.

Thus I grant you: Zugrah’s guide to geekplaces!

Labitat.dk – their own description: Labitat is a hackerspace in CPH. 453 more words

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For all of the numerous years, endless days, and countless hours we spend on this earth – how much of that time is really spent the way you want? 70 more words

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Blogging is HARD

I don’t care what anyone says, blogging, vlogging, tweeting, posting, sharing… it’s hard.

When I first began watching beauty gurus on YouTube, I couldn’t believe how simple it was for people to create their own businesses. 192 more words

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Leonard Nimoy Dies At 83 R.I.P

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.” — Spock, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan

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Planetary Shift In Consciousness Caused By Dress Colour Argument

I really think that something major just happened on the planet yesterday. I know you are going to laugh but it was caused by the… 400 more words

Blue And Black Dress