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THE RANSOM, DISSECTED (50 words about my favourite dark places)

delusions for beauty.

pleasant discomfort for pain.

eating for discontentment.

aposematic coloration for truth.

embodying abominable corners of species, cowardice kidnaps displeased, dissatisfied, discouraged dream. 25 more words

[Dear Diary]

Some Words (in a random order)

A community of artists
Had contracted measles.
Lately, this had spread to their easels
(But, fortunately, their weasels were blessed with immunity).
So, enquiring to the possibility… 88 more words


Random Words

Meski singkat, aku pernah menjadi bagian dari masalalu itu. Pernah menjadi penyebab senyum dan tawamu. Pernah menjadi seseorang yang menyentuh hatimu. Meski tak begitu dalam,kita pernah menjadi satu keutuhan indah sekalipun berakhir kelam. 593 more words

A Sledding Accident

Rage, that’s all I could feel,

Running with Jim Carrey

After a few drinks at happy hour.

It had been as awkward

As a prom date on Pluto. 127 more words

Về cái tên Mây Mây

Tên chị tớ là Vân. Và tớ rất yêu mây.

Vẽ mây là sở thích của tớ từ bé. Và ngắm mây luôn là sở trường của tớ. 499 more words

Random Words

First Poem Published

My first publication.

This is the one that started it all.  Although I’ve always considered myself a fiction writer, I’ve published mostly poetry.   Of course, I have just returned to writing and publishing after a 10 year sabbatical of sorts, so we will see if I can get some fiction published. 237 more words


can't utter a word.

I want to sit silently with you
we can drink something tasty alone together
just like little bottles of Hanoi streets
We are two different universes that at least have something in common… 7 more words

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