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Tell me

Tell me,
is it not enough?

…that you wear sadness about you,
crowning its glory in your life as you worship at its feet?
Will you not walk in the glory of your joyous spirit? 38 more words

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Europe, It's Been a Month.

I am currently positioned in the middle seat of a full airplane on its way to Washington, trying desperately not to jam an elbow into the ribs of my seat-mates as I transcribe this… so here’s to three hour flights (aka unadulterated writing time), too small public transport seats, and bladders the size of peanuts (see my future memoir for the time that I flashed an unsuspecting business man trying to muscle my way to the back of the plane – on a Washington-Arizona flight nonetheless; also that pun was somewhat intended…) 2,996 more words



Nasasaktan ako.

Nasasaktan akong mahal parin kita pagkatapos ng lahat.

Pagkatapos ng maraming taon nang nakalipas.

Nasasaktan akong iba ang hinahanap mo.

Ang makita kang may iba nang nagugustuhan. 120 more words

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She had made a habit of it

… of praying away her failures.

scraping her knees daily to save herself the heartbreak of picking up the pieces  and shoving them behind the curtains of her prayers. 51 more words

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Aku Indonesia, Kamu Indonesia, Kita Indonesia!!

“Kita mendirikan negara Indonesia, yang kita semua harus mendukungnya. Semua buat semua! Bukan Kristen buat Indonesia, bukan golongan Islam buat Indonesia, bukan Hadikoesoemo buat Indonesia, bukan Van Eck buat Indonesia, bukan Nitisemito yang kaya buat Indonesia, tetapi Indonesia buat Indonesia, semua buat semua!” -Ir.

352 more words
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Hersenspinsel #1

Rustige wind
Lange haren wapperend met
een zacht briesje
Wolken razen
En in de verte
Klinkt gelach
Want de wereld blijft voor iedereen
Draaien als altijd… 16 more words

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The Nonsense Being

     Okay, so here I’m writing something. What’s the topic, you must ask. I don’t know, I must say. I seriously don’t. So, here I’m writing something, and I don’t have a damn idea what it is going to be about, what genre it is going to belong to, how long it has to be, what kind of structure it has to have, not even what purpose it is supposed to serve. 937 more words

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