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Two be or not two be

Random words: horseback, apricot, dignitary, master, decipherer, condition, original, double, hibernation, social.

The dignitary came in on horseback.  As soon as I heard the hooves clatter on the stone courtyard I sent for the… 320 more words

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I come from a tribe of sex-less women

women who drown in the pools of birth and piety to keep a man

Women who balk at the call of their innate need… 69 more words

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First impressions of a new reindeer herder

As a new herder asked to write a blog post, I thought I would share a few of my first impressions of the herd with you all. 413 more words



Random words: savage, blackmail, liqueur, clear, dimensional, donut, insect, hairless, flawless, blunt.

I poured the clear liqueur into the petite cut glass I had brought back from France that ancient summer past.   258 more words

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Night vs Day

Random words:  dazzling, moon, daytime, needle, encryption, nude, habitual, best, short, bachelor.

Daytime.  I always hated the daytime.  I much preferred the light of the full… 168 more words

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Northern Light

Random words: even, humility, daylight, dozens, envelope, dinner, limitless, northern, kidnapper, agony.

Even as daylight faded, the envelope just sat there.  Dinner had long been eaten, the dishes washed and put away.   109 more words

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Random words: pretzel, zither, scissors, porcine, butter, indigenous, olive, paw, flagpole, tulip.

Nothing twists me up like a pretzel than the sound of a… 85 more words

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