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comforting sounds

I stripped my bed of the old bed sheets.

I can finally feel the turn. The ship is so huge you can’t feel it turning but it is. 541 more words

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Out of habit

Random Words: pleasure, star, food, iron, represent, fun, tie, habit, character, coincidence.

It wasn’t coincidence that the moment I started thinking about food my stomach rumbled.   460 more words

Random Words


I will make of these weary bones, 

creaking and fragile to the touch,

sweet melodies from beyond Valhalla.

Music of life shall i make from the embers of Death; 29 more words

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here are some things we cannot talk about

Loneliness is a cold, black stone lodged inside me, behind my ribs, gnawing, gnawing, hollowing out my bones, putting dust in my mouth.

Quiz Kid Donnie Smith says, ‘My name is Donnie Smith and I have lots of love to give’. 522 more words

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bone machine

It’s not because I’m a pig that I haven’t changed my bed sheets in two months. Please believe me; I want to change my bed sheets. 541 more words

Random Words


It’s Mental Health Awareness Week. How appropriate.

Yesterday, I got up, had coffee, answered a fairly important email from my work’s HR rep and bought a plane ticket home for the neat sum of £30. 182 more words

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white peony

I guess what it boils down to is that I am really fucking angry.

My god, I’m just so fucking ANGRY!

Putting words to that anger is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do because it’s all of it. 586 more words

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