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I heard somewhere :

How things start doesn’t matter,how it ends,is what’s important…

So i say :

Start from somewhere, and be on your way yo something great!…


Why I'm Wearing a Dress Every Day of December

If you’re living in the Palouse you may have seen me strutting around in a black dress these past six days. The same one. It’s a black sweater dress with nothing really significant about it, except the thick fabric I picked to brave endless cycles in the washing machine and the cold weather of December in the east of Washington state. 901 more words

Random Words

Let it Go & Let the Peace Flow.

Humans will hurt you,

Humans will say bad things about you,

Humans will make you cry,

Humans will do things to get on your nerves, 61 more words



Till the time she accepted her worth,

she let those hands adorn her neck…


Random Words

Being busy is a general thing,being productive is another, only those who make good use of time,plan well and pray hard get results…

You can be busy and not be productive,everybody is always busy,even busy sleeping!!!,so the point is “whatever you do,make it count!”


-Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus


​“If you do not face your problems, it will never get scared to go away,else it’ll keep putting you down

​ and this becomes a vicious cycle,this keeps happening again and again” –Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus


Random post before bed because I've been doing too much thinking today

I’m a non-judgemental person by nature, and I value free will probably more than most people, so if I’ve ever come across as overbearing or my advice ever got on your nerves, please know that I didn’t mean anything harsh by it. 131 more words