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Blog Awards

Now that I’m finally back from gypsying around…

…it’s time to catch up on all my THANK YOU! ‘s to a few generous & wonderful bloggers who have been kind enough to nominate my blog for some sweet awards. 463 more words

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Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award

I’ve won the Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award!

Thank you to TheIntrinsicWriter for honoring me with this sweet award. You must check out her blog – she’s a wonderfully talented writer with great insight and riveting expression of it. 165 more words

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One Lovely Blog Award

I’ve won the One Lovely Blog Award!

Thank you to Spence Angeltvedt for nominating me for this lovely award.

If you haven’t visited his blog, you really should. 159 more words

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Illuminating Blogger Award

I’ve won the Illuminating Blogger Award!

How deliciously appropriate to be nominated by C.J. at Food Stories for this wonderful food-for-thought award.

Thank you, C.J.! 347 more words

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Stay Away From the Human Monkey, Honey!

Just saw this & had to share it!

Playtime Stopped By Gorilla Mom


This comment captioned the video on Quora, where I originally found it: 47 more words

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Things I wish I did not know. But I do. So, now what?

I am heartsick.

Did not sleep last night.

Not sure how I’ll sleep tonight, though exhausted.

Have no idea what happened in classes or at work today. 777 more words

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