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Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – I Could do this Blindfolded!

It has been a crazy week with a business trip, a conference, some presentations, and a moderated panel discussion.  All that adulting in public has left me worn out.  215 more words

Fiction Writing

કળા વગરની કૃતિ

ક્યારેક ક્યારેક મારા દિલડામાં ખયાલ આવે છે,

તારી યાદ શું લેવા મારા દિમાગની મેથી મારે છે?

કંઈ લીધા વગર મેં મારું નાજુક્ડું દિલડું તને આપી દીધું,

Random Words


this small 4 letter word holds so much power. I has the power to break a man to tears and a woman to walk away leaving everything behind. 349 more words



The word is: Asphyxiation

Wiki says: It is a condition of severely deficient supply of oxygen to the body that arises from abnormal breathing.

Urban Dictionary… 28 more words



They say that love bounded by music is one of the most beautiful things in this world.
With every tune colliding those two heartbeats, one would wonder how this fate could happen. 65 more words

Save Him

He lost his daughter, he lost his wife, his mother and in the course of events…he almost lost his self.

The pain and emptiness as well as the longing for someone are so suffocating that you eventually wish to just die and let go of everything, he experienced it all. 411 more words

Take five random words and use them in a piece of writing. If you want a real challenge, try to make it into a story. Or just write and see what comes out.  27 more words