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“She found herself in constant flight

from the natural vibrations and aura that was SHE.

If only the voice within her heart spoke brilliantly  to remind her… 22 more words

Random Words

The After-Midnight-Thoughts

There are times I feel like I’m nothing.

Just a speck of dust within the galaxy.

Nothing big could come from me.

And that makes me feel so worthless. 280 more words

Random Words


“I can feel it from within.

It’s hard to pretend but harder to ignore.

A thousand stirring emotions I can’t name.

The feeling they create, it’s surreal. 152 more words

Random Words

Dear You

Dear you,

It came as a surprise to me to know you’ve found a new girl.

I didn’t expect that to be so soon.

This soon. 161 more words

Random Words


“Ako ang nagpumilit, hayaan mo ko kung masaktan man ako.
Ako ang nangulit, hayaan mo ko kung walang patutunguhan ‘to.”

Sa mga katagang yan, gusto kitang sapakin sa ulo. 141 more words

Random Words


.  The Choices I make are usually

Made because of 


The morning

I tell myself tomorrow 

I will do it


Fear will keep me… 36 more words

Random Tibits

I thought about...

I thought about holding your hands
I thought about staring at you while you sleep
I thought about lying with you under the stars
I thought about you all the time. 81 more words