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random walk on a torus [riddle]

The Riddler of this week(-end) has a simple riddle to propose, namely given a random walk on the {1,2,…,N} torus with a â…“ probability of death, what is the probability of death occurring at the starting point? 259 more words


Pattern of randomness - Part I

I have always wanted to visualize my codes. Trying to learn programming languages and trying to code is one of my hobbies, but code which results in a direct visual output is a dream come true. 676 more words


Sunday morning reading

A very interesting issue of Nature I read this morning while having breakfast. A post-brexit read of a pre-brexit issue. Apart from the several articles arguing against Brexit and its dire consequences on British science , a short vignette on the differences between fields for the average time spent for… 110 more words

University Life

A random walk through Seattle

I chased a mustachioed crow through the sun-speckled streets of Seattle.

Two cute little girls appeared from thin air and offered me higher power.

“I have been waiting for you, sir,” said a homeless entrepreneur. 12 more words

On Stuff And Sundry

A Random Walk Through The Risks of Silicon Valley

Source: Survival Blog, by epaminondas

As a technology executive who has worked extensively with most of the big, high-tech firms (Microsoft, Google, Verizon, Dell, Qualcomm, and more), I thought that it could be helpful to share a perspective on the general role of technology on prepper thinking and planning. 1,125 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Feynman Lectures Chapter 6

6. Probability

Feynman Chapter 6 notes

Because I had studied probability and statistics to a reasonable depth as part of IB higher maths, I was reasonably confident in the subject material (especially the probability distributions). 78 more words